6 Local Sabah Snacks You Should Try

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Don’t miss out on these 6 local sabah snacks when you take a trip to Borneo.  These local favorites are made right here in Sabah.

One thing you will find when you visit is that Sabahans love their treats and snacks.  Most of these items you can find in shops in Sabah.  Often times road side stalls will also be selling these goodies.

So here they are: six local snacks that you should try when you come visit us in Sabah.

1) Handmade Chocolate

Local Snacks In Sabah Borneo

Various flavors of Chocolates from the local produce in Sabah Borneo

Aside from the chocolates that are sold at any convenience store, this handmade chocolate are the one that you should taste it out. Not only is it chocolate but it comes with an exotic flavor of taste and ingredients, such as Durian, Pineapple, Jackfruit, Green Tea, Banana, Virgin Coconut Oil, and more. Apart from that, the packaging design of the chocolates also reflect some of the local Sabah Borneo theme, which makes it more interesting as a souvenir gift. One of the best known Sabah Borneo Handmade Chocolate is from the “Simply Chocolate” brand.

2) Amplang

Local Snacks In Sabah Borneo

Amplang – known as Sabah Borneo Spanish Mackerel Crackers

Sabah Borneo is known for its fresh seafood, therefore, the local even made it as snacks. One of the local snacks that travelers should try would be Amplang! It is a seafood cracker that uses mackerel fish as based crisp, molded into ball shapes and fried it. It originated from Tawau, which is the East Coast of Sabah Borneo. The exterior of amplang is powdery, giving the crunchiness and fishy taste inside the mouth, but the fish flavor is not strong and it always makes one wanting more. Amplang crackers are now available in prawn and squid, or travelers can choose either original or spicy flavor which suited one’s taste buds. Since travelers could not bring the seafood to share with their loved ones back home, then amplang crackers can be the perfect souvenir to give to their loved ones and share the tastiest seafood from Sabah Borneo.

3) Kuih Cincin

Local Snacks In Sabah Borneo

Kuih Cincin literally translated as Ring Crackers because of it shapes like a joined rings

Pronounced “Chin-Chin,” Kuih Cincin is another local snack that traveler should try out and it can be a perfect souvenir gift. Kuih Cincin is made from rice flour and brown sugar, it is mainly produced by the Malay community in Papar, the west coast part of Sabah Borneo. In addition, it is usually molded into shapes of joined rings together that will look like a floral shape and fried twice to give it a more golden crunchy texture. It is crunchy, delicious, and sweet in taste (thanks to the brown sugar!), taking bits of Kuih Cincin will eventually melt away into mild creamy sweetness inside the mouth (yummy..!), making it the perfect snack to savor while drinking a cup of coffee.

4) Kerepek Ubi

Local Snacks In Sabah Borneo

Kerepek Ubi – a giant tapioca cracker

Not many travelers will ever encounter this giant tapioca cracker except for those who are going to Kudat or Kundasang for their Borneo Holiday trip. Locals called it Kerepek Ubi, it looks like a wafer or cracker but with tapioca as main ingredients and added with a sugar syrup swirling on top of the crackers. It usually measures about 10-15 inches compared to any crackers that measure only about one square inch. Moreover, Kerepek Ubi is made up of only four items, which is fresh tapioca, tapioca flour, white sugar and cooking oil (for frying). Therefore, travelers who are health conscious type, these local snacks are perfect to taste it because it does not contain any chemical preservatives. However, it might not be a bit tricky to bring it back home as souvenir due to its fragileness.

5) Kuih Lidah/ Tiram

Local Snacks In Sabah Borneo

Kuih Lidah/ Tiram – the shape is similar to a tongue shape or an oyster shape (Photo by: Abdulrani.samsuddin)

Kuih Lidah/ Tiram is a traditional snack for Bruneian Malay community of Papar, Sabah Borneo. It was named as Kuih Lidah/ Tiram due to its shape similar like a tongue or an oyster, but these snacks are in fact a layer of flour fried that are covered with icing sugar or powdered milk. Some locals will say that these snacks are the Sabahan version of Churros, which is best to eat while it is still hot and crunchy, plus with a little bit of sweetness. Nowadays, Kuih Lidah/ Tiram have other flavors for travelers to try it out, such as Chocolate, Green Bean, Strawberry, and Vanilla flavor. With diverse of flavors, these local snacks are not to be missed out in Borneo Holidays and it may be perfect to bring it back home to share the sweet taste of local snacks from Sabah Borneo.

6) Kuih Jala

Local Snacks In Sabah Borneo

Kuih Jala – a traditional local snack in Borneo

Kuih Jala is a traditional snack that is famous in Borneo and Sabah Borneo is not an exception. Its shape looks similar to a vermicelli noodles tangles all together and it is in brown color. In addition, Kuih Jala is made from flour, sugar, water, and cooking oil (for frying). What makes Kuih Jala interesting is not only its delicious sweet taste but its method of cooking the Kuih Jala. After mixing all the ingredients together until the mixture becomes dense and a bit gluey, locals will put the mixture into a coconut shell which has been poked with tiny holes underneath and moves it quickly into the hot cooking oil.

When the mixture drip from the tiny holes, move it in a circular motion in one direction for few seconds until it becomes like a plate-shape in yellowish color and fold it into triangle shape using bamboo sticks. Apart from tasting Kuih Jala during Borneo Holidays, travelers can also experience cooking the Kuih Jala in Mari Mari Cultural Village.

Looking over the list of the local snacks in Sabah Borneo, we hope travelers will not miss this out to try the delicious local snacks, and maybe bring it back home for family and friends. These local snacks can easily be found in any stalls, vendors, and even markets, so travelers won’t need to hunt for these local snacks during their Borneo Holiday trip.

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