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Hidden Gems In Sabah

May, 2017

“We never learn what hidden gems lay along the

paths we fear – or are too lazy – to take.”

 Zero Dean

Sabah offers a myriad of activities and places to visit the wanderlust out there, from conquering the highest Mountain in Borneo to the paradise islands in Sabah. However, there are more hidden gems in Sabah that not many travelers,- including the locals, know of. Thus, it is no wonder that these places that I am going to mention soon are considered “off the beaten track” places.

Seeking for absolute peacefulness, isolation from the hustle and bustle lifestyle, and a time for yourself?

Here’s a list of places that you should consider instead of going to the regular tourist destinations that are already congested with tourists and locals alike.

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Hidden Gems in Sabah

1) Lupa Masa Beach, Kudat

Thinking of getting away from the hectic and stressful life? Going to the beach will be the answer to that! However, not all people like to go to the beach that has hundreds of people there. Thus, Lupa Masa Beach in Kudat is where you should go to. It is one of Sabah’s most idyllic beaches, that offers a rustic kind of scenery, a secluded place and perfect for snorkeling water. There is also a Homestay provided if you intend to overnight there, where you can experience the local food and culture.

2) Manana Beach Resort, Kota Belud

Staying here in Manana will seriously help you to escape and isolate yourself from the outside world, as the place does not have phone coverage. So, you should forget about getting online and instead explore the stretch of sandy beaches, as well as enjoy exchanging conversations with the fellow travelers staying there. Manana is probably the most basic and simple accommodations for visitors to stay, but, how cool is that? Manana is a place to get away from the city lifestyle and be contented by relaxing in a hammock with a book in hand; and sipping on a coconut drink.

Hidden Gems in Sabah
Photos source: Manana Borneo, Sabah

Here’s a video of Manana Beach Resort area view:

Hidden Gems in Sabah

3) Utan Paradise Jungle Camp, Ulu Kimanis

This is one place that you should not be expecting to have fancy and luxurious facilities, but instead a safe, comfortable and clean place for you to stay. Utan Paradise Jungle Camp is a great place for one to sharpen their jungle survival skills. It is also home to various flora and fauna species, and makes it a perfect place to do jungle trekking, wildlife spotting, and bird watching.

Hidden Gems in Sabah
Our latest tour with our guest to Utan paradise Jungle Camp

4) Tampat do Aman, Kudat

This is one of the places that can free us from the shackles of the internet world and make us appreciate our surroundings. Tampat do Aman located in Kudat, Sabah, is an intimate nature escape with a low-tech type of resort. It offers basic accommodations, which you can choose from either small huts, private chalets and longhouses. Apart from just relaxing and enjoying the surroundings, you can go for jungle trekking, biking, mangrove cruise and surfing lessons too!

Hidden Gems in Sabah
Hidden gems in Sabah
hidden gems in sabah
Hidden Gems in Sabah

For more info, you can check out their review by travelfish.

Hidden Gems in Sabah

5) Berhala Island, Sandakan

Planning for a short stay in Sandakan? Berhala Island is one of the places you can visit, as it is only a 15-minute boat ride from Sandakan town.  It is known for its amazing history of previously being a leper colony, then becoming a prisoner camp during World War 2. Fret not, there are no more traces of POW camp or whatsoever left. The most striking features of Berhala Island would be the dramatic sandstone cliffs that drop straight into the ocean. Thus, rock climbing activity is one of the fun things to do on the island. Apart from that, you can challenge yourself for some hiking and reward it with a magnificent view from the top of Berhala Island. If you are not the adrenaline junkie type, you can go for the water village tour to learn how the local villagers live daily there.

Hidden Gems in Sabah

 Photo source : Simon Carter’s ONSIGHT photography

Reading all these five hidden gems in Sabah, does this inspire you to put these places on your travel bucket list? It sure has inspired me and I hope you get a chance to go soon!

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