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Malim Gunung Kinabalu
Did you guys ever heard about the amazing ambiance of Mount Kinabalu? Have you ever experienced the adrenaline of climbing until the top of the Mount Kinabalu? If haven’t yet, you should treat yourself the amazing experience of exploring the nature of it. Behind all of the beauty of the place, did you guys know who is actually behind all of it? The one who is responsible is the team that called ‘Malim Gunung’. Who is malim gunung? What are their responsibility until they seems important for the benefits of the Mount?
Malim means teacher or guide. Therefore Malim Gunung can be best describe as the Mountain guide, which is the one who have the experience to guide you to the top of Mount Kinabalu. Do you still remember the sad tremors on 5th June 2015? The tragedy that create a scar inside the heart of the mountain lover and also the family of the victim. That incident made the Malim Gunung team well known by community is because of their effort for rescuing the victims of that tragedy. Their courage and willingness to help people had touch millions of hearts.
Malim gunung are not only responsible of maintained the guest or whoever climbing the Mount Kinabalu, they are also responsible for providing the facilities such as the treks, the shelters, the accommodations and at the same time ensuring the beauty of the place. They are knowledgeable and capable to lead the climbers to see the view on the top of the mountain. I can say that they are all very kind, friendly, motivated to share their skills during climbing the mountain.
If you want to know more about them, want to listen more of their stories, their experience , want to learn about the mountain, you guys can joined them climbing the significant mount in Borneo.
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