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Travel Sleep Tips for Toddlers

October, 2017
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Children are well behaved if they have a good sleep, and so are adults too!

Yippee… Time for a vacation to Borneo! A perfect place for you and your family to experience Borneo holiday together, whilst be entertained by the natural paradise or an adventure on Borneo Island. Sometimes, this can create havoc on your toddlers’ sleeping routine; a sleep-deprived toddler can put undue stress on your vacation, and you certainly would not want this to happen to your Borneo family holidays. Fortunately, this matter can be easily solved. You will only have to think ahead and do an advanced planning before going for your Borneo family holiday.

We know vacation can disrupt your toddler’s naptime schedule. We’ve been there. So, we will provide you some travel sleep tips for toddlers, and we hope you would put this into your practice for your Borneo family holidays, as well as making naptime much more restful for you and your little one (s).

Getting well-rested before trip

Travel Sleep tips for toddler in Borneo Family Holidays
Start off by getting your toddler to rest well before trip

When you and your family travel in Borneo, either by car, van, or plane, this would rob anyone of shut-eye, especially your toddler. Children are naturally excited for any travel plans, it’s hard for them to sleep en route. Therefore, if your toddler has insufficient sleep, they would be feeling cranky and eventually cause stress on your family. Make it a priority to let your toddler (and yourself too!) be well-rested before leaving for your trip (let say in a week before your departure trip), so that, your toddler will be easily adaptable to any travel schedule changes and a little-lost sleep here and there.

Plan the travel time around sleep time

Travel Sleep tips for toddler in Borneo Family Holidays
Toddler sleeping during the flight

When booking for a flight to Borneo, Book your departure and arrival times to Borneo coinciding with your toddler’s nap schedule as much as possible. If your toddler is still sleeping in the morning, you can plan to leave after his/her morning nap, and not before. We would not want to disrupt the little one’s beauty sleep, right? Remember your toddler’s first nap is usually the most restorative and could overcome feeling tired for the rest of the day, especially when you and your family are on a connecting flight to Borneo. In contrast, if you are taking the evening flight to Borneo, try to arrive at your destination in time for your toddler usual bedtime.

Maintain your toddler’s regular schedule

Travel Sleep tips for toddler in Borneo Family Holidays
You’re lucky if your toddler can sleep in a stroller while traveling! Photo by: SnuggleBugz

Traveling in Borneo can be an exciting journey for you and your family. However, you still need to stick to your toddler’s regular schedule for rest. If your toddler is normally taking naps around mid-afternoon, try not to plan any activities at those times during your Borneo family holiday. Instead, prioritize your toddler’s sleeping time.

Unfortunately, some circumstances might make this impossible for you, but don’t worry! Sometimes, your toddlers may not want to take naps when they “should”, you can just simply roll with it and do your best to make sure the rest of your toddler’s naps are restful. In other words, if your toddler is easy to adapt to their surroundings, that they can just simply sleep in a stroller while traveling; that’s a thumbs up!

Recreate the travel sleep environment similar to home

Travel Sleep tips for toddler in Borneo Family Holidays
Pack your toddler’s favourite things/toys to travel Photo by: Peanut Blossom

Upon reaching your accommodation in Borneo, make sure to choose the room that is not close to the swimming pool area or elevator in order to avoid any late night noise. In addition, you will need to create your toddler’s sleeping area as similar as possible to his/her sleeping area at home. Your toddler would need to feel something homey and familiar, hence, don’t forget to pack their stuffed animal toys, pacifier, or their favorite blanket/crib sheets. Furthermore, there is no need for you to bring entire collection, just some of his/her favorite things and you are good to go. Surround your toddler’s with something that feels like home, is most likely will help them to settle down and get a better transition to a new environment.

Exchange nap sitting duties

Travel Sleep tips for toddler in Borneo Family Holidays
A mother and a toddler watching tv in the hotel room

You can take turns with your significant other for babysitting. One of you can watch the toddler while the other gets to cross something off from their personal travel bucket list in Borneo, or they can also spend some time with their siblings and hang out at the hotel. This is also a perfect chance to sneak some nap time for yourself or have some personal time to read a book and watch a movie.

Though traveling with a toddler (s) can be very challenging, it is also a rewarding experience for you and your family. Travel with your toddlers can strengthen the family bonds, as well as giving them opportunities to learn a new experience. Don’t be stressed out on keeping strict on your toddler’s sleeping habits. Your toddler can be very resilient, missing a few naps or going to bed late for a few nights; they can adapt, and so will you! So, break some rules, enjoy your Borneo family holidays and have fun with your family!

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