Kuching Food & Drink – A Taste to Savour

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“Every COUNTRY you will visit, You will SPOT amazing places, You will TASTE different food, You will LEARN a new culture.”

Going to Kuching for the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) 2017 did not stop me to go for food hunting in Kuching city. Some say that it is hard to go around the Kuching city because most good stalls are scattered around. Luckily, I got the chance to rent a car and go around the town area for food hunting. However, I still do prefer to just walk around the town area. Who knows, you will never realize that there are secret eateries that serve the best food than other famous eateries.

I can say that the food in Kuching are so delicious and the taste of the food is true to savor! Somehow, I miss the food and wish to come back to Kuching just for food hunting. Not only that, did I mention that the food there is way cheaper? So, it’s not a surprise that I think I’ve gained weight since my visit to Kuching. hahaha….

Here, I will provide you some of the Kuching Food (I haven’t explored more to taste other food…) that I have eaten during my Kuching trip. Just keep calm and I hope your tummy would not grumble while reading this 😛

1. Kolok Mee

Kuching Food & Drink - A Taste to Savour

A must try when you are in Kuching, Sarawak! The texture of the dry curly egg noodle was so delicious, and the noodle goes so well tossed together with vinegar, fish sauce, and shallot oil. It is usually served with spring onions, minced meat, and bbq meat. The Kolok Mee is usually served MYR 4.00 per plate!

Don’t worry, there are also other eateries which serves halal Kolok Mee for Muslim diners. Instead of a pork meat, they will use beef as a meat substitution ( Refer picture below).

Kuching Food & Drink - A Taste to Savour

2. Sarawak Laksa

Kuching Food & Drink - A Taste to Savour

Sarawak is a home to the famous Laksa, as it is an all-time favorite for Sarawakians and it is considered a must-try for visitors in Kuching. The delicious noodles will be cooked with special prawn-based broth and thickened with coconut milk. It is served with a generous portion of omelet strips, crunchy bean sprouts, chicken shreds, and mouth watering prawns. Not forgetting, a squeeze of calamansi lime and thick sambal paste is often served on the side. You can easily get this in eateries in the town area with a price ranging at MYR 5.00 – MYR 6.00.

3. Kueh Chap

Kuching Food & Drink - A Taste to Savour

The dish is similar to Bah Kut Teh, but in a different taste and texture. Kueh Chap is basically a wide, flat-rice noodles that’s immersed in a herb broth which consists of pork meat, pork skin, internal organs, deeply fried tofu pok, and also a half hard-boiled egg. Since I don’t really like to eat the internal organs, Kueh Chap has become my least favorite to eat but at least I tasted this and I found out the soup taste never failed me. You should try it out when you are in Kuching and you can get it for price rate between MYR 5.00 – MYR 6.00.

4. Sarawak Spring Rolls ( Sarawak Popiah )

Kuching Food & Drink - A Taste to Savour

Don’t forget to taste the Sarawak Spring Rolls. The difference between West Malaysian Spring rolls and Sarawak Spring Rolls are the Sarawak Spring Rolls are the dry version one. The Sarawak spring rolls uses a lot of jicamas and fried together with other ingredients ( usually with grated carrots and minced meat). The spring roll skin is a soft and thin-like paper crepe which is made from wheat flour.

5. Chwee Kueh ( Steamed Rice Cake )

Kuching Food & Drink - A Taste to Savour

Chwee Kueh is a popular breakfast dish, it literally means water cake. Chwee Kueh is a steamed rice cake and topped with preserved radish/ turnip. You can get it in one of the famous food courts Chong Choon Cafe at Jalan Abell for only MYR 2.00 for 6 pcs.

6. Taro Cake ( Yam Steamed Cake )

Kuching Food & Drink - A Taste to Savour

This is one of the popular savory traditional snacks in Sarawak. The Taro Kueh is made from yam pieces, dried prawns, and rice flour. It is usually topped with deep fried shallots, spring onions, chillis and dried prawns and usually served with a chili dipping sauce. You can try this for only MYR 2.50 for 2 pcs.

7. Lychee Swee Kang and Nipah Palm Sugar Ice Cream

Kuching Food & Drink - A Taste to Savour

Are you a sweet tooth kind of person? Don’t forget to try out some of the desserts in Kuching city. The Lychee Swee Kang is a sweet-tasting shaved ice and it is usually topped with fruits, red beans, jelly, and sweet syrup. Apart from that, the Palm Sugar Ice cream or Aiskrim Bergula Apong, is a soft served ice cream with Palm Sugar syrup poured onto it. You can choose to top the ice cream either with peanuts, cornflakes or famous Amos cookies. You can get the Lychee Swee Kang for MYR 4.00 and the Palm Sugar Ice Cream price rate ranging from MYR 2.00 – MYR 9.00 at the Kuching Open Air Food Court.

8. Three Layer Drink

Kuching Food & Drink - A Taste to Savour

One of the famous Three Layer Drink will be the Three Layer Tea or ” Teh C Ping special”.  The combination of brown sugar, evaporated milk and red tea – makes the drink unique and favorite among the local. The tea is a local specialty at any cafes or coffee shops in Sarawak. It is now becoming a common drink served throughout not only in Sarawak, but also other states in Malaysia. Moreover, there is also a variety of Three Layer drink taste that is not only using tea and you should try it out when you are in Kuching. However, for the best selections, try out the Three Layer Tea in Sarawak.

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