What to do in Kota Kinabalu when it’s Raining

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Things to do when it's raining in Sabah Borneo

It will almost certainly rain at some point during your trip to Kota Kinabalu, so check out our list of what to do in Kota Kinabalu when it’s raining.  The good news is that the tropical rain here doesn’t usually last for a long time.

1) Spend your day catching up on reading and writing

Things to do when it's raining in Sabah Borneo

When you catch yourself not able to visit Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, or trekking up Mount Trusmadi, just relax and catch up with current affairs of the world and local news as well. It helps to know what is happening in your surrounding especially if it’s a long travel. You can also enjoy your time catching up on your travel journal. What better way than sitting on your bed by the window, sipping on hot coffee while reminiscing about your fruitful experience having to meet an Orangutan while riding a 4X4 vehicle out from the forest terrain.

2) Hang out with other travelers

Things to do when it's raining in Sabah Borneo
If you are not the type to do reading and writing, why not take this chance to get to know your other fellow travelers at the hostel? They will be keen to have some good conversation as well as a few good laughs. Most hostels will have a lounge or common room, where you can just chill and relax there. Throw some music on, sit back, share some stories, play cards, or board games (if they are provided). A great opportunity for you to listen to other backpackers’ travel stories and creating new friendships.

3) Watching Movies

Things to do when it's raining in Sabah Borneo
Best way to beat the blues is to watch a movie. You can either watch movies via tablet or laptop, or at the hostel common room, or at the cinema (you can find it in Imago Shopping Malls and Suria Shopping Malls), you can just simply sit back and relax.

4) Visit Sabah Museum

Things to do when it's raining in Sabah Borneo
Another way to keep yourself warm and dry would be to stay indoors. Gain an in-depth knowledge of Sabah Borneo’s history, culture, and heritage by going for a visit to the Sabah Museum. Moreover, you will learn more about the authenticity of the Sabah Borneo culture, as well as to discover the species of flora and fauna that can be found in Borneo.

5) Visit Shopping Malls

Things to do when it's raining in Sabah Borneo
Going to shopping malls in Sabah Borneo could be a good reason to avoid rain and keeping yourself dry. Most locals will go to Imago Shopping Malls, which has about 300 shopping stores and services. Moreover, travelers will get a chance to see hourly cultural dance performances by a group of local dancers at the entrance of Imago shopping mall. Apart from shopping, travelers can do other activities such as archery games, laser tag, escape room, or just simply chill at some of the eateries there.

6) Photography

Things to do when it's raining in Sabah Borneo

Taking pictures outdoors during a rainy day is probably the last thing that anyone would want to do. However, taking pictures during rainy days is actually a totally different experience; different perspective. With the gloomy weather, you can easily capture some good shot of street photography that provides a different perspective without using any filter.

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7) Visit the local Bars

Things to do when it's raining in Sabah Borneo
Head to some of the local bars in Kota Kinabalu could be a perfect way for travelers to get out from being wet and grab a pint of beer to drink. There is no need to go to a bustling tourist bar or restaurant, rather just ask the hotel staff or receptionist for their favorite watering hole, and travelers may be surprised to learn more about local culture. Not to mention, some locals may point out the best local places to eat and drink. So, hop on a cab/ Grab / Uber, then kick back with locals over a few pints and make new friends!

8) Dinner in D’Place Kinabalu

Things to do when it's raining in Sabah Borneo

Another activity for travelers to do if it is raining in Sabah Borneo will be to have dinner at D’ Place Kinabalu, Plaza Shell. Travelers will get the chance to taste some of the traditional and exotic dishes of Kadazandusun (one of the major tribes in Sabah Borneo). Apart from that, travelers could also witness the cultural dance performances while enjoying their dinner, as well as participate in doing some traditional activities. Not only that, the main highlight at the D’Place Kinabalu would be eating a live sago worm or butod and it is recommended for travelers to try it at least once in their lifetime. Feel free to read our experience of having dinner in D’ Place Kinabalu.

Having a chance to visit Sabah Borneo is all about having fun, creating memories and gain new experiences, as well as meeting new people. With these kind of amazing experiences in Sabah Borneo, who needs just the sunshine during their trip! Let’s shine during the rainy season as well!
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