Remarkable places to visit in Tambunan

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Most people have heard about Kundasang, but not Tambunan. This hidden gem of Sabah Borneo actually has many remarkable places to go. Before that, let us get to know about Tambunan. Tambunan is one of the 25 districts in Sabah Borneo and part of the interior division. It is about 81 km east from Kota Kinabalu City and it takes about 1 1/2 drive using the Kota-Kinabalu – Tambunan road. Tambunan is almost isolated from the west coast by the Crocker Range mountains.

Tambunan is well-known for its lush green terraced paddy fields surrounded by lush tropical rainforest. Many first-timers will amaze by the vast expanse of green paddy fields at the foot of the mountain range. Apart from that, there are many bamboo trees can be seen everywhere in Tambunan area. It is the legacy of the British colonial period, which is to plant 20 bamboos sprouts for every bamboo cuts. Tambunan Town also known for the producing the best quality of rice wine, which is lihing and tapai. Holiday in Tambunan is a great escape from the busy tourist destinations and experience the serenity of the area.

Along the ride way uphill to reach Tambunan from Penampang, there is a butterfly park at the right side. Kipandi Butterfly Park is home to some of the rarest butterfly species such as Rajah Brooke and golden birdwings. Kipandi Butterfly Park is not only a park, it also has a breeding program. Working together with the Sabah Wildlife Department, they breed the butterfly species and release it to the forest. There are over 100 species of butterflies detected in the park. can be found. Apart from seeing butterflies, various species of beetles also can be found at the park. Native orchids, flowers, and even pitcher plants can be seen at the park too! At the park, there is a is an Insect Museum that exhibits a wide range of insects’ collection. Some of the species can only be found in the Crocker Range area, such as the Stag Beetle or cyclommatus chewi.

Remarkable places in Tambunan

Mahua Waterfall is one of the remarkable places in Tambunan and it is worth to visit for Borneo holiday. It is a pristine natural fall that hidden deep within the Borneo Rainforest. Mahua Waterfall is 17 meters tall and has a pool depth of about 1.3 meters. After paying the entrance fee ( Refer to the table 1.0), walk for about 500-metre walkway to reach the waterfall. Along the way, there are many endless towering of trees with huge trunks, wild orchids, and insects. Be sure to take some photos of the falls and the surrounding area. Feel free to go for a swim at the falls or enjoy a picnic by the river. Hostel-type accommodation and camping are available for those who wished to overnight there.

Age Malaysian Non-Malaysian
18 years and above RM 3.00 RM 10.00
18 years and below RM 1.00 RM 6.00
Student ( 16 years and below) RM 0.50 RM 6.00

Table 1.0

Remarkable places in Tambunan

Tambunan Town can also be a unique holiday destination in Sabah Borneo. A visit to Gong Stone in Solibog Village will definitely make everyone curious about the stone. It is believed that the stone can produce the sound like the traditional Kadazandusun musical instrument, which is the gong.

Watch the video below to see the locals beating the Gong Stone and produce the similar sound like the gong instrument :

Isn’t this amazing?

Remarkable places in Tambunan

Sunsuron Homestay Tambunan

Want to know the best way to spend Borneo holiday to the fullest? Spend a holiday with the locals and experience their culture during your stay. Visitors can experience this in Sunsuron Village, Tambunan. Sunsuron Village used to be a headhunting and tribe wars zone for more than a hundred years ago. But in 1885, the unrest finally put to the end when the British North Borneo Chartered Company build a police base in Sunsuron Village. There are several homestays available for visitors to spend more than a day with the locals. Visitors can taste the delicious traditional homemade dishes at the homestay. Apart from that, they can also try out the homemade rice wine, such as lihing or tapai, which is famous at the area. Besides that, visitors can go around the village area and see the iconic landmarks of the village. Visitors also can challenge themselves with an adrenaline-rush activity of Quad Biking there!

Remarkable places in Tambunan

Sinurambi Tambunan Viewing Point

Wish to witness a great view of Tambunan Town? Visitors can go to Sinurambi Tambunan (Tambunan Viewing Point). The tower built in conjunction with the “Visit Tambunan Year 2017”. What makes the tower is so unique than any other towers is its architectural concept. The Tower is actually built based on Sabah Borneo’s traditional bamboo basket, Wakid. The tower is about 45-feet high above sea levels. It offers a breathtaking view of the paddy rice fields and Tambunan Town can be seen at the top. The tower also one of the perfect spot for astrophotography.

Remarkable places in Tambunan
Remarkable places in Tambunan

Wakid Hill. Photo by Joe Lorenzo

Seeking for more adventurous and thrilling experience for Borneo Holidays in Tambunan? There are several hiking trails available for any adventurous soul to challenge themselves. Mount Wakid is located at Sunsuron Village in Tambunan. With an elevation of 1,372 m above sea levels, the mountain is available for a day-trip climb. This is a great way for climbers to get a taste of the Crocker Range terrain. The trail started a leisurely hike from Sunsuron Village to the foot of the mountain along the Sunsuron River. Then, continue on the extreme hike towards the summit that took about a few hours to reach. Trekkers will get to pass by Kolopis Waterfall when descending down from the mountain.

Remarkable places in Tambunan

Mannan Trail from Sinua. Photo by Oliverd

The second highest mountain in Sabah Borneo, Mount Trus Madi ( 2,642 m) is the most popular choice for the avid hikers. To conquer the summit of Mount Trus Madi, it requires climbers to spend more than a day to reach. This is due to the hiking trail proves to be much more challenging compared to Mount Kinabalu. But, the good thing about it is, Mount Trus Madi is less touristy. It is a Class 1 protected forest reserve (FMU 10) and managed by Sabah Forestry Department. Thus, trekkers need to apply permit to climb as there is a limit of trekkers allowed for overnight. Only 16 people, include guide and porter, are allowed to overnight at the Mount Trus Madi. The mountain also offers many species of flora that can spot along the trail. Trekkers can see many array species of Nepenthes and Orchids.

Remarkable places in Tambunan

Many Nepenthes species at Mount Tusmadi. Photo by Sunrise Odyssey

Remarkable places in Tambunan

Salt Trail is a traditional route used by the local villagers as trading purposes. The local villagers will use this route to trade their jungle produce to the local markets or Tamu. Salt Trail is also open for avid trekkers to trek along the route which will take about 4-5 days to complete it. The Salt Trail journey begins from Tikolod Village in Tambunan and ended at Inobong Substation in Penampang. Trekkers will gain an insight of the untouched jungle, flora, and fauna, as well as the villages area.

Tambunan Town is blessed with many interesting tourist destinations that are worth to visit for holiday. Spend a holiday in Tambunan Town can be a highlight for Borneo holiday and a trip to remember!

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