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Insta-Worthy Places In Sabah


June, 2017

Sabah is blessed with beautiful beaches, sunsets, jungle scenery, villages and its own beautiful cultures. It is no surprise that travelers would come to Sabah just to snap some photos of its surrounding areas. So, let me share with you some of the insta-worthy of places in Sabah that I am sure can make all your Instagram followers be amazed by the beauty of Sabah.

1. Signal Hill Observatory Tower, Kota Kinabalu

One of the perfect spot for locals and tourists to capture Kota Kinabalu city view. However, it would be very cool when you can capture the Kota Kinabalu city view at night from the Signal Hill.

2. Street Arts in Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu

An old Welfare building turned into street art graffiti building and other buildings in Gaya Street area, which added some flavors to Kota Kinabalu city and it is perfect to use as a backdrop for model photo shooting. This would be a cool place for you to check out and snap some photos!

insta-worthy places in Sabah
insta-worthy places in Sabah

3. Sunset Bar Shangri La’s Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu

Feeling romantic and relax with a glass of cocktail when you are here in Sunset Bar. One of the perfect place to witness the beautiful sunset in Sabah and the surroundings are breathtaking. Thus, it is worth to snap some photos for your Instagram profile!

insta-worthy places in Sabah
insta-worthy places in Sabah

4. Mahua Waterfall, Tambunan, Kota Kinabalu

One of the top destinations of Sabah interior, which is surrounded by shady forest and running stream makes the area very cooling and refreshing. It is simply picturesque. You will not need to add filter effects when you snap a photo in this area.

insta-worthy places in Sabah
insta-worthy places in Sabah
insta-worthy places in Sabah

Mahua Waterfall ~ water as cold as an ice. refreshing af . . #TamanBanjaranCrocker #MahuaWaterfall #TripOfTheMonth

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N A T U R E #ikysyik #mahuawaterfall #tambunan

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Mahua waterfall 17m height

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5. Kalampunian Beach, Kudat

One of the beautiful beach in mainland Sabah before reaching the Tip of Borneo, where the combination of beautiful cloudless sky, brilliant deep blue color of the sea and white sandy makes one a pure joy to walk on the beach. It is another reason of this being an insta-worthy spot in Sabah. Want to go visit Kudat someday? Click our Kudat Tour for more inquiries.

insta-worthy places in Sabah
insta-worthy places in Sabah


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Homecoming. Picture taken by @shaneyee88 ?

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#GoJalan #SeeSabah #Sabah #Malaysia

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6. Tambatuon, Kota Belud

A perfect setting for a place to rest and relax, surrounded by the beautiful valley of the Kedamain River, paddy fields, and fruit orchards. Who can resist with the beautiful village area? I know I could not resist it, which is why this place should be one of the insta-worthy spots in Sabah. Experience an authentic village life in Tambatuon tour, which you will never regret it in your life!

insta-worthy places in Sabah
insta-worthy places in Sabah

7. Nabalu town (view of Mount Kinabalu), Kundasang

Before reaching Kinabalu Park or Ranau town, be sure to stop by Nabalu town for snack and handicrafts. Not forgotten also to view the majestic Mount Kinabalu, which you can easily see it from the viewing point in Nabalu town. A perfect spot for you to capture photos of Mount Kinabalu surrounded by lush rainforest as your background, and it is no wonder a perfect spot or insta-worthy in Sabah.

8. Desa Cattle Dairy Farm, Kundasang

Located at the foothill of Mount Kinabalu, and surrounded by the green pastures, a group of grazing cows, plus the cooling air breeze. It is truly a breathtaking scenery and often chosen for wedding photography destination.

9. Mamut Copper Mine, Ranau

Ranau was home to the largest mining project in Malaysia, the Mamut Copper Mine before it ceased operations in 1999. Now, it has become one of the main attractions for locals and tourist to visit. Why is it Instagram-worthy? Just look at the incredibly beautiful man-made lake, scenery, and refreshing air.

insta-worthy places in Sabah
insta-worthy places in Sabah

10. Luang Rock Beach, Kuala Penyu

Lastly, one of the insta-worthy spot in Sabah would be at the Luang Rock Beach in Kuala Penyu. A bell-shaped rock, surrounded with mossy green rocks, sea, pebbles, rusty-red rockface, and caves as your background will be perfect for photo shooting. Not only that, you can capture an amazing shot of sunsets there!

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