Our top Borneo traditions and lifestyle experiences are designed to give you a meaningful and personal glimpse into the unique cultures and traditions of Borneo.   Whether you’re looking to cook delicious Bornean cuisine or experience the lifestyle of a traditional Sarawak longhouse, Top Peak Travel will get you there.


Sarawak is really known for it’s culture.  There are more than 25 recognized cultural groups, with many more tucked into every corner.  All of these unique peoples have their own traditions and lifestyle that sets them apart from the others.

The more well known groups include the Iban, Bidayuh, Penan, Lun Bawang, and Kayan; however, there are so many more that just traveling from one village to another usually means you will encounter members of a different group than those you had met in the previous location.

Sarawakians are pround of their cultural heritage and no matter where you go, the traditional ways are still very much alive.  In fact many people still follow the traditional ways and live a lifestyle reminiscent of their ancestors.

When it comes to traditional festivals and holidays, Sarawak has an abundance.  There is nothing better than celebrating the Iban rice harvest festival of Gawai or the Lun Bawang equivalent known as Irau Aco.  At these festivals, food, dance, rice wine, and beauty pageants are just a few of the many ways you will see Sarawakians celebrating their cultural heritage.

If you are looking to immerse yourself in the culture of Borneo, Sarawak is the place.   Everywhere you turn, you will find the unique traditions and lifestyle of Borneo.

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Sabah gives you great opportunities to easily experience the rich culture and traditions of Borneo.

The Kadazan and Dusun peoples are the most well known of the Sabah indigenous groups, but it doesn’t stop there.  In Sabah, you can experience the tradition and lifestyle of the Rungus, Murut, Bajau, and the Orang Sungai.

The indigenous groups aren’t all that makes Sabah a culturally diverse place.  There is a large population of Malay, Filipino, Indonesian, and people of Chinese descent who have lived in Sabah for centuries.

If you visit at the end of May, you can experience the rice harvest festival known as Kaamatan.  This two day holiday brings everyone together for fun and games.  The best place to participate is at the Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association (KDCA).  If you want the real experience, there is a celebration in just about every town and village.

If you really want to experience the cultural riches of Sabah, contact us and we can help you plan an in depth experience of Sabah’s traditions & lifestyle.


Custom Borneo Tradition, Culture, and Lifestyle Tours

Top Peak Travel designs custom tours that give you meaningful Borneo tradition & lifestyle experiences.  With our custom tours, we can get you together with people that you simply wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet on a pre-packaged tour.

We don’t want people to simply scratch the surface of the culture and people of Borneo.  Instead, we want you to see the real Borneo.  If you want to learn something about the people and the culture, you have to meet the real people.   We understand that you may not have all the time in the world to do this on your own, but we can help make it a reality for you.

Top Peak Travel can help you plan a custom tour in Sarawak and/or Sabah that will put you in a perfect position to see the real traditions & lifestyle of Borneo.  When you tell us that you want to really experience the culture, we won’t send you to a cultural show or something like that.  Instead, we’ll send you to a place where you will have the opportunity not only to see the lifestyle, but live it.

We can help you plan the best time to come to experience the most exciting festivals and if the timing is right, we may even be able to get you to a wedding or family party.


We love Borneo, we love our unique culture, and we really want to share it with you in a real, meaningful way.

Experience the real tradition and lifestyle of the people of Borneo with a custom tour.


Experience Borneo’s Traditions & Lifestyle

The island of Borneo is steeped in tradition.  There is an immense amount of unique cultures and people here, each with their own ways.  This means no matter where you go in Borneo, you will find something special.

From the immense longhouses of the Iban and their headhunting days of old, to the intricate beadwork of the Rungus, every stop in Borneo holds something special about it’s people.  To miss out on the culture of Borneo would be to miss something truly special.

Experience the real tradition and lifestyle of the people of Borneo with a custom tour.
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