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JUNE, 2016


Never had enough? Wish to urge out? Opt for some sea-coast healing maybe? Trust me, we’ve all been there. From time to time you ought to switch your mind to the idea of living life to the fullest by experiencing countless adventures such as trekking in Kala Pattar, Nepal, exploring caves in Puerto Princesa, Philippines or conquering the Mount Fuji, Japan to some relaxing, tranquil and serene destination of the deep blue ocean intertwine with a stretch of fine white sandy beach with the sounds of the waves creating a perfect symphony for your island-escape.

There are a lots of magnificent island destination all around the world that awaits you with great excitement and wonderful experiences, and now it’s about time I introduced you to few of our favorites!

Pulau Tiga

Are you a survivor? Do you think you can survive staying in the Survivor Island? If you think you got what it takes to do so, then I highly suggested you to visit Pulau Tiga which also famous with the nickname of ‘Survivor Island’ which taken from a reality TV show of the same title which filmed in this island. Treat yourself with natural volcanic mud bath which is good for your skin and dive into the beautiful corals which offer magical underwater experiences.

Pulau Sapi

A total mistake that one could probably do is not including Pulau Sapi in the list of most-visited island as it is blessed with miraculously white sandy beach and crystal clear water where fishes swan gracefully in their natural habitat. In some cases, if you’re lucky, you might as well get tanning squad as you will see Monitor Lizard wander around to tan their skin tone but fret not, they are harmless.

Pulau Mantanani

No No No! I’ts not the signature Tiffany’s turquoise box, but it is the crystal clear, turquoise ocean water that surrounded the spectacular island of Mantanani. Anyone would definitely fall in love at the first sight as soon as they set eyes on this beauty. Due to the mysterious and human like appearance of Dugong, the people call it mermaid. Well, I bet, if mermaid is real, this would definitely be their favorite place to visit.

Pulau Mataking

Imagine yourself in sitting on the beach with gentle waves crushing the seashore below your feet, creating the perfect sounds to your ears, with the warm smell of the nature offering million-dollar view of the of the sunrise. What else can you ask for? The kind of experience that is worthy. Oh ya, did I tell you that it is also the perfect choice for honeymoon destination.

Bohey Dulang

Explore this archipelago beauty that are located in Semporna which also famous for its nickname of the Pearl Island. If you are into jungle trekking, you might want to consider trekking activities to the peak of the Bohey Dulang Island and take some breathtaking selfie of spectacular and vivid scenery of the whole islands.

“THE SEA, once it cast it’s spell, holds one in its net of wonder FOREVER”-Jacques Yves Cousteau

Did those photos make you feel like want to escape to these beautiful islands? Then what are you waiting for. You are just one click away from your dream island vacation. Click here to pick which destination that you want to go.

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