Our top picks for Borneo adventure experiences will challenge you and reward you.  These top picks are a must for adventure enthusiasts.  From tall mountains, to caves, to trekking the remote corners of Borneo, Top Peak Travel puts you in the heart of the action with some of Borneo’s most exciting adventures.


If you’re looking for adventures in Borneo, Sabah is the place.  From the coral reefs to the top of Borneo’s highest peak, Mount Kinabalu, the state of Sabah is an adventure lover’s dream.  Whether you are looking for leisurely adventure or you want to get off the beaten path and spend weeks in the jungle, Sabah has something for you.

Top Peak Travel offers everything from short day trips from Kota Kinabalu to experience jungle trekking all the way to hardcore 5 day treks across the Crocker range.  As always, if you don’t see something that suits you with our packaged tours, contact us and we’ll design an adventure experience made just for you.


Our Sarawak adventures offer you everything from half day bicycle tours to full on 5 day treks in the most remote parts of Sarawak.  And, of course, there is the World famous Mulu National Park, which is one of our top picks, and for good reason.  Mulu offers a one of a kind experience you will never forget.

If you really want a one of a kind Sarawak adventure, contact us and we can take you to remote corners of Sarawak that never see visitors.


Custom Adventure Tours in Borneo

We provide custom tours for:

  • Trekking
  • Adventure Sports

Here at Top Peak Travel, we work with you to understand what type of adventures you want.   When you share your adventure interests with us, we help you put together a tour that gives you exactly the type of adventures you want.

We cater to cyclists, hikers, climbers, divers, adrenaline junkies, and more.  Our expert knowledge of Borneo adventure activities and dedication to top notch service make Top Peak Travel your trusted choice for a tour full of adventures built exactly for you.

Our custom Borneo adventure tours pair you with the best guides and put you in the best locations to see just how exciting Borneo can be.

Book Your Custom Borneo Adventure Tour Today.


Borneo Adventure Experiences

Top Peak Travel’s Borneo adventure experiences are designed to give you a taste of the best things Borneo has to offer. We offer adventures of all types.

We offer adventures in every shape and size. From short day trips that put you back in the comfort of your hotel at night to seriously challenging treks.

Why Experience Adventures in Borneo?

Just visiting Borneo is an adventure in itself. Top Peak can help you take that adventure to the next level.

Borneo is a paradise for adventure sports. If you love challenging yourself, Borneo has something for you. Raging rivers provide multiple opportunities for white water rafting. Mountainous terrain and towering peaks in this jungle paradise give you trekking adventures unlike anything you have experienced before. And lastly, our favorite part…the amount of off the beaten path locations ensure that you can have adventures where few travelers have ever visited.

If you are up to the challenge, make Borneo your next adventure destination.

Why Choose Top Peak Travel?

We love adventure. That’s why we started Top Peak Travel. We want to show you the wonders of Borneo in a way that leaves you in awe.

Top Peak Travel will give you a personalized adventure experience that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Your Borneo Experience.  Your Way.

Let us help you plan the ultimate Borneo adventure experience.

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