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Quirky Things You Can Do in Borneo Malaysia


September, 2017

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Borneo Island, is the ideal destination for tourists and travelers. From the pristine Borneo Rainforest, to an amazing encounter with Borneo wildlife, delicious food, unique culture, and not forgetting, colorful festivals celebrated. There seem to be so many attractions in Malaysian Borneo that you will find yourself extending your Borneo Holiday trip!

However, Malaysian Borneo do surprise tourists & travelers with some of the attractions that may look unusual to them but is actually quite an interesting thing to do!

Wanna know what it is? Check out the list below for the quirky things you can do in Borneo Malaysia.

Indulge on Sago Worms (Butod)

Things to do in Borneo
Live Sago Worm or Butod. Photo by: NicoleKis

Yes, worm! Or specifically the larvae of the sago worms. It can be eaten either raw ( which some say taste like chicken!), roasted or stir fried. This is not something that you can see in your everyday food intake, but this is considered a delicacy eaten by some of the indigenous groups in Malaysian Borneo. However, you can’t see this delicacy served in any normal restaurant in Malaysian Borneo, but you can find it being sold in the local market or “Tamu”. There is one eaterie in Kota Kinabalu city that you can actually have your first experience of eating the Sago Worm, which is D’Place Kinabalu. So, do you dare to eat?

Check out our other blog post entry as we share our experience of having our Traditional Dinner in D’Place Kinabalu.

Feast on Durians

Things to do in Borneo
Feast on Durian. Photo by: Rawsomehealthy

Durian is widely known as the King of Fruit in Southeast Asia and the distinctive odor make some locals, or tourists, turn their nose around. However, some find the smell so tempting and sweet like an almond, but to others, they will say it smells rotten and bad ( some even passed out after smelling it! Yikes!). Although the durian odor can be disagreeable to some, the taste of the flesh is oh-so-yummy! Almost all Malaysian Borneo locals love to eat durians, so get ready when the time you are traveling in Malaysian Borneo and it is durian season, you may see a lot of stalls selling durians. Some places in Malaysian Borneo also offers “all-you-can-eat” durian buffet, which features different types of durians for you to try out!

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Visit the Cat Museum 

Things to do in Borneo
Collections of miniature cats’ toys

In any museums of different countries that you’ve gone, you will never expect that there is a museum dedicated to Cats! It is none other than the Cat Museum in Kuching, Sarawak. The Cat Museum features the feline collections such as paintings, photo, the mummified Egyptian cat, cat souvenirs and more; which has over 4,000 collections of the feline. Unusual as it may be, it is quite interesting to visit to the Cat Museum when you are visiting Kuching, Sarawak Borneo. Good news is, it is FREE to visit but a nominal fee provided if you want to bring along your camera or video camera inside the museum.

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Adopt an Orangutan 

Things to do in Borneo
Orangutan looking afar

As much as you enjoy your first encounter of the cute Orangutans in the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Sandakan Sabah Borneo, you can actually adopt the Orangutans (but not the kind of adoption you can bring home though!). It is actually to support the center’s purpose of rehabilitating the orphaned orangutans, so the orphaned orangutans can be properly taken care and being observed on their daily routines in the natural habitat, as well as to prevent it from extinction.

Party in the Borneo Jungle 

Things to do in Borneo
Concert party in the Borneo Jungle

Yes, you read it right! We do have a party in Borneo jungle, and you are invited ( but don’t forget to buy the entrance fee tickets!). This party is held yearly in Sarawak Cultural Village and it is none other than the Rainforest World Music Festival. This party brings music artists and lovers from around the world together in this world-renowned indigenous festival unlike any other. What makes the party more fun is it lasts for three days! (Awesome!) You can hear the exotic sound of the traditional music everywhere, join the dance and craft workshops provided or even check out the live music performance at night. Just imagine yourself there with music blasting, a decent amount of alcohol and dancing there, and it is all set in the heart of the Borneo jungle. There is no party that is so much cooler and exotic than that!

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