How to Get Water from Bamboo – Borneo Rainforest Survival

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Learn how to get water from bamboo. This important survival skill could come in handy in the tropical rainforests of Borneo. Believe it or not, water inside bamboo stalks in Borneo can be consumed if there are no other sources of fresh water.

Bamboo drinking water is an alternative of water in the jungle.  Therefore, it is possible to consume it when there are no other safe sources of water around. Bamboo is a fast growing grass found across the world, and is common in many jungles and rainforests, it grows in discrete cylindrical sections which are hollow and wailed at the top and bottom. These sections contain fresh, drinkable water.

Bamboo drinking water
Bamboo drinking water
Bamboo drinking water
Trekking through the jungle is tiring work.  It often requires cutting a path through the undergrowth and negotiating fallen trees. This is especially true in secondary forests where the jungle has been deforested. It is easy to get lost in thick jungle.  Additionally, the heat and rough terrain can make you tired. Subsequently, dehydration happens quickly. If you find yourself out of fresh water and not near a stream, you can get a drink from a friendly bamboo plant.

How to Get Bamboo Drinking Water

Firstly, locate a likely clump of bamboo. It must be one of the largest species that grow to the height of small trees, with thick stalks typically a dozen cm (five inches) in diameter. We used Parang (machete) as our chopping tools to tap on the different sections. Sections with content (hopefully water) normally give out a denser sound. Lastly, you will need to find a small bamboo shoot about one cm (half an inch) in diameter.
Now open up a section of the big bamboo trunk. Make a cut about halfway down the section, and then one a little above it. When you chop, make sure it is a diagonal downward movement. It’s all in the wrist. Without removing your blade from the second cut, twist the knife to pry away the section of the wood between the two cuts. Look into the hole you have just made and you should be able to see some water at the bottom of the section. If there is none, try another section. Smell the water. If it smells bad leave it. Next put your homemade straw into the hole and suck up a little water. If it tastes bad leave it, if it tastes nice then drink up!
How to Get Drinking Water from Bamboo for Survival
Well, it is clear that we can definitely get water from the inside of bamboo. However, you won’t get much water from a section, but a few should yield enough to last you until you find a stream or village. By Taking water from a bamboo plant should not harm it as long as it remains standing.
Here’s some video from youtube that give you a closer look on how to get drinking water from a bamboo plant
Did you know that besides drinking water from Bamboo you can also create fire by using Bamboo…cool huh?
If you know more or had experience on using Bamboo for your survival usage do share with us on the comment box below, we would love to learn new things from you too.

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