Kuching Cycling Tours

What better way to explore Kuching than on a bicycle?

Kuching is a great historical city with a lot of different cultures and a strong art scene. Our Kuching cycling tours bring you on a trip through the back alleys and less explored areas in search of the hidden Kuching. Choose from many cycling tour options and routes. We can take you around Kuching’s city highlights or get you out to the rural areas in search of gold mines and deserted caves.

It’s easy to find a cycling trip that fits you!

About the Tour:

Together with your experienced guide, you will explore the hidden parts of Kuching or its surrounding areas…There are various cycling tours and combinations available for you to choose.

Some of the more popular trips will take you through small alleys and forgotten streets of Sarawak’s capital in search of beautiful murals, unusual shops, and historic buildings like the old State Mosque. Your guide will explain all you wish to know about the history of the city and the cultures of its people. And she will share insider knowledge of the city that you will only learn from a local, like the best places to try the famous Sarawak Laksa or where to go for a night out with friendly locals.

If you are more adventurous, go for some adventure biking in the rural areas not far from Kuching. You will be able to ride around the area of old gold mines where caves are home to millions of swiftlets and bats. You can even go for a combination tour, during which you can visit to the Orangutan Centre or take a kayak adventure on one of the rivers while floating past little villages and green jungles.

We can completely customize a cycling trip for you.  If you don’t like any of the packages we have here, send us a message and we can put together something just for you.

About Kuching & Surroundings:

Kuching is the capital of Sarawak and home to almost half a million people of diverse backgrounds. It has recently been dubbed the City of Unity, as it is a melting pot of people. The city, originally named Sarawak, was founded by the Sultan of Brunei in 1827. At that time it was still under Brunei rule.

In the 1830’s, an english sailor named James Brooke arrived in Sarawak and came to the aid of Brunei to stop rampant piracy and help avoid a rebellion. In 1841, the sultan of Brunei gifted him the land on which the city sat along with much of what makes up the modern state of Sarawak. James Brooke was given the title of the Rajah of Sarawak and he and his heirs ruled Sarawak as a monarchy until 1946 when the land was ceded to the United Kingdom.

Some of Kuching’s iconic historical buildings you will have the opportunity to visit include the Astana Palace on the opposite side of the river, next to the historic Fort Margharita. The Kuching State Prison stands proudly on the waterfront and the Old Court House lies not far from it. Somewhat further from the main waterfront area lies the impressive and colourful Kuching Mosque, overlooking the Sarawak River. The most bustling and oldest streets of Kuching are Carpenter Street and Main bazaar in the city centre. Padungan Road is also known as Chinatown.

Outside of Kuching lies the Padawan district, home to the Semenggoh Orangutan Centre and the small town of Bau. Bau was once famous for its many gold mines, which closed down decades ago. Throughout the Padawan area runs a crystal clear river, which is ideal to kayak on. Another highlight in the area are the Wind and Fairy caves, easily accessible and walking through the caves is a unique experience on its own.

Itinerary – Village & Hawker Stalls Cycling Kuching


  • Meet at the cycling office in the centre of Kuching
  • Be briefed by your cycling guide.
  • Hit the saddle and explore the highlights and hidden gems of Kuching.
  • Ride through the streets and alleyways of the city and visit the Museum, a Mosque and various eateries.
  • Try out the local delicacies.
  • Cross the Sarawak River and visit the local market.
  • Taste unique and extraordinary local fruits.
  • Ride through the historical Malay Kampungs and learn about the local cultures.
  • Cross the river once more, this time by local water taxi.
  • Finish the tour at the cycling office.

Itinerary – Orangutan, Adventure Bike, & Cave Experience


  • Meet at the cycling office in the centre of Kuching.
  • Hop aboard the van that takes you to the Semenggoh Orangutan Centre (approximately 45 minutes).
  • Enjoy observing the orangutans during the feeding time.
  • Hop back aboard the van that will take you to the Fairy cave.
  • Explore the caves with your local guide,
  • Exit the cave and hit the saddle.
  • Ride through the countryside of Sarawak.
  • Visit a local village before ending your trip.
  • By van, drive back to Kuching (approximately 1 hour).

Itinerary – Jungle Kayak, Adventure Bike & Cave Experience


  • Meet at the cycling office in the centre of Kuching.
  • Hop aboard the van that takes you to a small village on the banks of a clear river.
  • Be briefed by your kayak guide on the river adventure.
  • Hop aboard the kayak and float down the river past villages and green jungles.
  • After kayaking, take a transfer to a small town for lunch.
  • After lunch hit the saddle and ride through the countryside of Sarawak.
  • Reach the Fairy cave and explore the cave-system.
  • Meet your driver outside the cave for a return transfer back to Kuching.

Multi-day Borneo cycling trips are no problem.  Contact us now to start planning.
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