Our top picks for Borneo wildlife experiences have one important thing in common.  All of them contain high concentrations of animals, meaning when you visit these locations, you will have a chance to see some amazing wildlife.

Whether you are looking for Borneo’s big 5, (elephants, orangutans,  crocodiles, proboscis monkeys, and rhinoceros hornbills) or something more elusive like the Sunda clouded leopard, our top picks will get you right in the action.


Sabah is Borneo’s top wildlife destination.  All of our wildlife tours will put you in prime position to see everything from Borneo’s most famous animals to some of our rare and endemic species.

You can take a day trip out of Kota Kinabalu to see the endemic, big-nosed, proboscis monkey or choose multi-day trips on the Kinabatangan River.

If you are a wildlife lover and want to put together the ultimate wildlife trip, contact us and we’ll design a wildlife adventure just for you.


Our Sarawak wildlife experiences provide you easy access to some of Borneo’s most iconic species.

Take a day trip from Kuching to Bako National Park or Kuching Wetlands National Park. See the endemic proboscis monkey, crocodiles, and even the freshwater dwelling Irrawaddy dolphin.

If you really want to go all out, contact us for an opportunity to go deep into the jungle and seek out wild orangutans.


Custom Borneo Wildlife Tours

We provide custom tours for:

  • Birding
  • Mammals
  • Reptiles

Here at Top Peak Travel, we work with you to understand the specific species you want to see.   With those needs in mind, we can put together a trip that will give you the best opportunity to see those species.

We cater to photographers, bucketlisters, enthusiasts, and experts.  Our expert knowledge and dedication to top notch service make Top Peak Travel your trusted choice for a Borneo wildlife tour built exactly for you your needs.

Our custom Borneo wildlife tours pair you with the best guides and put you in the best locations to make your dream of spotting rare and elusive species a reality.  We take care of everything so you can maximize your time spotting wildlife, not worrying about the details.

Book Your Custom Borneo Wildlife Tour Today.


Borneo Wildlife Experiences

Top Peak Travel’s Borneo wildlife experiences are designed with one goal in mind.  To put you in prime position to see the wildlife that makes Borneo famous.

Whether you’re on holiday and looking for a chilled out wildlife experience or you are a serious wildlife enthusiast looking to spot that bucket list species, we have a Borneo wildlife experience just for you.

We provide wildlife tour packages that fit every type of traveler and every range of budget, be it day trips to see the endemic proboscis monkey all the way to luxurious 4 star accommodation in virgin rain forest.

Why Experience a Borneo Wildlife Adventure?

Borneo is world famous for wildlife.  In fact, the diversity of animals in Borneo is so great, it would take ages to name them all.  We have numerous species that exist nowhere else in the world and the best part is much of this unique and exciting wildlife is easy to see.

Here in Borneo, you have a great chance to see everything from the iconic orangutan to strange and bizarre such as the colugo (flying lemur) to the ultra rare like the giant pitta or Bornean clouded leopard.

Many of our locations, like the Kinabatangan River, have such high concentrations of wildlife that you won’t know where to look next.

Why Choose Top Peak Travel?

We are serious about Borneo wildlife…serious about seeing it, serious about sharing it with others, and most importantly, serious about preserving it.

We go out of our way to give you a Borneo wildlife experience that is perfect for you.  Our staff knows the ins and outs of every experience we offer.

Top Peak Travel offers you the best Borneo wildlife tours on the island.

Your Borneo Experience.  Your Way.

Let us help you plan the ultimate Borneo wildlife experience.

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