Our top picks for Sabah tours are designed to show you the very best experiences that Sabah has to offer, like the wildlife of the Kinabatangan River, Mount Kinabalu, and the unspoiled virgin jungle of Danum Valley.

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Sabah is all about adventure, wildlife, and culture.  First let’s talk about wildlife.  Sabah is undoubtedly Borneo’s top wildlife destination.  Our wildlife tours will put you in a prime position to see everything from Borneo’s most famous wildlife to some of our rare and endemic species.

On top of that, you can participate in tours that directly benefit wildlife conservation in Borneo.

You can’t talk about adventure in Borneo without mentioning Sabah.  We’ve got Borneo’s tallest peak, Mt. Kinabalu.  At 4,095 meters, climbing Mt. Kinabalu is no easy feat.  It will challenge you, but this isn’t even close to the hardest trek in Borneo.

If you really want a challenging adventure, try crossing the Crocker Range on our 5 day Salt Trail Trek, or go deep into the heart of Borneo and trek to the epic Maga Waterfall in Long Pasia.

We’ve got plenty of day trips as well along with easily accessible adventures only a short distance from Kota Kinabalu

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About Sabah

Sabah is the eastern most state of Malaysia.  It makes up one of the two states of Malaysian Borneo.   Sabah officially joined Malaysia in 1963.  Before that, it was under British rule and known as the Crown Colony of North Borneo.  The land that now makes up Sabah changed hands many times over history and at various times was under rule of the Japanese, the Sultan of Brunei, and the Sultan of Sulu to name a few.

There is a rich history here, but these days, Sabah is most known for incredible rain forests, diverse wildlife, sunsets, and of course, the tallest peak in Borneo, Mount Kinabalu.  Borneo is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet and it is on full display here in Sabah.

Virgin rainforests like Danum Valley and Maliau Basin are world treasures for their stunning forests and abundance of wildlife.  In addition, the UNESCO World Heritage site, Mount Kinabalu National Park, is arguably one of the most important scientific areas in the world because it hosts an incredible amount of plants and wildlife that exist nowhere else on the planet.  The best part is that all of these places are easy to access so you can see it with your own eyes.

The people in Sabah are amazingly friendly and the culture here is incredibly diverse.  Collectively we call ourselves Sabahans, but our culture is made up of a broad spectrum of backgrounds like the indigenous Kadazandusun, indigenous Murut, chinese, indian, and malay, to name just a few.  Sabah is a very welcoming place and we have our diverse culture to thank for that.

Why Experience a tour of Sabah?

Looking for beaches, islands, and diving?  We have that.

..Looking for stunning wildlife?  We have that.

….Looking for jungle trekking and mountain climbing?  We have that.

……Looking for adventure sports and off the beaten path locations? We have that.

……..Looking to immerse yourself in the traditions and lifestyle of locals? We have that.

As we mentioned above, Sabah has many things going for it that make it an exciting destination to visit.  When you visit Sabah, you have the opportunity to enjoy a plethora of activities.

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We are the Sabah experts.  We don’t send you anywhere without having experienced it ourselves.  This is the only way.  That is why booking with us makes sense.  We send you to places that we know you will love because we have been there.

This experiences makes us experts when it comes to tours in Sabah.  So even if you just have a question, feel free to ask away, we are always happy to share our knowledge.

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