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Let’s Fly High with Tandem Paragliding!

September, 2017

Don’t say YOLO if you haven’t gone to try the Tandem Paragliding in your Sabah Borneo trip!

Enjoy the thrill and a sense of freedom of Tandem Paragliding amongst the breathtaking scenery of the Borneo rainforest. Soaring like an eagle while you paraglide with the professional, fully trained, and qualified tandem pilots. Your outdoor adventure starts after you are debriefed by your pilot and ready to fly. Be sure to witness the magnificent view of the villages and Borneo Rainforest, when you soar up high above the sky!

Tandem Paragliding in Sabah, Borneo, has started for quite some years now, but recently it has become a popular outdoor activity in Sabah Borneo. As far as I know, there are two places that you can go for Tandem Paragliding in Sabah, Borneo, which is in Lohan, Ranau and Kokol Hill, Menggatal.

However, before you are planning to go for tandem paragliding in Sabah Borneo, here are some tips that you need to know:

1) Know The Restrictions

You would need to know some of the rules and regulations before going through a tandem paragliding in Sabah, Borneo. Kids or participants (17 years old and below) would need to be accompanied by parent or guardian. Minimum weight is 30 kg and maximum weight 110 kg to participants who wants to join this. Apart from that, for those who have a height-phobia, it is not recommended to join this activity.

Tandem Paragliding Sabah Borneo

A kid on a Tandem Paragliding, photo by: Crassula

2) Contact the Tandem Master to Book the Activity Time Slot

No walk-ins available as this activity is not offered on a daily basis. You would need to contact the tandem master in advance and make full payment before your activity date. Luckily, Top Peak Travel could help you to arrange your travel and booking for the tandem paragliding in your Borneo trip. However, last minute booking would not be possible to reserve your tandem paragliding activity early.

3) Wear Proper Shoes

This is considered an extreme adventurous activity, thus, wearing proper and comfortable shoes is a must. Oh, and also some proper clothing as well. We won’t want the possibility of danger could happen during your tandem paragliding activity.

Tandem Paragliding Sabah Borneo

A kid on a Tandem Paragliding

4) Have FUN!

Tandem Paragliding is not something everyone does all the time (unless you’re an extreme adrenaline junkie). It’s something that makes you squirm for the next few nights and keep you awake thinking, “Why in the world am I doing this again??”. But trust me, it’s something you will definitely want to try and enjoy. So don’t fret and most importantly, enjoy yourself! Let this whole new experience enjoy the wonders of what Mother Nature is giving us!

Tandem Paragliding Sabah Borneo

Have fun on a Tandem Paragliding, photo by Ranau Paragliding Park

Check out the photos below to pump you up on Tandem Paragliding in Sabah Borneo:

Here’s a video of Tandem Paragliding on Kokol Hill, Menggatal by Murphy Ng: 

Feeling pump up now? Contact us for booking and experience a sense of freedom with Tandem Paragliding!

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