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Apple farming in the tropics?  Yes, it’s possible…Ba’Kelalan is one of Borneo’s hidden gems. Nestled in the mountains of North Sarawak and surrounded by lush Borneo Rainforest, Ba’Kelalan is the only place in Malaysia that has apple farms. The remote, tranquil surroundings and warm welcome by the local Lun Bawang community, make Ba’Kelalan tour one of our top recommended destinations.

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Ba’Kelalan is popular for its rice, organic vegetables, and temperate fruits (apple and mandarin orange) farming at the highlands of Sarawak Borneo in the northeast side which is almost near to the border of Kalimantan, Indonesia. Ba’ Kelalan is surrounded by lush Borneo Rainforest and home to Lun Bawang Tribe, which has a population of less than 1,000 people. The Lun Bawang Tribe is one of the indigenous tribe of Sarawak Borneo and mostly stay in the narrow valley of the Kelalan River.

Most visitors will come to Ba’Kelalan just to see the picturesque rice fields that are still planted and maintained by the locals without any chemical aide. Apart from that, there are Ba’Kelalan salt springs which were discovered more than a hundred years ago, locals will use the salt water for cooking purposes or salt-making process. For the adventure seekers, they can go challenge themselves to hike up Mount Murud, which is known to locals as prayer mountain. In addition, visitors will also get the chance to experience the Lun Bawang customs and daily lives through homestay program.


Upon arrival at Ba’Kelalan Airport, you will meet and greet our friendly driver. Then, proceed to Ba’Kelalan Village, which is home to one of Sarawak Borneo indigenous tribe – Lun Bawang tribe. Meet your host and check in at the local lodge.

After that, go for a walking tour around the village area, to witness the local’s farming activities of rice fields, apple farms, the organic vegetable farm, and the salt-making factory. Next, proceed to go for guided nature walks at the village, be sure to witness some of the bird species and rare flora that can be found in Ba’Kelalan.

Return back to your lodge for dinner and overnight at the lodge.


Wake up early morning and have your breakfast at the lodge. Next, hop on a 4WD vehicle for the 2-hour drive on the bumpy road to reach Lepo Bunga, which is a research station and visitor center in Pulau Tau National Park. Once you reach Lepo Bunga you will proceed to go for guided jungle trekking into the montane Borneo Rainforest. Be sure to witness more on the diverse species of flora such as pitcher plants and wild orchids, as well as species of birds in the jungle. Your trekking expedition will take about 4-5 hours to reach your accommodation for the night, which is at the Church Camp. The accommodation is basic.

Upon arrival at the Church Camp, you are free to go around the surrounding area before dinner time. Be sure to wear your jacket as the area will be cold especially during the night.


Wake up and have your breakfast at the Church Camp. After breakfast, get ready for your wildest adventure to climb up Mount Murud, which is the highest mountain in Sarawak Borneo. Once again, do not miss out on Mother Nature and witness the rare species of Bornean plants (Pitcher Plants and wild orchids) while trekking up to reach Mount Murud summit. Your trekking expedition will take about 3 hours to reach the summit.

Once you reach the summit, have your packed lunch there while being mesmerized by the spectacular view from the summit. After lunch, continue to descend to return to the church camp. Have your dinner and call it a day.


Wake up and have your breakfast. You may proceed to go for trekking to reach Ba’Kelalan village, which will take about 4-6 hours of trekking. Upon arrival at the village, you can take your rest at the lodge or continue to go around the village area to get to see the local’s daily activities. Free at own leisure.


Enjoy your breakfast as this is your last day in Ba’ Kelalan village. After breakfast, free and easy activity before your departure flight.

End of tour.