Our top picks for Sarawak tours are designed to show you the best experiences you can find in Sarawak. Experience the epic wonder of Mulu National Park, the overwhelming friendliness of Saloma and her family, or if you only have a day, take a trip with us from Kuching to Bako National Park for some wildlife, trekking, and beaches.

Our Sarawak tours offer you unlimited adventure.  We’re sure you will love it.  Scroll down to see more.


Sarawak’s biggest draw is the opportunity to experience the unique and varied culture of this Malaysian State.

We offer you the opportunity to experience the amazing culture of Sarawak with a plethora of tours.  But it’s not just the culture that makes Sarawak great, its the nature and the wildlife.  Whatever type of experience you are looking for in Sarawak, Top Peak Travel can take you there.

If you want to put together something really special, contact us and we’ll design a custom Sarawak Tour just for you.


Custom Sarawak Tours

We know Sarawak

When you want a quality custom trip to Sarawak, Top Peak Travel has you covered.  We’ll work with you to understand the type of experience you are looking for and put together a custom Sarawak tour designed just for you.

Here’s the thing:  The best way to experience the traditions and lifestyle of the people you are visiting is to have real, authentic interaction.  We carefully choose locations for our custom Sarawak tours where you are welcomed as a friend, not as a tourist or an outside observer.  This means something…It means you get a real experience.

Your Sarawak Experience.  Your way.

We stand by our motto.  That’s why we take great care to make sure your experience in Sarawak is authentic and meaningful.

We build custom packages for all interests and preferences.  Click the contact us button below and let us know what you are looking for.  We will get straight to work building an amazing Sarawak getaway just for you.  Even if you’re not quite sure what you are looking for yet, we can use our knowledge to help you find locations and tours that match your travel desires.

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About Sarawak

Sarawak is one of the two states that make up the Malaysian part of Borneo (Sabah being the other).  Along with Sabah, Sarawak joined Malaysia in 1963.  Prior to that, it had a curious history.  The sultan of Brunei gifted Sarawak to a British man names James Brooke in 1841 after he had helped the Sultan to put a stop to the rampant piracy in the area.  James Brooke and his descendents ruled Sarawak until 1946.  These rulers of British descent have come to be known as the “White Rajahs”.  This is only a small sliver of the unique history of Sarawak.

The culture and tradition of Sarawak has been well preserved and well documented.  There are more than 25 recognized ethnic groups in Sarawak.  Depending on who you ask, there are many more than that as many people claim unique heritage as you move from village to village.

This cultural heritage is what makes Sarawak a “must visit”.  There is simply so much to take in.  You can experience traditional Bidayuh longhouses, the jungle centric life of the Penan, and the tattoos and tuak (rice wine) of the Iban, just to name a few.  Many of these groups were fierce headhunters in the past.  A lot of relics of this time have been preserved, but never fear, headhunting is the old way.  Today you will be welcomed with open arms and meet some of the friendliest people in the world.

The natural wonders of Sarawak should not be overlooked.  Mulu National Park is an unbelievable display of the beauty of nature.  This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to some of the world’s largest caves.  Within them are immense congregations of wildlife and further on are jaw-dropping limestone formations that tower above the horizon.

Julan Waterfall in Usun Apau National Park is arguably Malaysia’s tallest waterfall.  At 300m tall and flowing with great strength this waterfall is a must see.  And the challenge of reaching this waterfall is a story you will be able to tell long after you have gone home.

Why Experience a tour of Sarawak?

Looking for authentic culture and a chance to experience a traditional way of life?  We have that.

..Looking for stunning caves?  We have that.

….Looking to celebrate the rice harvest with a huge festival and dancing all night?  We have that.

……Looking to trek the ancient pathways of warring headhunters? We have that.

……..Looking to see Irrawaddy dolphins and proboscis monkeys? We have that.

……….and much much more in Sarawak.

No matter where you go in Sarawak, the experiences you have will be unforgettable.

Why Choose Top Peak Travel?

We are Sarawak experts.  We don’t send you anywhere in Sarawak without having experienced it ourselves.  That is why booking with us makes sense.  We send you to places that we know you will love because we have been there.

This experiences makes us experts when it comes to tours in Sarawak.  So even if you just have a question, feel free to ask away, we are always happy to share our knowledge.

Your Sarawak Experience.  Your Way.
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