Travel Bucket List of Sabah Borneo for Nature Lovers


August, 2018

Nature Lovers' destinations in Sabah Borneo


Kawang Forest Trekking

Long Pasia trekking expedition

Travel Bucket List for nature lovers

No one can deny that Sabah Borneo is one of the best travel destinations that fit for any travelers out there. Blessed with Malaysia’s highest sacred mountain, lush rainforest, and tropical sandy beaches. No wonder some people said that Sabah Borneo is one of the Malaysian true gems that rich in natural wonders. Even for nature lovers, they would agree to that statement.

If you are a nature lover and won’t mind a little bit of adventure, then choose Sabah Borneo for your holiday. Sabah Borneo will never disappoint you in satisfying your travel cravings. We have listed out some of the destinations in Sabah Borneo that will be perfect for you as nature lovers. It’s time to put them on your travel bucket list!

1) Kinabalu National Park, Kundasang

Travel bucket list for nature lovers

Kinabalu National Park. Photo: azry A Hassan

Kinabalu National Park covers about 75,400 hectares of area. It is one of the greatest attractions in Sabah Borneo. Kinabalu National Park gazetted as Malaysia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. Home of some of the richest assemblies of plants in the world as well as various birdlife species. Apart from the abundance of flora and fauna, the park also features the highest mountain in Malaysia – Mount Kinabalu. Kinabalu National Park will not fail to keep you be in awe with its wonderful natural treasures.

Travel bucket list for nature lovers

Trekking into the Kinabalu National Park Trail. Photo: Sol495

Travel bucket list for nature lovers

A tourist looking at the rare plants in botanical garden. Photo: Eduard-Ozerin

2. Kawang Forest Reserve

Travel bucket list for nature lovers

Kawang Forest Reserve

Kawang Forest Reserve offers a great cityscape day trips from Kota Kinabalu. Take the opportunity to get close to nature. Trekking through the Kawang Forest Reserve offers you a chance to marvel at the nature along the way. Kawang Forest Reserve is also an excellent camping spot and other recreational activities. It is considered as one of the hidden gem of Sabah Borneo as this forest is rarely explored by any tourist. It is a perfect chance to experience the untouched nature for holiday in Sabah Borneo. The best thing about it, it is only about 30-45 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu City. Related article: Top day hikes around Sabah Borneo

Travel bucket list for nature lovers

Twisty Vine in Kawang Forest

Travel bucket list for nature lovers

Wild mushrooms in Kawang Forest

3. Lupa Masa Rainforest Camp

Travel bucket list for nature lovers

Lupa Masa Rainforest Camp Balcony 

If a day in the jungle is not enough, then why not spend your Borneo holiday in the jungle? Lupa Masa Rainforest Camp is the perfect place to get intimate with nature. The camp is located on the lower slopes of Mount Kinabalu National Park. It sets amidst in the primary rainforest in an idyllic riverside position. You can see there are open-air huts and basic facilities there which creates the jungle vibe. This is a great opportunity for you to spend your holiday in the jungle. You can also gain some knowledge of jungle survival skills from an experienced local guide. Feel free to join the guided day and night walks for a chance to spot wildlife, birds, and plants at the campsite area.

Travel bucket list for nature lovers

Relaxing at Lupa Masa Campsite area

Travel bucket list for nature lovers

Lupa Masa Rainforest Camp Mini Waterfall

4. Crocker Range National Park

Travel bucket list for nature lovers

Crossing through the suspension bridge 

Jungle trekking is the best when it comes to experience more about the natural wonders of Sabah Borneo. Thus, put Crocker Range National Park into your travel bucket list. The park is rich with flora and fauna, which some of the species are endemic to Borneo. You can also gain insight into locals living in the rural area. Learn a thing or two about the unique culture and traditions that can only be found in Sabah Borneo. Crocker Range National Park is also a good place for birdwatching as it has many rare species of birds that are endemic to Sabah Borneo. It hosted as one of the birding destinations for the annual Borneo Bird Festival. Going for a trekking through the Crocker Range National Park is no doubt will leave a memorable experience in your Borneo holiday.

Travel bucket list for nature lovers
Travel bucket list for nature lovers

5. Maliau Basin

Travel bucket list for nature lovers

Seven tier Maliau Falls

Looking for more off-the-beaten-path for your holiday in Sabah Borneo? Then, plan a trip to Maliau Basin. It also is known as Sabah’s Lost World, as there are many areas in Maliau Basin left untouched. Though few areas explored in Maliau Basin, it proved to be home to some of Sabah Borneo’s rarest and endangered species of wildlife. Such wildlife is Sumatran Rhinoceros, Banteng, Orangutan, Proboscis Monkeys, Borneo Pygmy Elephants, Clouded Leopard and Malayan Sun Bear. There are also about 300 species of Birds discovered in Maliau Basin. Apart from that, various species of pitcher plants, orchids, and Rafflesia flowers can also be found in Maliau Basin too. The main highlight of Maliau Basin is to trek to the majestic 7-tiers of Maliau Falls. So, if you are a nature lover and an adventure seeker, Maliau Basin is the place you should be spending for your Borneo holiday.

Apart from the places given, there are other places in Sabah Borneo that are also worth for nature lovers. It’s never too late to add those places to your travel bucket list and cross them out. Need help with planning your travel to Sabah Borneo? We’re only one click away to assist in your travel arrangement to these amazing places!

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