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Trekking in Sabah Borneo Rainforest


August, 2017

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“Life is better in Hiking Boots”

Trekking in Sabah, Borneo, will offer a chance to get close to the greatest nature, a life lesson of survival skills, discover the marvel of the lush green Borneo Rainforest, and explore the mystery that surrounds the Borneo Rainforest. It is truly an adventure that you should seek while traveling to Sabah, Borneo!

Borneo Island is home to one of the oldest rainforest in the world, and it makes Borneo a haven for trekkers to get closer to nature. Moreover, some of Borneo’s Rainforests are part of important ecological reserves and protected forests. Thus, making it one of the reason for trekkers to trek into Borneo Rainforests to spot some of the endemic plants and wildlife in Sabah, Borneo. Here are some of the recommended places to trek in Sabah, Borneo, for beginners and avid trekkers.

Trekking in Sabah Borneo Rainforest


Get your trekking gear ready and explore the wilderness of Borneo Rainforest. Apart from that, you will get a chance to survive and thrive in the Borneo Rainforest with a local native guide. Get your hands-on experience to see some of the untouched mountains, rivers, trees, waterfall, and cave. Long Pasia is one of the places that you should put it in your itinerary trip to Sabah Borneo. Interested to go? Do try out our 5D4N Long Pasia Trekking Expedition.

Trekking in Sabah Borneo Rainforest


Nothing can compete for the experience of spending few days in the Borneo Rainforest and a chance to learn its historical significance as a trade route for remote villagers to exchange their locally made products to other villages for other products in return. Salt Trail Crocker Range is perfect for small groups of hardcore trekkers and nature lovers, exploring the Sabah Borneo rainforest and also get an authentic insight lifestyle into one of the Sabah Borneo indigenous tribe – Dusun.

If you or your group are interested in doing the Salt Trail Crocker Range expedition, contact us or email us directly and we would love to arrange it for you.

Trekking in Sabah Borneo Rainforest


Maliau Basin in Sabah Borneo has known as “Lost World”, due to the reason of it being the last remaining untouched areas on the planet until 1947 when a pilot almost crashed into it. Before, scientists and researchers were the only ones allowed to explore Maliau Basin’s rich and complex ecosystem. Nowadays, Maliau Basin is open for public but with limited slots available.

Trekking into Maliau Basin will grant you a promising reward – a chance to see the rarest plants, birds, and wildlife in Borneo rainforest. The best thing of it, you can get the chance to see the magnificent 7-tier Maliau waterfall, which is one of the 20 waterfalls that were discovered in Maliau Basin. Trekking to Maliau Basin will surely trigger your heart and soul, feel free to reach out to us for travel arrangement.

Trekking in Sabah Borneo Rainforest


One of the recommended places for trekking in Sabah Borneo Rainforest is in Danum Valley. Being Sabah Borneo’s largest protected lowland forest, it is no wonder Danum Valley is home to the widest range of Borneo flora and fauna. Since Danum Valley is considered as an ecosystem, it is difficult to gain access to the conservation area and would need a limited number of visitors ( with permit pass) can explore the area. Get the chance to go for the Tree Top Canopy Walkway which stands 26m above the ground, and have the amazing perspective view of the forest canopy from up there. Apart from that, you can also visit an ancient Kadazandusun burial site, which the coffins are still tucked into the cave and crevasses in the cliff.

Fascinating isn’t? Book your tour with us!

Trekking in Sabah Borneo Rainforest


If you are not into an extreme hardcore trekking, you can also go to Kinabalu National Park for trekking around the several kilometers of trails and you can finish it within one or two days trek. There are nine networks of trails around the park, which are well maintained and safe to walk, such as the Bundu Tuhan View Trail, Kiau View Trail, Pandanus Trail, Bukit Ular trail, Bukit Tupai & Bukit Burung trail, Mempening trail, Liwagu trail, Silau Silau trail and Mountain View Trail. You can go for trekking at these trails as an alternative to Mount Kinabalu climbing. Apart from that, you can have a greater chance to see rare flowers at the Botanical Garden, birds, as well as other small Borneo wildlife there.

You can read our choices of alternative Mount Kinabalu for trekking in Borneo too!

After reading this, are you ready to escape the city and get into the wilderness? If you say YES, then you should get our Essential Trekkers Guide in Sabah, Borneo. Grab it for free before your trekking expedition in Sabah, Borneo Rainforest!

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