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‘UFO tarts’ discovered in Borneo!

September, 2017
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UFO tarts. Photo by: Choo Choo May

Traveling to Borneo Island, which is the third largest island (behind New Guinea and Greenland) – consists of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei, known for its nature and wildlife. However, most travelers are often surprised by the wonderful selection of food in Borneo. Due to its multiplicity of cultural differences in Borneo, it amplifies the factor of the taste of food in Borneo which makes us a foodie haven.

From the freshest Borneo seafood to the local traditional food in Borneo, travelers will get their craving satisfied while traveling to Borneo. Well, everybody’s gotta eat, right? Looking for what to eat in Borneo? Click here to know more on Sabah food. Nonetheless, there is one delicacy of Sabah Borneo that not all travelers know, which is the UFO Tarts!

It’s actually not a tart from an alien outer space; just the shape of the tart is similar to a flying saucer. However, some locals also nicknamed the UFO tarts as Ngau Si Dui in Chinese ( means “Cow Dung” tart, yikes! But, no worries it won’t taste like dung! Haha…). UFO tarts are actually one of the desserts in Sabah Borneo that are favourite to most locals! How did UFO tarts create? That is an interesting story as the born of UFO tarts is actually an accident back in 1955.

UFO Tarts Sandakan
Mr. Fu Ah On. Photo by: Melvin Ho

The UFO tarts originated in Sandakan Sabah Borneo, a Hainanese cake baker named Fu Ah On accidentally overbaked some of the tarts. Surprisingly, the burnt tasted better than the rest, and he decided to try to sell in his shop. Much to his surprise, people loved the tart and they call it UFO due to its appearance. Until today, the UFO tarts still captures the locals’ heart and is one of the delicacies unique to Sandakan. Recently, the UFO tarts made its first debut in Kuala Lumpur! If you are in Kota Kinabalu city, you can just find this UFO tart in Suria Sabah shopping mall!

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Check out the wonderful design of UFO tarts :

UFO Tarts Sandakan
UFO Tarts Sandakan
UFO Tarts Sandakan
UFO Tarts Sandakan
UFO Tarts Sandakan
UFO Tarts Sandakan

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