Saloma Homestay – A Family Homestay Experience

Experience the unique Saloma homestay with your host, Saloma, a friendly, young world traveler who has returned to her village to share her culture and lifestyle with people from all over the world.  Her story is a great one and you will be captivated by the hospitality of her and her family.

Saloma will take you on hikes through the jungle, show you around her village, and together with her parents, she will prepare delicious native dishes for you.  You are even welcome to join in the cooking.

Saloma Homestay is located in Kampung Sadir, in the Padawan district, some 1.5-hours drive from Sarawak’s capital of Kuching. The village is home to the Bidayuh tribe, of the Dayak tribal group. Most of the villagers still live a traditional farming lifestyle.

About Saloma – Why you should visit Saloma and stay with her:

Saloma is a young woman with an extreme love for the jungle, her family, and the community she lives in. For many years, she knew she wanted to help support the Bidayuh community in her village of Kampung Sadir. After obtaining a diploma in Mass Communications in Kuching, she would always invite all her friends over to explore the jungle and celebrate the harvest festival that happens once a year. At one point, some suggested that she could turn this into a successful business and this is when she started developing her parent’s house into a cozy little homestay.

It took her awhile to understand the business and gather support from her family and the village’s community. After a year she started to receive regular visitors and was therefore able to give back to the people around her. She encourages the women in the neighbourhood to produce handicrafts, which can be sold as souvenirs to her guests. In addition, she will ask her guests to bring children’s books to stock up her library. She will invite the children from the village to come and read, allowing them to learn more about the world than what is taught to them in school.

Saloma runs the guesthouse and the activities with the help of her family. Her brother is the main driver and will also join the guests on their hikes as a local guide. Her parents and other folk from the village will help with the cooking. Saloma is one of the happiest people you will ever meet and she welcomes everyone with open arms.

About the Tour:

During this 2 day 1 night getaway, you will be able to experience the warm hospitality from Saloma, a young woman of the Bidayuh tribe. After travelling the world, she decided that it was time to settle down at her village so she could spend time with her family.

Saloma loves to share stories with everyone who visits. During your stay with her, you will learn all about her Bidayuh culture, its history and customs.

On the way to her home, you will visit the Semenggoh Orangutan Rehabilitation centre, where you can see these great apes coming down from the jungle treetops during feeding time. Additionally, you will also make a stop at one of the local market stalls to taste some local delicacies.

She will take you into the jungle, to show how to source food from the forest. In addition to learning about the nature and culture, you will also be able to enjoy some cooling swims in the nearby rivers and waterfalls. You might be able to spot some interesting birds, unique spiders and other wildlife and insects. Together with Saloma, you will explore the Bidayuh longhouse and the village that she lives nearby.

You will spend the night in the homestay, which has been built by Saloma herself and her family. Your host will prepare dinner for you and if you wish to help cooking, you may do so. This trip into the heart of Borneo will stay in your heart forever.

About the Location – Saloma Homestay at Kampung Sadir:

Saloma’s house is located on the edge of the Kampung Sadir village, amidst the green jungle. The village is home to a few hundred people of the Bidayuh tribe, most of whom are farmers or work in the city. The village can only be reached by road from Kuching at a distance of approximately 100 kilometres, or a 1.5-hours drive. The village is hundreds of years old and still has a traditional longhouse that serves as the central area.

Kampung Sadir lies in the area of Padawan, a hilly and mountainous area with vast untouched jungles on the border with Kalimantan, Indonesia. These jungles are teeming with wildlife, unique plants, trees and insects. Through the forests run many clear-water rivers with impressive waterfalls.

The homestay, or villagestay, is the house of Saloma’s family with an expanded area where visitors can stay. The house is located on the top of a hill, within walking distance to the village. The air is a lot cooler here than in the city, due to the cooling forest in which its situated.


Day 1 Kuching – Saloma Homestay at Kampung Sadir

  • Pick up from Kuching hotel.
  • Drive to the Semenggoh Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre.
  • Observe the orangutans during feeding time.
  • Proceed to Kampung Sadir.
  • Stop along the way for a malaysian favorite: Roti Canai and some coffee or tea.
  • Arrive at the homestay and meet Saloma and her family.
  • Relax at the guesthouse while the family prepares lunch.
  • Enjoy a local lunch together with your hosts.
  • After lunch, proceed to the original Bidayuh longhouse and learn about the tribal culture.
  • Visit the local school and visit one of the handicraft workshops.
  • Return to the guesthouse and relax.
  • Dinner and overnight at the homestay.

Day 2 Saloma Homestay – Kuching

  • Enjoy a local breakfast and gear up for the day’s trek.
  • Saloma will show you around the village area and take you trekking through the farms and jungle.
  • Along the way, you will learn all about the native fruits, vegetables, and animals that live in the area.
  • Arrive at a stunning waterfall and go for a swim.
  • Relax at the waterfall before returning to the homestay.
  • Enjoy lunch at the homestay.
  • Return to Kuching in the afternoon.

Saloma is off the beaten path…but we get can you further off the beaten path.  Ask us how.

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