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Inobong Sub Station


MARCH, 2016


Inobong Sub-station is situated in Penampang, it is located on the western tip of Crocker Range Park with an altitude of 1400 ft above sea level.

If you are a nature lover kind of person, it is worth to check it out. Inobong Sub-station offers a beautiful sights which from there, you can overlook from Penampang to Kota Kinabalu, the islands of Tungku Abdul Rahman Park and also some other islands. Inobong Sub-station also offers you the salt trail hiking trip, which there are four major trails but for now tourist can only hike to the Inobong-Terian-Buayan-Kionop-Tikolod trail with guides and stay each night in village homestays.

Salt Trail is a route used by the villagers traditionally when taking their produce to the market known as Tamu, on the west coast and returning with salt and other goods when they finished selling their produce. It is still the only access route to the remote villagers around the park area, especially in upper Papar river and Tambunan.

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