Instagrammable places in Kuching, Mulu, and Miri

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Welcome to our list of instagrammable places in Kuching, Mulu, and Miri.  If you follow our suggestions you’ll be sure to capture some epic shots of the wonderful Malaysian state of Sarawak.  Sarawak offers many insta-worthy spots for travelers and these are just a few.  If you grab a shot in one of these places, dont forget to tag us because we would love to see! (instagram link below)

a) Chinatown, Carpenter Street 

insta-worthy spot in Sarawak Borneo for Borneo Holiday

Chinatown Street

insta-worthy spot in Sarawak Borneo for Borneo Holiday

Chinatown Arch. Photo by: Lanakhlaken

insta-worthy spot in Sarawak Borneo for Borneo Holiday

Table with a view of the iconic Dewan Undangan across the river. Photo by: Uisa278

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An iconic place to explore in Kuching city during the day or night. The red archway indicates the entry point of this Chinatown in Kuching city, known to many locals for being the popular shopping and eating spot. Apart from that, the refurbished of old shophouses are surprisingly nice to look at, as the walls and doors were painted brightly. Most of the shops in Carpenter Street are selling non-touristy stuff, such as bicycle shops, bookstores, hardware stores, antique furniture shops and local coffee shops. Take a stroll along the Carpenter street, and be amazed at garbage-free, amazing mural paintings on the wall and less vehicle moving around the area.

b) Cat Statues in Kuching City 

insta-worthy spot in Sarawak Borneo for Borneo Holiday

A family of Cats in Kuching city. Photo by: worldaccordingto_njd  

Kuching city’s name was believed to have come from the word Kucing in the Malaysian Language, which means cat. There are few cat statues that can be found in Kuching City, where it does not only give a unique feel to the city but can also be a perfect photography subject. This is, after all, Kuching City known as “Cat City”, so, taking photos of the cat statues is obligatory and a thing to do when in Kuching!

c) Mulu Pinnacles  

Natural wonders in Sarawak Borneo will never cease to amaze visitors of its awesome creations, especially the Mulu Pinnacles which located in Gunung Mulu National Park. Centuries of water have eroded and dissolved the rock forming into razor sharp spikes that tower about 45-meter high above the surrounding vegetation. Travelers would need to go through a tough and challenging trail in order to witness the pinnacles. Somehow, looking at the pinnacles will make some believe that they are in one of the scenes in The Lord of The Ring movie!

d) Mulu Caves – Deer, Lang’s, Clearwater & Wind Caves

insta-worthy spot in Sarawak Borneo for Borneo Holiday

Mulu Show Caves. Photo by gettonknow.msia

insta-worthy spot in Sarawak Borneo for Borneo Holiday

Exploring caves in Sarawak Borneo. Photo by chemistry_of_travel

insta-worthy spot in Sarawak Borneo for Borneo Holiday

Adventure caving and a bit of sunlight. Photo by ashtonpikec21

These amazing caves can be found in Mulu National Park, where travelers can witness its uniqueness or sheer beauty. All the caves can be accessible by plank walks and well-lit concrete paths, which offers travelers a chance to see the impressive formations of stalagmites and stalactites, as well as witnessing the spectacular bat exodus at sundown.

e) Kuching Waterfront

insta-worthy spot in Sarawak Borneo for Borneo Holiday

Epic photo of Pinnacle stone formations. Photo by travellady23

insta-worthy spot in Sarawak Borneo for Borneo Holiday

Dewan Undangan view at night from Kuching Waterfront. Photo by wanfariszain

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insta-worthy spot in Sarawak Borneo for Borneo Holiday

Amazing sunset view and local activities at Kuching Waterfront. Photo by acevie

insta-worthy spot in Sarawak Borneo for Borneo Holiday

Kuching Waterfront. Photo by thegohjo

The serene river, beautiful landscapes and a relaxing walk along the Kuching Waterfront are truly one of the insta-worthy destination in Sarawak Borneo. Most locals and tourist will just go for a stroll along the esplanade or just go for river cruise using the small passenger boat or “Tambang”. During daytime, it offers a scenic view of the historical buildings such as Astana, Fort Margherita and the Malay villages. However, travelers can be expected to witness the beautiful lights coming from the newest icon of Kuching city which is The Golden Bridge, and the lights from Astana at nighttime. Moreover, there is work of arts and sculptures can be seen at the waterfront area, making it perfect for travelers to capture it for their Instagram account!

e) Grand Old Lady, Canada Hill, Miri 

Witness the spectacular view of Miri city from the top of Canada Hill and the “Grand Old Lady” situated on top of Canada Hill. It is to mark the birthplace of the petroleum industry in Malaysia, where the first oil well was drilled by Shell company. Apart from that, travelers could drop by a visit to the Petroleum Museum to learn the history and technological development oil and gas in the country.

f) Damai Beach, Santubong 

insta-worthy spot in Sarawak Borneo for Borneo Holiday

Hornbill landmarks at Damai Beach Central. Photo by Ochonolsen

insta-worthy spot in Sarawak Borneo for Borneo Holiday

Damai Beach.  Photo by WilsonHows

Damai Beach is Sarawak Borneo most famous and beautiful beach which located on the Santubong, about 35 minutes away from Kuching city. Travelers can just laze around and relax on the white sandy beaches, join the water sports activities, trekking into the Borneo Jungle, birdwatching activities, or experience Borneo culture in Sarawak Cultural Village. Apart from that, travelers should check out the beautiful sunset by the Damai Beach and take a photo of it for their Instagram profile.

g) Longhouses in Sarawak Borneo 

In Sarawak Borneo, there are some local families in different tribes still practices living in longhouses, because they feel a strong spiritual connection to the rainforest. Mostly they will grow rice, fruits, vegetables, hunting and fishing as their source of income. Nowadays, there are some of the longhouses in Sarawak Borneo becoming tourism destination that will enable travelers to experience living in a longhouse for a chance of a lifetime and learn the Borneo Culture. The surrounding area of longhouses is quite unique and authentic, making the location an insta worthy for anyone who visits longhouses in Sarawak Borneo.

By the way, Sarawak isn’t the only place in Malaysia with loads of instagrammable spots.  Check out our list of activities and attractions in Malaysia to see some other great instagram worthy places like Melaka, the street art of Georgetown, and the Petronas Twin Towers.

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