14 Day Discover Borneo Trip


Discover the best of Borneo with the 14 day Discover Borneo Trip. This trip takes you through the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak for an experience you won’t soon forget.

Along the way, you will experience the natural beauty, the culture, the wildlife, and so much more.

Your 14 day adventure will begin in Sabah with a full on wildlife adventure as you head to the Turtle islands followed by sepilok for the orangutan and sunbear sanctuaries

Your time in Sabah is capped off by two wildlife adventures. First is the Kinabatangan River followed by stepping into 130 million year old rainforest in the world renowned Danum Valley.

Next, you will visit Mulu National Park for an adventure filled with limestone caves, millions of bats, and untouched rainforest.

Finally, it’s off to Kuching, also known as the “City of Cats”. With Kuching as your base, you will discover Bako National Park followed by the wonderful Saloma Homestay for a Bidayuh cultural experience.

Your trip ends with a great culinary experience as you attend the Bumbu cooking class and learn to make some of Borneo’s most famous dishes.
Don’t miss out on this epic Borneo trip.

As always, this trip can be customized to suit your liking. Want more culture? We can do that. Want more wildife? We can do that too. Want only the best accommodation? No problem.

See the detailed itinerary below, or click here. Ready to book, send us an inquiry in the form below.


Day 01: Arrive in Sandakan

Your Discover Borneo trip starts off in the lovely town of Sandakan, the former capital of Sabah. Sandakan is the gateway to amazing wildlife adventures.

Your driver will pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel. The day is yours to explore the town if you like. There are plenty of great waterfront eateries and some rooftop bars with great views of the clear blue waters of the Sulu Sea.

Day 02: Turtle Island

On your second day, it’s time to discover Borneo’s lovely tropical waters and islands with a trip to Libaran Island, also known as Turtle Island.

Turtle Island is a haven for nesting turtles. During the evening, you will have the opportunity to follow rangers as they patrol the beach for nesting turtles. If you are lucky, you will get to witness a nesting turtle. If you are really really lucky, you will get to help release some of the baby turtles as they begin their journey out into the ocean.

In the afternoon, you can go snorkeling, rent a kayak, or simply relax on this lovely tropical island.

You will spend the night in a tent on Turtle Island, but don’t worry, the tents are nice and the beds are comfy. This is definitely more glamping than primitive camping. Either way, it’s worth it for the turtles!

Day 03: Sepilok & Kinabatangan River

It’s time to discover Borneo’s wildlife on day 3 as you travel to Sepilok and on to the Kinabatangan River.

After you leave return from Turtle Island, your driver will take you to Sepilok to visit the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center and the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center.

During your visit to both locations, you will have the opportunity to witness feeding time for both rescued Orangutans and rescued Sunbears. It’s a great opportunity to see both of these cute and unique creatures up close and personal.

After feeding time you will continue on to your accommodation on the Kinabatangan River. You will cap off the day with an evening river cruise to spot Borneo’s amazing wildlife.

Wildlife spotting opportunities abound on the river cruises. Some of Borneo’s most famous species call the river home including orangutans, proboscis monkeys, pygmy elephants, crocodiles, and hornbills.

After dinner, you can choose to go on a guided nightwalk to see some of Borneo’s most unique creatures that only come out in the dark.

Day 04: Kinabatangan River

Early morning on day 4, starts with a dawn river cruise. This cruise is the best opportunity to see the vast amount of birds that call the river home. If you are lucky, you may see hornbills or the critically endangered Storm’s Stork.

In the early evening, you will gear up for your last river cruise. Be sure to take in the serenity of the river under the waning sun and if the weather is good, be prepared for one of Borneo’s epic sunsets.

The movement of the wildlife on the river is highly dynamic, so you have a high likelihood of seeing different kinds of animals with each subsequent river cruise you take.
In the early evening, you will gear up for your last river cruise. Be sure to take in the serenity of the river under the waning sun and if the weather is good, be prepared to discover Borneo’s epic sunsets.

Day 05: Kinabatangan River – Danum Valley

On day 5, you will head to Danum Valley to discover Borneo’s lush virgin rainforest. The overland journey is an interesting one as oil palm plantations give way to stunning rainforest.

Once you get checked in at the Danum Valley Field Center, you will meet your guide who will help you to plan your time at Danum around what you would like to see and do while you are there. The guides there are really knowledgeable and eager to help you get the best out of your time in Danum.

After some relaxation time, you will head out for an afternoon trek with your guide to see this amazing forest and the wildlife that lives in it.

After dinner, go on an included night walk with your guide or arrange for an optional 4×4 night drive.

Day 06: Danum Valley

The jungle comes alive in the early mornings at Danum. Your guide will take you for an early morning nature walk or you can arrange a 4×4 drive to Atur hill for a breathtaking sunrise experience atop a canopy of trees – please tell your guide in advance that you are interested in this and they can assist with booking accordingly

After your early morning outing, the rest of the morning and early afternoon is yours. You can wander around the field center, take a dip at the Ulu Segama River or relax and take it all in. In the late afternoon, your guide will take you on another walk through the beautiful forests of Danum.

