Taste of Borneo Cooking Class Day Tour

Learn to make Malaysian traditional cuisine the Kadazan Dusun way with our cooking class!

Our signature taste of Borneo cooking class is more than meets the eye. Get first hand interaction with local culture, local markets, and of course, food during this gastronomy based experience in Mama’s garden kitchen. This lovely family will open their doors and invite you in for a unique culinary experience with a local Sabah family.

In Sabah food and family are two of the most important parts of life. Taste of Borneo combines those by putting you together with a local family to learn their recipes. This is more than a cooking class with a guided market tour away from the tourist crowds, personal interaction with your local hosts, and preparing a meal side by side gives you, the traveler great insight into the daily life of a Sabahan. We recommend you bring a lot of questions and a big appetite to Mama’s garden kitchen for an experience you won’t forget.

Here are some of the traditional dishes you wll be making and local ingredients you will be working with (the exact dishes and ingredients depend on the season):

  • Pakis (Local wild fern)
  • Tuhau (delicious, tangy wild ginger)
  • Bunga Kantan (edible ginger flower)
  • Simmered Bosungan (mackerel) with bombangan (local jungle mango)
  • Takob akob (a local fruit added to dishes for tartness)
  • Belecan (shrimp paste…sounds weird, smells bad, but tastes oh.so.good.)
  • 9:00AM:  Meet and greet with our friendly driver and our local Sabahan Instructor. Head up straight to Penampang market or called as “Penampang Tamu” in local language located just outside of kota kinabalu area.
  • Upon arrival, the instructor will explain you on how the locals buy and pick up fresh local herbs where the locals gather each morning to ferret out the freshest vegetables, meats and spices which vary with the season and some exotic flowers all at a good bargain price.
  • Afterward proceed to “Momma’s House” in one of the oldest local villages in the Kota Kinabalu area. Here you will be treated like family and learn the secret family recipes to cook like a Sabahan.
  • Get ready, wear your apron and get hands-on for your cooking experience. Slicing, grinding, and chopping will be done hands on with the watchful of our instructor in accordance with the local menu .
  • After preparing and cooking, enjoy the fruits of your labor – your very own freshly-cooked meals Let’s eat! Taste your and Momma’s dishes, At your leisure Have fun taking pictures before transfer back to your hotel with a recipe book, some stories and definitely a full belly!
  • 2:00PM (approx) arrive back at your hotel.
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