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Uncover the best of Kuching, Sarawak Borneo


September, 2017
Uncover the best of Kuching Sarawak Borneo

Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia and it is located on the Borneo island. Sarawak is a home for the natives tribe such as Iban, Dayak, Bidayuh, Melanau, Penan, Kedayan and Orang Ulu. Thus, making Sarawak a very multi-cultural and unique state in Malaysian Borneo. Iban, Melanau, Bidayuh, and Orang Ulu tribe are the major ethnic groups, which also include the Malay and Chinese.

The capital city of Sarawak is Kuching; the largest city in Borneo. Some locals called it their “Cat City” due to the name of “Kuching” means ‘cat’ in Malay Language - is literally due to miscommunication between Sir James Brooke, the first White Rajah, and a local man, which Sir James Brooke was asking the name of the city, but the local man answered “Kucing” because he thought Brooke was referring to a cat which happened to be passing by.

There are few places and attraction that anyone should visit in Kuching, Sarawak Borneo :

Stroll along the waterfront

Uncover the best of Kuching Sarawak Borneo

Kuching Waterfront was the first place where James Brooke landed in Sarawak Borneo because it was used to be a docking area for villagers to cross the river via a small boat. Now, the Sarawak government made a lot of effort to reconstruct the waterfront and build it to make it more attractive for locals and visitors. Thus, Kuching Waterfront is the relaxing place for you to walk at the beautifully landscaped esplanade along the Sarawak River with some eateries and entertainment area. Apart from that, you can see some of the historical buildings, an observation tower and other sculptures in the area.

Drop by to Serikin Market

Uncover the best of Kuching Sarawak Borneo

Serikin market is located at Kampung Serikin Jagoi, about an hour drive from Kuching city, which is close to the border between Sarawak and Indonesia, The Serikin market opens only during the weekend. Unlike other urban markets, the close proximity of this market makes the weekend affair special due to allowing any number of Indonesian trader to cross over with ease. You can easily find a lot of Indonesian traders operating there, selling all kinds of items such as decorative woodwork, colorful fabric, rattan handicrafts and many more. All the items are sold at a reasonable or cheap price!

A Visit to Cat Museum 

Uncover the best of Kuching Sarawak Borneo

Whether you are a cat lover or not, a visit to the cat museum is a MUST when you are in Kuching city. Here in Cat museum is the ultimate collection of cat memorabilia, you can even see Hello Kitty’s collection, Garfield, and more feline collections, such as old photos, articles, paintings, posters, toys, and uncountable figurines of cats! At the cat museum, you can also see the mummified Egyptian cat and the world’s rarest cat, Bornean Bay Cat (Felis Badia), which lives in the Borneo rainforest.

Explore the Bako National Park for trekking and wildlife sightings

Uncover the best of Kuching Sarawak Borneo

Bako National Park is the oldest park since 1957 and it offers the perfect introduction to Sarawak Borneo rainforest and wildlife. Although it is only a small area to explore, Bako National Park is still an attractive place with its diverse ecosystems, from mangrove swamps to rocky cliffs, then to the rainforest and beautiful sandy beaches. It is almost guaranteed to see wildlife there such as Long-Tailed Macaque Monkeys, Silver-Leaf Monkeys, wild boar, Proboscis Monkeys, and more.

Go for caving adventure at the Fairy Cave

Uncover the best of Kuching Sarawak Borneo

Fairy cave is located near gold-mining settlement at the town of Bau, which is only about 45 minutes away from the Kuching city. The fairy cave holds many local legends, some folks say the cave was used as hiding places for the Japanese soldiers to avoid persecution during the war. While some locals share the story about the cave that has magical fairies protecting the orphaned children living there. Hence, the name of it.

To reach the entrance of the cave, you will need to climb up a few flight of stairs to reach. Going into the Fairy cave is certainly eerie beautiful cave, it is fairly dark but you can manage to go without a torch. Moreover, Fairy Cave also is a popular spot for rock climbing activity, it has eight separate walls with over eighty climbs in a different level of difficulties.

Quench your hunger with Sarawak Laksa & Kolo Mee

Uncover the best of Kuching Sarawak Borneo

Regardless where you came from, you won’t be disappointed in tasting Sarawak’s own Laksa and Kolo Mee. Sarawak Laksa is not as tangy as Penang Laksa but has a soup base made from a paste of sambal belacan and aromatics spices. While Kolo Mee is known for its springy noodles and topped with minced pork, minced beef or seafood. Tasting both of this food in your holiday to Kuching Sarawak Borneo will always be an oh-so-sinfully-tasty reminder Kuching city when you are back to your hometown. You can read our other blog post of the foods in Kuching that you should taste it out!

Participate a jungle festival in Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF)

Uncover the best of Kuching Sarawak Borneo

A yearly event at the Sarawak Cultural Village in Santubong, 45-minutes drive from Kuching city. The Rainforest World Music Festival bringing all musicians from all around the globe to perform and celebrate this musical festival. This is the time where you can see performances and workshops by world music celebrities, as well as the concert at night. If you are a music lover, come over to the festival and enjoy the weekend of traditional ethnic music surrounded by Borneo rainforest. You can also go for a self-walk at the Sarawak Cultural Village to see the amazing architectural building of the traditional houses and the lifestyle of each tribe in Sarawak Borneo. Feel free to read our blog entry as we share our first experience of going to the Rainforest World Music Festival! Read also our Newbie guide to Rainforest World Music Festival 😉

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