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The Atkinson Clock Tower of Jesselton, British North Borneo

MARCH, 2016
The Atkinson Clock Tower was built on the 20th April 1905, in the memory of Francis George Atkinson. He was the Jesselton’s now known as Kota Kinabalu first district officer.
George Atkinson was born in 1874, the son of Rev. F. H. Atkinson and Mary Edith Atkinson.
He was educated at Victoria College, Jersey.
He then joined the Borneo service in March 1898 after working for some time in Australia, later in January 1901 he was appointed to be the District Officer of Jesselton at British North Borneo now known as Sabah.
George Atkinson died of Malaria on the 6th of December 1902 at the age of 28. As a tribute to the memory of George Atkinson, his Mother Mrs Mary Edith Atkinson presented a two-faced clock to Jesselton town, it was then decided and commission that a clock tower would be constructed to honor him.
On the 20th of April 1905 the clock tower structure was built and A road -Atkinson Drive was also named after him that now renamed as Jalan Istana.
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