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A ‘Fishy’ Kinda Massage…

in Sabah Borneo

September, 2017
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Fish Massage in Tagal Tinopikon Park

Looking for an authentic experience of having a fish massage in somewhere in Borneo island? Head to Tagal Tinopikon Park to enjoy the massage given by the fishes. Sounds fishy right?… Hehe

Tagal Tinopikon Park is located in Kampong Notoruss, Penampang Sabah Borneo and it is only about 35 minutes drive (23.9km) from Kota Kinabalu City on the way to Tambunan Town. The highlights of this place are the river which is a no fishing zone or ‘Tagal’, a system created by the local community in Penampang Sabah Borneo, that prohibits anyone to fish in the river. Not only the river is well taken care of, but the fishes also enjoy the company of humans and they are not shy to approach anyone to give them a light nibble. Ready for fish massage in your Borneo holiday?

Suspension bridge in Penampang Sabah

Suspension bridge leads to the park. Photo by: Tagal Tinopikon Park

Kampung Notoruss is a small Kadazan Village located just further up from Babagon River, only 5 minutes drive passing the Babagon Village, which is one of the village in Penampang Sabah Borneo. This is where you can experience the authentic way of life of the Kadazan people of Penampang, and you can also experience the local food and the everyday life of the villagers there. You will get the chance to try some activities such as rubber tapping, to open- kitchen cooking in the village. A must try for your Borneo holiday in Sabah Borneo!

Tagal Tinopikon Park

You would need to cross the suspension bridge to reach the park  Photo by: Tagal Tinopikon Park

Upon arrival, you will walk a few steps down and you will be crossing a suspension bridge that leads to the Tagal Tinopikon Park. Below the bridge is the crystal clear water of the Moyog River.

Experience traditional food in Borneo Holiday

A traditional open-air kitchen by the river. Photo by: Adam Lai 

One of the traditional style open-kitchen that sits beautifully just beside the river and this is where the fun starts. Get the chance to sample some of the local dishes and dine like a local.

Tagal Tinopikon Park

Experience cooking at the outdoor kitchen. Photo by: Perkhidmatan Pelancongan Tembok Besar

This is where the magic starts. Light up some firewood and let’s start the cooking. This old-school looking open-kitchen may look old and it doesn’t have all the high-end stuff like a microwave, a high powered stove, or a cooking oven, but, when it comes to getting the job done, it’ll get the job done and serve that hungry stomach. Hey! What do you expect, this is not a five-star hotel. This is the real deal people!

Tagal Tinopikon Park

Tuhau – Wild ginger in Sabah Borneo

Tagal Tinopikon Park

Traditional local dishes

Tagal Tinopikon Park

Porridge with Tapioca and deep fried Mackerel FIsh

The food varies from local veggies like the ‘Tuhau’, a wild ginger that has a very unique taste to it, and they also serve porridge with freshly grown tapioca and the famous drinking food or ‘Pomusas’ or ‘Pusas’ in local terms, the ‘Ikan Basung’, a deep fried Mackerel Fish and you can eat the whole fish without the hassle to de-bone it.

Tagal Tinopikon Park

Ready, Set, Aim & Shoot Em Up!

Tagal Tinopikon Park

Experience rubber tapping in the village

You will also get the chance to experience rubber tapping and get into action with the blowpipe and shoot some darts. Follow the local villagers and learn some basic rubber tapping skills from them and get to know what do they do with the rubber sap and how they process it. You will gain a thing or two about rubber tapping too! Let’s get into the fun part now, are you ready for some blowpipe action? If you are, the Tagal Tinopikon Park also has a Blowpipe Session for their guests, so get your aims right and get ready to hit some targets. Test your shooting skills and release your inner Bornean shooting skills and let ‘er rip!

fish massage in Tagal Tinopikon Park

Massage by the fishes?

Here’s the part where it will get very fishy. Fish Massage anyone? For real? Yes! It does exist here in Sabah, and one of the places that you can get this unique experience is in the Tagal Tinopikon Park. For some people this is something shocking or maybe for some, it is something that is dangerous. Don’t worry people, these fishes are harmless; they give their guests a light nibble to the skin and some people describe that it feels like a small vacuum sucking on your skin. These fishes are actually giving guests a special medicinal healing massage and it is believe that it is good for those who suffer from psoriasis and it also helps in removing dead skin so that your skin will be as smooth as a baby’s bottom. So if you fancy for something more unique than your average spa, it is time for you to book a trip down to the Tagal Tinopikon Park.

fish massage Tagal Tinopikon Park

Hello there fishes, is your spa open today?

Not to worry people as this fish do not have razor sharp teeth. They are actually a toothless fish and they can’t really hurt anyone as they have a very smooth and also a slimy scale. These fish will group up on you and get really for that mind relaxing ticklish massage.

Tagal Tinopikon Park

Plan your weekend escape together with your friends and family, this can be a perfect destination for your family holidays to Borneo. Look for this signage at the roadside and head down to the Tagal Tinopikon Park! It’ll be a blast!

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