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Mount Kinabalu Climb History




Sir Hugh Low was the Colonial Secretary for the British crown colony of Labuan. He was the first person to make a documented ascent of Mount Kinabalu in 1851. It took nine days to reach the summit plateau, accompanied by John Whitehead a zoologist, Gunting Lagadan as their guide and several other local dusun people from the village nearby as porters. They started the ascents from Kiau village near the Kadamaian Waterfall on the southern flank of Mount Kinabalu.

In April and July 1858, Low was accompanied on two further ascents by Spenser St. John, the British Consul in Brunei. John Whitehead is the first person who reached the summit in 1888, thou the peak are named after Huge Low, he did not scale the mountain’s highest peak.

Lilian Suzette Gibbs a field naturalists was the first woman to climb Mount Kinabalu. She arrived in Borneo at the end of December 1909 and began her ascent to the summit on the 22nd February 1910. She starts her ascent from Kiau village in a group of 35 people, she reached Kemborongoh on the first day then proceed to Paka Cave on the second day and reaches the Low’s peak summit on the 24th of February 1910.

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