We believe strongly in preserving Borneo’s precious natural environment and lifting up impoverished communities.  As a visitor to Borneo, you can do your part as well.

Anytime you book with us you can be assured that part of the money you spend goes directly towards conservation and community development projects.

But, it doesn’t stop there.  Our Borneo responsible travel packages allow you to get hands on by directly participating in conservation and community development efforts.


If you want to go visit places that are truly eco friendly, our eco tours are just the thing.  These locations are environmentally friendly, dedicated to sustainable operations, and committed to conservation.


Custom Borneo Tours Focused on Responsible Travel.

Here at Top Peak Travel, we are dedicated to conservation and community development.  We know that we have to do our part so that future generations can enjoy all the amazing aspects of Borneo that we enjoy today.

Responsible travel is the major factor in every tour we design and sell, but if you want something more, something that gives you the opportunity to get involved in directly, we will build something special for you.

We have a large network of NGOs and community development projects that we can pair you with to give you an meaningful experience in Borneo.  Responsible tourism is not just about seeing, but it’s about doing.

Whether you are an individual traveler wanting to make a difference or looking to take on an ongoing project for your school groups, Top Peak Travel can help you make a difference when you visit Borneo.

Plan your trip to Borneo today and travel responsibly.


Responsible Travel in Borneo


Responsible travel is all about having a positive impact on the places you visit.  Borneo is no different in that regard.

This is one of the most biodiverse places in the world.  On top of that, much of Borneo remains underdeveloped and many people throughout the island still  live in poverty.  These are important points to remember when traveling in Borneo or anywhere for that matter.

Our rain forests and oceans are under constant threat from a range of dangers.  Tourism is one of those dangers.  High impact tourism activities have detrimental effects on wildlife, plant life, ocean life, and the people who live here to name a few.

For us here at Top Peak, responsible tourism is a necessity.  It just makes sense.

Top Peak Travel Responsible Tourism Practices:

..Dedication to low impact tourism activities.

…Active involvement in and development of conservation and community development projects.

….Involving visitors to Borneo in conservation and community development projects.

…..Providing monetary support for NGOs and grassroots organizations who are making a difference.

……Promoting tourism products that benefit conservation and community development.

……..Practicing sustainable operations.

Plan your trip to Borneo today and travel responsibly.
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