Bumbu – Kuching Cooking Class

The Bumbu Kuching Cooking Class is a great way to learn more about Sarawak’s famous cuisine and how the locals prepare these delicious meals. The best way to learn is to fully immerse yourself in the whole experience. For that reason, we take you to the market first, to learn how to buy the ingredients. After that, we immerse you in the whole process of preparation as you’ll get a hands on look at the unique ingredients.

Once your host has shown you how to prepare the food, then its time for the best part…sitting down and enjoying the delicious cuisine you have just prepared.

The Bumbu Kuching Cooking Class is a must do for any foodie visiting Kuching.

About the Tour:

Local markets play a central role in the lives of many Borneans. The market is not only a place to buy ingredients to cook, but a social hub. It’s a place to catch up with friends and the news of the day.

On this half-day tour, you will visit one of the local markets in Kuching. You will see where the local people buy and sell numerous items including vegetables, meat, fish, fruits and spices. But even better, you will see where the locals come together and how the market is much more than just a place to buy and sell.

Your hosts will introduce you to local vendors and teach you about the unique items you can find in a local Kuching market.

After a visit to the market, you will head on over to the culinary school which is located in a traditional shoplot in the city center of Kuching. Together with the chef, you will chop, peel, slice, and cook several famous Sarawak dishes.

The best part of the Bumbu Kuching Cooking Class is the last part. Eating! Once all dishes are prepared, you will sit down with your hosts and enjoy a scrumptious meal.

About the Bumbu Kuching Cooking Class:

The Location:

The Bumbu Kuching Cooking Class is housed in a traditional and authentic shoplot in the city centre of Sarawak’s capital, Kuching. The historic Ewe Hai street (known locally as Carpenter Street), is the heart of Kuching. Here you will find many a traditional carpenters, tinsmiths, and restaurants selling various traditional Sarawakian dishes.

In this rustic shoplot, you will have your own station, where you will chop, measure, and cook delicious Sarawak treats. Together with the host, you will learn how to make delicious food the way that locals cook it.

The Hosts:

The head of the Bumbu Kuching Cooking Class, Joseph, was born and raised in a village not far from Kuching. Born in a Bidayuh family, he was brought up with a strong love for food and cooking. While growing up, he would always help his mother while she was cooking for the family.

After Joseph moved to Kuching, he decided that he wanted share his love of food with everyone. His hands-on cooking classes cater to locals and travellers alike. Joseph is an excellent host and his friendly and fun style makes the cooking class that much more special.

Itinerary – Bumbu Cooking Class

  • Meet at the Bumbu Cooking Class kitchen on Carpenter Street.
  • Visit the local market to purchase local and native ingredients.
  • Return to the kitchen and be briefed by the local chef on today’s dishes.
  • Prepare the local food with the help of the chef.
  • After the meal is ready, sit down together and enjoy the delicious food.

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