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Long Pasia Village and Jungle Trekking Adventure

Long Pasia trekking expedition Borneo tour is a transport to small village life in a lush jungle setting with an array of Borneo beauty to be found in few other locations on the island. Its a tough journey to reach the isolation of the village but it rewards its visitors with a rich abundance of nature including untouched mountains, rivers, jungle, waterfalls and caves to explore. For off the beaten trek travelers these types of villages are getting harder to find with each passing year but we reckon this one is worth the effort! Put Long Pasia be on you must see list when visiting the island of borneo for your holidays.

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Long Pasia is a small village located at the southern part of Sabah Borneo in Ulu Padas area. Ulu Padas is famous for being one of the richest plant diversity areas in Sabah Borneo. It is not a wonder that Long Pasia is a village that is rich in nature, culture, history and natural heritage. Making it as one of the must visit for any travelers.
Long Pasia is one of the hidden gems in Sabah Borneo and home for Lundayeh People. It is about more than 250 km away from Kota Kinabalu City. You’ll get to experience the weather changes to a cooler when you go to Long Pasia ( 1000 km above sea level).
Going for this tour allows you to explore the wilderness of the jungle with a native guide. You’ll get to learn some of the Long Pasia’s legend of their famous warrior, Upai Semaring. Exploring the untouched mountains, rivers, jungles, waterfalls, and caves. Aside from that, the native guide will teach you some survival skills during the trekking. Learn some of the medicinal plants along the way, practices fishing and hunting in the jungle.
Long Pasia offers a real-life adventure experience that you won’t find from other trips in Sabah Borneo. A homestay and camping based accommodations are also available at Long Pasia.

Please bring along Sunscreen, Insect repellent, Hat & Sunglasses, Headlamp, Raincoat, Personal medications and Plaster, Drinking water, Camera with a waterproof bag, Extra cash money, Tissue Paper/ Toilet roll, Sandals/ Slipper, Plastic Bags, Dry Bag, Binoculars, Trekking shoes, Trekking Pole, Trekking Snacks, Swimwear, Torchlight & headlamp, Sleeping Bag, Light and quick-dry hiking clothes.

Day 1 Kota Kinabalu – Sipitang – Long Pasia

7:30 am Depart from Kota Kinabalu and transfer to Sipitang. ( Estimate 3 hours drive)
11:00 am Stop by at some local shops to buy any supplies for your trip
12:30 pm Meet up with your native guide and depart to Long Pasia using 4×4 vehicles (estimated 3 hours). Lunch en-route at Meligan Village.
5:00 pm Upon arrival at Long Pasia, meet with the local host family and get settled. Rest and relax at the homestay
7:00 pm Enjoy home cooked dinner. After dinner, the native guide will brief on your activities for the rest of your stay.
Overnight at the homestay.

Day 2 Long Pasia Village – Maga Campsite

7:00 am Wake up- early morning to the sounds of village life and have your breakfast at homestay
8:00 am Bring your packed lunch and pack some of your essential items to bring for trekking (other items can leave at the homestay).
9:00 am Begin trekking with your native guide to the jungle of Long Pasia. Along the way, be sure to see and hear the sound of the river flowing, chirping birds, buzzing cicadas, etc. Your native guide will provide some explanations about the jungle, some medicinal plants or wild insect. You can also learn a thing or two about the survival jungle skills and local folklore from the native guide. Lunch en-route.
2:00 pm Upon arrival at Maga Campsite, get settled and set up your camp. Then, free at own leisure. (Note: Any swimming at the river MUST be accompanied by a native guide)
6:00 pm Enjoy dinner at the campsite.
7:00 pm After dinner, sit around the campfire and listen to some of the interesting story or local folklore by the native guide.
Overnight in the jungle setting

Day 3 Maga Campsite – Maga Waterfall

7:00 am Wake up early morning and have your breakfast prepared by the guide.
8:00 am Prepared your packed lunch before your trekking commence.
8:30 am Start trekking toward Maga Waterfalls, which is one of the largest waterfalls in Sabah Borneo.
12:00 pm Have your lunch at the waterfalls area.
1:00 pm Feel free to explore the waterfall area. The native guide will bring you to visit the rock shelter of Long Pasia’s warrior, Upai Semaring. Get ready with your camera as you will be capturing many incredible moments and amazing scenery.
6:00 pm Return back to the Maga Campsite and have your dinner cooked by guide.
7:00 pm After dinner, sit around the campfire and listen to some of the interesting story or local folklore by the native guide.
Overnight in jungle setting

Day 4 Maga Campsite – Long Pasia

7:00 am Wake up and have your breakfast
8:00 am Pack up and trekking back to Long Pasia village
12:00 pm Arrive at your homestay and have your lunch.
1:30pm Explore the village area including the mud house. After that, free at own leisure. Feel free to hangout with the locals by learning to make handicraft or play football with them.
6:00 pm Return back to your homestay before your dinner time
7:00 pm Have your dinner at the homestay. Then, relax at the village
Overnight at the homestay

Day 5 Long Pasia – Sipitang – Kota Kinabalu

7:00 am Wake up early and have breakfast
8:00 am Start to pack up and depart to Sipitang
12:00 pm Upon arrival in Sipitang, have your lunch there.
1:00 pm After lunch, our driver will be waiting for you for your transfer back to Kota Kinabalu City. (Estimate to arrive Kota Kinabalu : 4:00 pm)

End of tour