Peraya Homestay & Bamboo Rafting

Put yourself in touch with the wilds of Sarawak in this bamboo rafting and Bidayuh experience at Peraya Homestay.

You will experience stunning rainforest, learn how to survive in the jungle, and see the Bidayuh way of life, first hand. Instead of staying at a hotel, you will spend the night at the Peraya homestay just 1.5 hours from Sarawak’s capital of Kuching.

On the way to Peraya, you will stop at Semenggoh Rehabilitation Center where you will stand eye to eye with orangutans.

You will visit the ancient head house, where you can still see skulls from the headhunting times of the past. But, best of all, you will take a bamboo raft down a jungle river with your Bidayuh guide

About the Tour:

The 2 day, bamboo rafting and bidayuh homestay experience will take you into the heart of Borneo where the Bidayuh people live.

We’ll pick you up from your hotel in Kuching and take you to Peraya homestay where your bamboo rafting adventure awaits. On the way to Peraya, the guide will bring you to the Semenggoh Orangutan Rehabilitation centre.

At Semenggoh you will stand eye to eye with the red-haired sultans of swing, the kings of the jungle, orangutans. These brilliant apes will come down from the tall trees during the feeding time, giving you an unforgettable up close and personal encounter. Most of the orangutans in this centre are being rehabilitated in order to release them back into the wild.

After the visit to the orangutan centre, continue along the winding roads into the Padawan district. The drive will pass various small villages or kampungs as they are called in the local language. In the late morning, you’ll arrive at Peraya homestay and meet your local Bidayuh host family and get settled in to your accommodation.

While lunch is served, they’ll teach you about the history and rich culture of the Bidayuh tribe. After lunch, your native guide will lead you on a trek through the village and the pristine jungle that surrounds it.

Along the way, you’ll visit the ancient head house, where they still keep skulls from the headhunting times of the past. As you make your way into the forest, your guide will happily share his knowledge and experience about the flora and found in this area. This trek culminates in a visit to a waterfall. You’ll be able to take a cooling dip in the fresh water. Spend some time at the waterfall soaking up the tropical sounds of birds, clattering water, and buzzing insects. Make your way back to the homestay and enjoy a delicious homemade dinner.

On the second day, you will be treated to a traditional Dayak breakfast and set out on your bamboo rafting adventure. You’ll hop on a handmade bamboo raft for your journey down the river. You’ll navigate your way through rapids as the jungle passes you by on all sides. After some physical activity, reach a little beach and help your local guides prepare lunch. Search in the nearby forest for some ferns and other grub to be cooked in bamboo. After lunch, head back to the homestay for a shower before returning to Kuching.

About Peraya Homestay:

Peraya Village is located some 50 kilometres from Sarawak’s capital of Kuching. The village is situated in the Padawan district. The Padawan district is home to beautiful green hilly jungles with mountains sticking out here and there. The village is home to the Bidayuh tribe, who are native to this area of Borneo.

The community of Peraya is a small village. The population is only about 300 people. Most of the inhabitants live a farming lifestyle.

Through the village of Peraya runs a small river, ideal for swimming on a hot afternoon and perfect for bamboo rafting. The river is clean and comes directly from the higher lying mountains on the border with Kalimantan, Indonesia.

About the Bidayuh Culture at Peraya Village:

The main inhabitants of Peraya are of the Bidayuh peoples. Some have intermarried with other tribes or ethnicities, but their lifestyle is typically that of the Land Dayaks (another name for the Bidayuh Tribe). The people have lived in this area for as long as the oral history goes back and many still maintain a traditional farming lifestyle. Most families have their own farms and gardens where they produce delicious rice, fruits, and vegetables.


Day 1 Kuching – Peraya Homestay

  • Pick up from Kuching hotel.
  • Stop at the Semenggoh Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre to observe the orangutans during feeding time.
  • Proceed to Peraya Village.
  • Arrive at the village and meet the host family.
  • Check into the guesthouse and enjoy a welcome lunch.
  • Go on a jungle trek and visit the ancient head house.
  • Take a dip in the nearby waterfall and relax near the stream.
  • Return to the homestay for dinner and overnight.

Day 2 Peraya Homestay – Bamboo Rafting – Kuching

  • Wake up and have a traditional Bidayuh breakfast.
  • Hop aboard a bamboo raft and captain your native boat down the rapids.
  • Together with your guide, make your way down the class-1 and class-2 river rapids.
  • Enjoy stories about the local culture and history from the guide.
  • Reach the lunch site and head into the jungle together with the guide in search of local vegetables.
  • Prepare and eat a bamboo cooked lunch together with your guide.
  • Return to the homestay and freshen up before returning to Kuching.

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