Danum Valley Tour

Venture into Borneo’s 130 million year old virgin jungle at the Danum Valley Conservation Area. Danum valley is one of the top hotspots for wildlife and virgin jungle in Sabah. From rare, endangered, and endemic animals such as orangutans, pygmy elephants, clouded leopards, gibbons, slow loris, tarsier, hornbills, birds, and bearded pigs, to the the world’s tallest tropical tree, to plants and insects that exist nowhere else on earth, to sunrise in the jungle mist, this is a destination that should be on all traveler’s list when visiting Borneo.

The Danum Valley Field Center provides an accessible accommodation to wildlife and nature loving travelers who are keen to experience this conservation area. Danum Valley is the crown jewel of Sabah rainforest and should not be missed.

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The Danum Valley Conservation area holds a unique characteristic in that there is no evidence of the area having ever been settled by humans. The 130 million year old rainforest is one of the richest and most biodiverse conservation areas on the planet.

Our Danum Valley tour sends you to the Danum Valley Field Center where wildlife experience starts the minute you walk out the door in the morning with red leaf monkeys and gibbons in the trees in and around the field center and deer roaming the grounds. Our expert guides will lead you on a series of treks into Danum’s incredibly diverse dipterocarp forests. Our guides are excellent wildlife spotters and incredibly knowledgeable.

Borneo’s jungle comes alive at night. Our guided night walks (or optional night drives) will introduce you to a completely different type of wildlife. This is when some of the strangest and interesting animals come out, such as flying squirrels, colugo (flying lemur), brightly colored pit vipers, sun bears, slow loris, and the wide eyed Horsefield’s tarsier, to name a few.

For the ultimate experience, you can opt to catch a ride by 4×4 to view the sunrise over a mist shrouded Danum Valley and hear the calls of a diverse array of birds and gibbons.

When traveling to sabah we recommend stopping by multiple wildlife hotspots to really experience what borneo has to offer. Danum valley conservation area is one of locations not to be missed, from some of the world’s tallest trees to endemic wildlife this area is teeming with amazing adventures.

Day 1 Lahad Datu – Danum Valley Field Centre (DVFC)

  • 8:30 AM:  Depart Lahad Datu Airport for Danum Valley Administrative Office.  Register at office, and journey to Danum Valley
  • Upon arrival, register at Welcome Center and check-in.  Here, you will meet your guide, settle in, and enjoy lunch.
  • After lunch, your guide will take you on a mid-afternoon walk in the area as an introduction to the Borneo rainforest. The area surrounding the center teems with wildlife and it is not unusual for you to spot resident orangutan, hornbills, red leaf monkeys, sambar deer, etc.
  • Dinner at 7
  • Guided night walk or you can arrange for an optional 4×4 night drive (additional activity at own expense).

Day 2 Danum Valley Field Centre (DVFC)

  • Sunrise trek with your guide at around 6 am to see the forest come to life. Alternatively, you can also pre-arrange a 4×4 drive to Bukit Atur for a breathtaking sunrise experience atop a canopy of trees (additional activity at own expense).
  • Breakfast/li>
  • After breakfast is free time.  You can embark on a trail in the area if you wish or spend the morning resting
  • Lunch
  • After lunch, take a dip at Ulu Segama River before heading off for another trek. There are several types of trails which you can follow.  Our guide will know all the details of each.
  • Dinner
  • Guided night walk or you can arrange for an optional 4×4 night drive (additional activity at own expense).

Day 3 Danum Valley Field Centre (DVFC) – Lahad Datu

  • Self guided morning trek (optional)
  • Breakfast
  • Check out time at 11.30am.
  • Transfer to Lahad Datu
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