Kinabatangan River & Wildlife Tour

This tour takes you on a remarkable trip into a remote area of the Kinabatangan River. Our accommodation is a sustainably constructed, rustic, traditional style lodge nestled between the Kinabatangan and an oxbow lake where we have frequent visits from orangutans and hornbills!

Our expert wildlife spotting guides take you for cruises on a lesser traveled part of the Kinabatangan and on the oxbow lake. You will be treated to both day time cruises and a night cruise (where you have the opportunity to see some of Borneo’s strangest wildlife like the Colugo and slow loris).

The Kinabatangan River area is one of the world’s richest ecosystems. It contains an intense concentration of wildlife, including the endemic proboscus monkey, orangutans, crocodiles, numerous rare and endangered birds, and pygmy elephants.

The daytime river and oxbow lake cruises offer the chance to glimpse the proboscus monkey, bornean pygmy elephants, orangutans, crocodiles, the critically endangered storm stork, the endangered helmeted hornbill,  several species of gibbon, short tail and long tail macaques, and many many more.

The night cruise allows you to see a completely different world of Borneo’s wildlife, including, the ever strange tarsier, flying squirrels, colugo (flying lemur), several species of owl, slow loris, frogs, snakes, and many more.

The cruises aren’t the only place you will see unique wildlife.  Our lodge has frequent visits from orangutans and hornbills.

We are a sustainable facility and are actively engaged in reforestation projects and capacity building projects to help preserve the beauty and wonder of the Kinabatangan and it’s people.

Chalet and dormitory type accommodations are available for this tour.

Day 1: Sandakan – Kinabatangan

  • 12:15 pm – You’ll be greeted upon your arrival at Sandakan Airport or at your respective hotel by our friendly guide and driver. Followed by overland transfer to the Bukit Garam Jetty on the Kinabatangan where you will transfer to a boat which will take you to the lodge.
  • Upon arrival at the lodge, our local team will help you with your room registration. Refreshments will be served followed by briefing featuring the overview of the resort and safety procedures.
  • Afternoon river or oxbow lake cruise: Search for wildlife.
  • Dinner featuring local, sustainably sourced cuisine.
  • Night cruise: Search for nocturnal creatures and fireflies.

Day 2: Tanjung Bulat

  • 6:30 am – River or Oxbow lake cruise:  Early morning cruise will be an ideal time to spot birds as its their busiest time of the day.  If conditions are just right, you might even find the river shrouded in mist.
  • Breakfast featuring local, sustainably sourced cuisine.
  • Jungle Trek: Observe unique insects and wildlife.  Additionally, the local guide will highlight plants and their traditional uses by inhabitants along the Kinabatangan
  • Lunch featuring local, sustainably sourced cuisine.
  • River or oxbow lake cruise: Search for wildlife.
  • Night walk
  • Dinner featuring local, sustainably sourced cuisine.

Day 3: Tanjung Bulat – Sandakan

  • Breakfast.
  • Board boat to return to jetty
  • Proceed to Sandakan Airport or drop off in Sandakan City.
Plan the ultimate customized wildlife tour.
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