Places to eat in Kudat, Sabah, Borneo

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As a Malaysian, we tend to have a soft spot on our own local food, especially the food from our hometown. My hometown is in Kudat, Sabah Borneo.  I am going to share the best places to eat in Kudat. So, if you are in Borneo right now, be sure to make your way to visit Kudat. Kudat is home to a beautiful beach location known as the tip of Borneo.  If it’s not on your list of places to visit, it should be.

Apart from focusing more on the iconic landmarks of Kudat, you should not miss out to taste the food there too! If you want to know more on Kudat, food is a great way to gain an understanding of the place and its people. Lucky for you, as a local living in Kudat, I’m going to give you an insider’s look at top food and places to eat in Kudat.

Seafood Tomyam at Rainbow Herbs Restaurant

Top food and best places to eat in Kudat

Seafood Tom Yam. Photo: Hanimazlan Maznie

This is one of my favorite foods in Kudat. It is the best Tom yam that I have ever eaten ( I am not trying to exaggerate here but seriously it is so good!). They even give a generous portion of prawns and fish, which makes the Tom Yam soup creamier.

People usually will eat the Tom Yum with rice vermicelli, but I prefer to eat the Tom Yum with yellow noodle. Whenever I finish eating the Tom Yum with yellow noodles, there will be always an extra bit of soup left. Then, I will order another plate of rice and have another round. (hahaha…) When you got a chance to taste this out, you will not believe that this is the best Thai style food that you’ve ever tasted. What’s more, you can only get this in the small town of Kudat.

It is easy to find the restaurant as it located Kudat Ferry Terminal. So, when you are in Kudat, feel free to ask the locals for the location of the ferry terminal. They will happily tell you the location because it is popular among the locals and visitors.

Nasi Linopot + Coconut Shake at Samod Ku Café

Top food and best places to eat in Kudat
Top food and best places to eat in Kudat

Linopot Rice is one of the traditional foods of the Rungus people.  Rungus are indigenous people who are from the Kudat area). This dish is a must-try when you are in Kudat.

Linopot Rice is usually served during celebrations in Kudat. Now, you can taste it whenever you want and you can only find it at Samod ku Cafe. This is one of my must-go places to eat because it is not only delicious, but the price is reasonable too! I can have 4 main dishes with 2 side dishes together in the Linopot Rice and it cost about RM6.50! Can you believe it? Plus, their famous coconut shake is to die for.

I usually order the Linopot rice with all the dishes and the coconut shake, which costs me about RM10. So, tell me…isn’t this worth it for one meal? Wondering why this is considered my favorite place to eat in Kudat? The cafe offers a variety of Rungus traditional dishes. The main dishes change every day as it is another way to let any visitors come and taste the dishes.

Samod ku Café is only open for lunch hour (11:30 am – 2:00 pm). You will need to book and order beforehand by contacting the owner, Mr. Daniel (+60198329029). This cafe is so popular among Kudat people and the Linopot Rice is always sold out at the cafe. Yeah, I have been in that situation before *huhuhu crying in the corner*.

Chicken wings Grilled at Pasar Malam Kudat (Night Market)

Top food and best places to eat in Kudat

Grilled Chicken Wings Photo: Norsham Blog

Grilled Chicken Wings are one of my favorite foods to eat whenever I go to the downtown area. I like to stop by at the night market to buy the grilled chicken wings and bring them back home as snacks.

The grilled chicken wings look like any other grilled chicken wings. But, this one right here is my favorite as the sauce they’ve made is a perfect match for the grilled chicken wings. Believe me, once you dip the chicken into the sauce, eat it, and you will eat it non stop even if you are already full. So, do put this on your “to do list” when you are traveling to Kudat because this is a must try food!

Kudat Hakka Yong Tau Foo at Batu 1, Kudat

Top food and best places to eat in Kudat

Delicious Yong Tau Foo served. Photo: Sir Sie

Looking for a nice breakfast spot? This is the place that I love to spend my mornings with my family. It is located at the Jalan Tamanggong Kurantud (called Batu 1 by the locals, which refers to the mile marker stones on the road side). The shop opens from 7am until late afternoon.

This is famous spot that is not only for Kudat locals but also for visitors too. Many people can be seen standing up to wait to get a seat and have their ‘Yong Tau Foo’ or stuffed bean curd. There is a difference between the Yong Tau Foo in West Malaysia and the one in Borneo. Yong Tau Foo in West Malaysia is usually cooked in the soup while the Sabah style is braised. I personally prefer the Yong Tau Foo of Borneo style as it is tastier and flavorful, even the bean curd has the finer texture. The Yong Tau Foo is usually served with rice or noodles and it is cheaper.

Even today, the shop still cooks the Yong Tau Foo in a traditional way – using firewood. It another way to gives an extra taste to the gravy. Every bite of the food is full of flavors. I am sure nobody can resist the delicious taste of the Yong Tau Food when they visit Kudat.

Fresh Seafood at Coconut Village, Kudat

Top food and best places to eat in Kudat

Fresh Seafood for dinner. Photo: France Agape

One of my favorite spots for fresh seafood is Coconut Village.  And it is cheap too! This is the place that you should go to when in Kudat. The food portions are adequate and suitable for family size dinner. This is where my family and I will be going whenever we crave seafood for dinner.

The Coconut Village also has a live band performances every night, making it a great place to relax and enjoy your food.

I hope you enjoyed my favorites places to eat in Kudat. These places are a must visit when you are planning to travel to Kudat.

Don’t just go for a day trip to Kudat, stay more than a day and experience your gastronomic adventure in Kudat. You can also read these amazing places in Kudat too!

You love food.  We love food.  Let us share all the best places to eat in Borneo with you!
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