Learn the Kadazan Language of Borneo

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Learn Kadazan language for your visit to Sabah Borneo

Now that you’re all set and ready to come to Sabah Borneo, let’s learn some easy and basic Kadazan language! You will definitely impress people, and who knows, it may be useful for you when you are visiting Borneo.



Greetings! Kopivosian!
What is your name? Isai ngaan nu?
Where are you from? Mantad ko nombo?
Why? Nokuo?
What are you doing? Nunu maan nu?
How much is it? Songkuo iti?
My name is (insert name) Ngaan ku nopo nga ih (insert name)
Thank you Kotohuadan
How are you? Onu abal nu?
I am fine. Thank you Avasi boh. Kotohuadan
Let’s eat. Kanou makan.
I am not hungry Au’ zou houson
What is this? Nunu iti?
What is that? Nunu ino?
Good Bye! Tumoodo no!

Fun isn’t it learning a new dialect when coming to Sabah Borneo? There are many more different dialects here in Sabah. Try speaking to the locals here their mother tongue, you might actually learn a thing or two that you can’t find in travel books or magazines. Learn more about the people of Sabah Borneo – Kadazan Tribe.

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