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May, 2017

Traveling can be life changing…

Where you get to kick back, relax, and rediscover your true self. Yet, we tend to put off traveling plans due to bearing the responsibility as a parent, work obligations, finances, and/or some other reason. However, you shouldn’t allow all these reasons to hinder you from traveling, especially if you have kids.

I love traveling with my family. Every year we will always have plans to go somewhere together for the holidays, be it an overnight in Kundasang, Ranau, or a week in Sandakan. It is always fun when you are traveling with your family.

Here’s why you should go traveling with your family:

why you should travel with family

1) Best Family Bonding Experience

Going for a movie night or having dinner together, could be a good family bonding time. However, traveling with family is definitely the best time to bond, as it reinforces the fact that quality time spent together is essential. Traveling with family could help cut out from all the distraction of school, work, digital world, and more. You will have the chance to sit down and have a conversation with your children or vice-versa without being interrupted in new and exciting places.

2) Create Fond Memories Together

Years from now, when you look at the album or your vacation videos, you will eventually relive the wonderful memories of your vacation with your family. Memories with family are to be cherished and remembered for as long as you live. Moreover, the best and unforgettable memories are made when they occur unexpectedly.

Who could forget the time when my brother was showing his stunt splash jumping into the swimming pool but it went wrong, as he accidentally slipped due to the slippery deck. Ouch! Or even during our family trip to Manila a few years back, we won’t forget the crumbling feeling we felt in the pit of our stomachs when we realized that we’d gotten lost somewhere in the city as we made our way back to the hotel.

Trip to Kinabatangan river
Why you should travel with your family?

3) Break Away from Stress and Relax

Traveling with a family will definitely put aside the daily routines in our lives, and allow us to enjoy and relax on the trip together. Most families will spend their days with work deadlines, school activities, extracurricular activities, household duties and errands, which resulted in stress to our daily lives. Having stress in our lives can be good, but too much stress without any relaxation could lead to harmful health. Thus, a break from the busy and repetitive daily routines, even if it is only a weekend getaway, could help to relieve the stress.

4) A Chance to Learn and Experince New Things

There is no doubt that you and your family will learn and experience different things while taking your family to travel out of state, or just around the corner. For example, if you and your family are traveling in Sabah Borneo, drop by to Mari-Mari Cultural Village where your family can experience Borneo culture, people, and languages first-hand, in order to change their perception of the world around them. Not forgetting, kids being the observant ones, will cherish and appreciate more the new things that they have experienced, in which they will share their experiences with friends or peers alike.

Two months ago, I have joined a private family tour to Weston River Cruise for work purposes. I can see that the children were so excited to see the Proboscis Monkeys and Fireflies in real life. Thus, this new experience could lead the children to easily express themselves more knowing that they have experienced something different. (Stay tuned for my next blog post, I’ll be talking about my experience joining in the private family tour to Weston River Cruise)

Trip to Kinabatangan river
Trip to Kinabatangan river

5) Becomes a Model Problem Solver for Your Kids

No traveling experience is perfect, even traveling with family too! Unfortunate events can sometimes occur that you and your family didn’t plan for. Either the flights got delayed, your kids get sick, a flat tire before reaching to a destination, traffic jams, or weather change, can disrupt your meticulously thought-out plan. These situations are unavoidable, and parents will be put in the position to deal with this kind of situation on the spot. This is a good opportunity for the parents to be a real-life model problem solver for the kids, which will let them adapt the situation easily through understanding self-reliance and encourage them to be independent.

Having read those 5 reasons why you should travel with family; – does it trigger you to plan your next travel adventure? And this time, with your family? Do consider bringing your little ones too for a staycation, weekend getaway, a short out-of-town trip and/or adventure travel. Traveling with family creates unforgettable memories, so do cherish it while you can. You can read our blog on our 5 quick tips about family travel in Borneo

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