Hinompuka – Kadazan Traditional Delicacies in Sabah Borneo

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Sabah Borneo is known for its stunning nature, beautiful underwater life, exotic Borneo flora and fauna, as well as rich indigenous culture, which later reveals a wealth of fresh produce from Sabah Borneo. These ingredients, along with the creativity of Sabahan cooking resulted in a truly diverse and fascinating delicacies. One of the delicacies that travelers should try it out, will be Hinompuka, a traditional delicacy of Kadazan (Major tribe in Sabah Borneo). It is a common and popular sweet desserts within the Kadazan people in Sabah Borneo.

What is Hinompuka?

Hinompuka, also known as a steamed glutinous rice cake, is basically a delicious sticky cake that is popular among Kadazan people, one of the indigenous group in Sabah Borneo. The ingredients for this delicious delicacy is made of a mixture of brown rice flour, glutinous red rice flour, palm sugar, and grated coconut flesh. Then, wrapped it in banana leaves before steaming it.
Hinompuka - Traditional delicacies in Sabah Borneo

The above two Hinompuka are in Banana flavor, while below two are in Tapioca flavor. Photo: Dolly MJ

Nowadays, the Kadazan people are so creative, they even fill either banana or sweet potato into the Hinompuka in order to create a variety of flavors inside the delicacies. Hinompuka is usually served on certain occasions such as Kadazan traditional weddings, Kaamatan Harvest Festival (celebrated yearly on 30th-31st May), or other celebrations such as birth, engagement, etc.
Hinompuka - Traditional delicacies in Sabah Borneo

Hinompuka in the making. Photo: CSSUPM

Hinompuka - Traditional delicacies in Sabah Borneo

Hinompuka dough in the making closeup

Hinompuka - Traditional delicacies in Sabah Borneo

Hinompuka is also good for breakfast. Photo: tinaskmoinjil

Hinompuka - Traditional delicacies in Sabah Borneo

Hinompuka best to eat with a cup of coffee/tea. Photo: Madona Nandu

Apart from that, Sabah Borneo has numerous delights to tempt even to the least adventurous eater. By exploring the villages and local cafes in Sabah Borneo, or by eating with the locals, travelers will get to know the new tastes and aromas which are unique to them. In Sabah Borneo, travelers can get the chance to taste out the other traditional delicacies at D’Place Kinabalu, a local restaurant serving traditional Kadazan food.

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