Similar to the previous day, you will have the option to take a night walk or arrange a night drive.

Day 07: Mulu National Park

On day 7 it’s time to go from one stunning location to another as you head to the Malaysian state of Sarawak to discover one of Borneo’s most famous locations: Mulu National Park.

You will leave Danum early morning to catch a flight from the town of Lahad Datu to Mulu.
Upon arrival at the Mulu Airport, you will meet your driver for a short transfer to your accommodation.

In the afternoon, your guide will take you on a trek through the jungle towards the Deer & Lang Caves. Your guide will teach you all about the caves and their historical and geological importance.

In the late afternoon, you will have the once in a lifetime experience of witnessing millions of bats exiting the caves for the night. Return to your accommodation as the sun sets over the national park.

Day 08: Mulu National Park

On day 8, you will make your way up the Meliau river on a traditional longboat and visit a Penan longhouse.

Later, you will continue upstream over rapids and arrive at the Clearwater & Wind Caves. You will explore these stunning caves with your guide.
These caves make up part of a massive system of caves in Mulu National Park. The formations and sheer size of the caves is something to marvel at.

Day 09: Kuching

Day 9 is time to discover Borneo’s city life with a trip to Kuching.

Upon your arrival at the Kuching Airport we’ll pick you up and give you a ride to your hotel. Once you are all checked in, the rest of the day is yours. We recommend getting out and checking out the beautiful waterfront or heading to the museum.

Make sure to try some of Kuching’s famous foods, like Cake Lapis or Laksa Kuching.

Day 10: Bako National Park

Your first full day in Kuching will put you right into the action as you discover Bako National Park for some hiking along this beautiful jungle covered coastline.

Here in Bako, you will spend the day trekking in search of beautiful beaches, epic views, and wildlife like the endemic Proboscis monkey and the silver langur (also known as the silver leaf monkey).

After your time in Bako, we’ll take you back to Kuching in the late afternoon where the rest of the day will be yours.

Day 11: Saloma Homestay

Day 11 presents you with the opportunity to discover Borneo’s amazing people and culture. We’ll take you out of the city to a lovely family homestay called Saloma. Your host will be Saloma and her wonderful family.

At Saloma Homestay, you will have the opportunity to discover the welcoming culture of the Bidayuh people of Sarawak with a bit of jungle trekking thrown in.

On the way to the homestay, you will stop by the Semenggoh Orangutan Rehabilitation center to see the Orangutans being fed.

At Saloma Homestay,you will be welcomed as family. Saloma will show you around the village, take you trekking to a waterfall and more. While there you will get to enjoy the traditional cooking and even join in yourself.

This is a one of a kind homestay experience with Saloma and her family.

Day 12: Kuching – Sunset Cycling Tour

On Day 12 you will say goodbye to Saloma and her family and head back for Kuching.

In the late afternoon, head down to the waterfront to discover Kuching by bicycle. This lovely tour will take you through Kuching’s historic district. Along the way you will have the chance to stop at hawker stalls and try some of Kuching’s famous dishes.

Day 13: Cooking Class in Kuching

Sometimes just trying the food isn’t enough. That’s why we have included the Bumbu cooking class in the 14 day Discover Borneo Trip so you can learn to make some traditional Borneo delights.

Food is an integral part of Asian Culture. It’s not just the consumption that is important. Preparing the food is often a family event and visiting the market is a social experience as well.

Your cooking class hosts will take you to the local market where you will shop for your day’s goods. Once you have the materials you need it’s time to whip up some delicious traditional Borneo foods.

After enjoying the lunch you have prepared, the rest of the day is yours.

Day 14: Depart

Your Discover Borneo trip comes to an end on day 14. After 2 weeks of discovering the things that make Borneo wonderful, we’ll be sad to see you leave, but we’ll still give you a ride to the airport and see you off…that is unless you want to stay. You might just want to stay.

Customize your 14 Day Discover Borneo Trip

The options for customizing this tour are endless.  We have a vast array of accommodation and activities to choose from, so if you want to make this trip fit your style, let us know and we will help make it perfect for you.  Read on to see some examples of the things we can do:

Travel Style:

  • Upgrade accommodations.
  • Private tours and transport.
  • Get a guide for the duration of your trip.
  • Extend or reduce the duration of the tour.

Experiences and Activities

  • Increase or reduce the amount of tours and activities to fit your style.
  • See more wildlife.
  • Spend more time on the beach.
  • See more cities.
  • Do more trekking.
  • Spend more time experiencing the culture.
  • Go off the grid for some real adventure.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  After all, this is your holiday and you should spend it doing what you want to do.  Contact us now to get started planning.

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