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July, 2017

Kampung Babagon Tagal

Look out for this very Fishy Road Sign that will lead you straight to Kampung Babagon River Tagal.

Want to enjoy some relaxing cold crystal clear water without going to the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park Islands or spend a day away from the stressful city life? Here’s what you can do if you’re planning to go somewhere nearby, there’s a place called the Babagon Tagal River In Penampang which will only take about 30-40 Minutes drive from the Kota Kinabalu city centre.

Make sure to bring some extra clothes and towels because there are gonna be a lot of swimming when you are there. Let’s see if the crystal clear water doesn’t make you want to jump in to have a short dip. Trust me you won’t regret a single bit as the cold crystal clear water will take away your stress and put you in the most relaxing state ever. Have a dip and just relax at the riverside and enjoy the calming sights and sounds of nature at its finest. Throw away all your problems and leave all your troubles in the city and just enjoy.

Kampung Babagon Tagal River

Well! What are you waiting for? Christmas!? Jump In! In Ya Go!

Super tempting crystal clear water that is super hard to resist not to go in. If you ask me, I think you wouldn’t have the chance to ask because I’ll be the first one to jump in before you get the chance to ask.

Other than swimming in the amazing crystal clear water, Babagon river is also one the best place to bring the family along as it has a lot of family activities to do there and one of it is to have your riverside family picnic. Enjoy the scenic views and also the relaxing surroundings together with your family and friends. Enjoy some barbecue wings along the river, and top it up with some cold drinks to complete your weekend escape from the city life.

Kampung Babagon Tagal River

Enjoy your riverside barbeque lunch with your family and friends and just relax

Kampung Babagon Tagal River

You can always use the public picnic area to have your small gatherings and barbeque party with your family and friends

When you’re in Kampung Babagon, you will have the chance to see the daily life of the local villagers there as there are many farms and fruits orchards in the area. So chances of you seeing the locals carrying fruits around the area is quite normal there. Don’t be shy with the locals as they are very friendly and welcoming to almost anyone who visits, just ask them politely and they might sell you some of their freshly grown fruits or maybe get a sample of it.

Kampung Babagon Tagal River

The famous Babagon River Underwater Bridge. Photo by: Desmond Chung

Kampung Babagon Tagal River
Kampung Babagon Tagal River

The normal everyday life of the locals in Kampung Babagon. This is a common sight

Kampung Babagon Tagal River

Wanna wash your car? You can do it here. Just find a good parking spot near the Babagon River underwater bridge and let the washing begin! Photo by: Nelson Michael

One of my favourite thing to do in Kampung Babagon River is of course FISHING! With the proper permits and agreements from the head of the village, you will be allowed to fish the river with one rule that is always Catch and Release all the fishes you caught. Here’s a brief introduction about the tagal system. Tagal is a system that is applied to most of the rivers here in Sabah and it is aimed to conserve and protect the rivers and also the Pelian or Mahseer fish from being over harvested. Each tagal river is a no go for fishing and it is only opened once a year for the local villagers to harvest the fishes in the river.

Kampung Babagon Tagal River
Kampung Babagon Tagal River

One of the fine examples of the healthy Mahseer Fish caught in the Babagon River. Catch, Photo, and Release! Thanks for the thrill!

In my opinion, Babagon River is one of the best places to visit and the best part is that it is not very far from Kota Kinabalu City Centre. Don’t know where to go for the weekends, plan your trip up to Kampung Babagon Tagal River and enjoy!

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