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Sabah, My Birthplace, My Home


May, 2017

Doing events as a passion does have its perks. Traveling from one city to another has given me great privilege to learn of other’s culture and their great history. Some, more intriguing than the other, but nonetheless, it has humbled me to love my birth home more. Puzzled? Let me indulge you why.

Sabah, my birthplace, my home

Our ancestors were mainly farmers. To maintain a farm, you need loads of people to help with the daily chores. From cleaning the house to cooking, feeding the livestock, and etcetera etcetera. So what do you do? Have big families! It’s a norm to have more than five siblings in one family(back then). So when you have big families, it also means your family tree is huge! If you think to have 20 plus cousins are a lot, try more than 50. And that’s just my first cousins. So imagine having an intimate wedding (that’s 3000 plus pax for you mate).

Some people has the mentality thinking that if we look different, we are different. To us, we’re all the same, we come from soil, and when we die, we go back to the soil. Simple logic, yet deep meaning.

Everywhere you go, happy faces looking at you smiling as a show of respect, and they don’t even know who you are or who your father is, or where your mother worked (or what you ate for dinner). None of that matters.

And that is a major reason as to why I love coming back and being with my family in Sabah, my home, my birthplace.

Check out the documentary video below about Sabah, Malaysian Borneo by Sabah Tourism Board.

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