Proboscis Monkey & Firefly River Cruise – Weston River

By our account, the Weston River is one of the best locations to access wildlife from Kota Kinabalu. Weston give you that river village feeling just a short trip from Sabah’s capital city. With evening and night cruises on the river you will have the opportunity to see the endemic big nosed proboscis monkeys, saltwater crocodiles, fireflies, macaques, monitor lizards, snakes and more. Wildlife, historic sites from the british colonial days, and amazing sunsets puts Weston high on the to do list for day trippers in Kota Kinabalu.
Borneo is all about wildlife! And we want you to have all the experiences possible while traveling Borneo. Weston is a great jumping off point to experience wildlife only 2 hours from Sabah’s capital city Kota Kinabalu. From the old wooden structures left over from british colonialism to endemic wildlife species such as the proboscis monkey, Weston is a must see day trip destination for those interested in Borneo Wildlife.

This tour will take you on several river cruises over the course of the evening with delicious local cuisine served in between in our rustic river lodge.

  • 2:00-2:30 PM: Depart from Kota Kinabalu.
  • 4:00 PM: Arrival at Weston Jetty to board the boat to the river lodge.
  • High tea at river lodge.
  • River cruise to view Proboscis monkeys, wildlife, historic colonial buildings, fishing villages, and sunset.
  • Buffet style dinner of local cuisine in river lodge.
  • Firefly night cruise.
  • Depart to Kota Kinabalu

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