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3D2N Bario Highlands

Experience ancient stone megaliths, unique highland rainforests, and traditional rice paddy fields……Tucked in the Heart of Borneo, very near the border of Sarawak and Indonesian Borneo lies the community of Bario. Bario is nestled in the kelabit highlands and sits on the edge of the Pulong Tau National Park.  Here you will experience a peaceful remote Bornean village and be welcomed with open arms by the indigenous highland Kelabit people.

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Bario means “valley of the wind”, which is located on the Kelabit Highlands in Miri, Sarawak Borneo, and it is also very near to the border of Kalimantan, Indonesia. Bario is about 1000 meters above the sea level, which provides an isolated destination that is perfect for eco-tourism destination, and home to one of the indigenous tribe of Sarawak Borneo – Kelabit Orang Ulu people. Bario is known as “Land of a hundred handshakes” due to a warm welcome by the friendly local Kelabit people that will greet any new visitors who wander around the village area.

Since Bario is located in the Kelabit Highlands, it can be very chilly in the village area, especially during the night; while daytime is usually warm and humid. Apart from that, visitors can get the chance to learn more on Kelabit community’s daily activities and their culture, such as trekking along at the beautiful paddy landscapes, visit the salt-making factories, pond fishing at the homestay, going for jungle trekking to see various species of flora and fauna, as well as to see the unique megalith site, ‘Batu Ritung’ and ‘Perupun Rayeh’. Moreover, Bario is also famous for its pineapple farming and visitors can taste out the pineapple fresh from the farm.

Accommodations in Bario are mostly based on homestay program. Visitors can experience the local food prepared by the host which are mostly different than any Malaysian food, as the ingredients are mostly obtained from the jungle or local farm.


Upon arrival at Bario Airport, meet and greet with our driver. Then, you will be transferred to a homestay. Have your lunch at the homestay before going for a village tour in Bario. After lunch, you can visit the villages in Bario, meet the locals, check out the salt spring where you can see how the locals produce salt in a traditional way. Moreover, be sure to capture photos of the beautiful paddy fields as your own remembrance for your Bario trip. In Bario, pineapple farming is also one of the highlights activity and source of income for the locals. You can proceed to the pineapple garden to sample out the delicious pineapple fresh from the garden before going back to your homestay.

Return back to your homestay for dinner and overnight at the homestay.


Wake up early morning and have your breakfast at the homestay. Next, hop on a 4WD vehicle for 1-hour drive on the bumpy road to reach Pa’lungan village. The weather at the Pa’lungan village is pleasantly cooling and temperature might go as low as 14°C. Proceed for a short walk from the village to witness the two ancient Kelabit famous megaliths, ‘Batu Ritung’ and ‘Perupun Rayeh’, which can be found within the village area and both of the megaliths were dated back thousands of years. The ‘Batu Ritung’ was erected in honor of a Kelabit aristocrat namely Ritong, while ‘Perupun Rayeh’ is one of the largest stone monument in Pa’lungan village, measuring 15m in diameter by 1.50m high, and served as a cultural site for the Kelabit tribe.

After that, exploring the magnificent megalithic, you will have your lunch at the homestay in Pa’lungan village before visiting Pa’Umor Village to see another ancient stone carving there which is Batuh Narit Arur Bilit. The Batuh Narit Arur Bilit sits right in the middle of a paddy field and depicts a human with both arms that are stretched upwards.

After exploring the magnificent dolmens and megalithic, it’s time to head back to your homestay in Bario for dinner.


Wake up and enjoy your breakfast at the homestay as this is your last day in Bario village. After breakfast, free and easy activity before your departure flight.

End of tour.