Christmas in Sabah

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activities/destinations in Sabah Borneo for Christmas
Ho… Ho… Ho… ‘Tis the season! Christmas lights and decorations are up in Kota Kinabalu City street and boy, does it feel cosy! Christmas holiday is an event that is celebrated by Christians all over the world in commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. In Sabah Borneo, there is a diverse culture living together harmoniously and celebrate the Christmas festive together. If you happen to travel here in Sabah Borneo and still do not have any clue on how to spend your Christmas Borneo Holidays here in Sabah Borneo, don’t worry, we will provide you some of the top activities that you can do for your Christmas Borneo Holidays.

1) Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (TARP) Islands

activities/destinations in Sabah Borneo for Christmas
Diving in TARP Islands

What could be a better way to spend your Christmas Borneo Holidays than to go for diving in TARP Islands? Surround yourself with the exquisite marine coral reefs like you never seen before. With just about 15 minutes away from Kota Kinabalu city, this tropical island will offer you a vacation of a lifetime. Apart from diving, you can also try out other water activities that are offered at the TARP Islands, such as coral zipline, island hopping, sea walking, parasailing, banana boat ride, and many more exciting activities! You can also simply relax and get a suntan by the beach. A day trip to these TARP Islands will never be enough for you.

2) Luxurious Holiday in resort

Since Christmas Holiday is considered a holiday break for everyone, why not spend your Christmas Borneo Holiday in a resort? You can just simply relax and de-stress yourself from your busy life in the resort. Since it is Christmas season, you can expect there will be many beautiful and some over-the-top Christmas decorations display at the resort, making the Christmas festive at the resort more lively. Apart from that, you can also witness the Christmas Choir performances at the resort, as well as Christmas activities or games offered during your stay in the resort, be sure to participate in it!
activities/destinations in Sabah Borneo for Christmas
Relaxing by the beach at the resort

3) Christmas lunch/dinner in restaurants/ hotels

New year new you Sabah Borneo Holidays 2018
Enjoy your lunch/dinner in Hotel
Indulge yourself with some of the delicious festive foods that are available for lunch or dinner at any hotels or restaurants in Sabah Borneo. Choose to have a memorable Christmas season with your loved ones in the spirit of Christmas. The lights, Christmas decorations, musical live performances and warm services by the staffs, will never cease to stop you from celebrating Christmas in Sabah Borneo. Moreover, the delicious and sumptuous foods that are served in a buffet-style will leave your stomach full for a day!

4) North Borneo Cruise

If you are not the type to celebrate Christmas in a resort, you can also experience a luxurious cruise through the North Borneo Cruise. There are two types of cruises that you can go, either sunset cruise or the night cruise. Whichever you choose, both will let you experience something out of the ordinary for your Christmas Borneo Holidays. Moreover, be mesmerized by the sunsets or city’s night view, the live band performances will keep you entertained while keeping your tummies happy with the Western and Asian fusion style of buffet dinner.
activities/destinations in Sabah Borneo for Christmas

Sunset View by the North Borneo Cruise

5) Weston River Cruise

activities/destinations in Sabah Borneo for Christmas
Proboscis Monkeys hanging on a tree. Photo by: Musafirtravellers

Celebrate your Christmas with a different experience by going for a river cruise in Weston River. Be anticipated to see Proboscis Monkeys aka Long-nosed Monkeys hanging on the mangrove trees. Apart from that, Weston is also treasured with a variety of other Borneo Wildlife, such as Silver-Leaf Monkeys, Long-Tail Macaques, snakes, birds, otters, and many more. After dinner, you will go for another round of river cruise to witness the enchanting sight of fireflies flying around the mangrove trees, which somehow looks like Christmas lights on trees! Now, who say you can’t celebrate Christmas on a river cruise?

6) Kundasang

How about celebrating your Christmas in a cooling breeze of the highlands in Sabah Borneo? Spend your Christmas in Kundasang, Sabah Borneo, where it offers you a peaceful experience and an untouched beauty of nature. There are a lot of destinations you can go in Kundasang, such as Kinabalu National Park, Desa Cattle Dairy Farm, Poring Hot Spring, Sabah Tea Garden and more. Click here to know more places that you can go to Ranau!
activities/destinations in Sabah Borneo for Christmas
Mount Kinabalu view from afar

7) Kudat

activities/destinations in Sabah Borneo for Christmas
Watch the awesome Sunset view from Tip of Borneo

Spend your Christmas Borneo Holidays away from the city life and head out to some of the hidden gems in Sabah Borneo, which is Kudat. A unique small town which is located in the northern part of Sabah Borneo and home to Rungus ethnic people. Embark about three and a half hours journey drive to Kudat, welcoming you with a breathtaking view of tropical beaches, the Tip of Borneo, amazing sunset views, intricate designs of Rungus beads handicraft, gong-making villages, and more. A trip to Kudat for Christmas Borneo Holidays will sure make you feel in awe of its beautiful places and culture experience, which somehow you may think twice whether or not to leave the place.

Having read the activities/destinations in Sabah Borneo for your Christmas Borneo Holidays, we hope you will get some of the ideas on how to spend your Christmas Borneo Holidays in Sabah Borneo. In addition, feel free to read some of the Insta-Worthy places in Sabah Borneo to show your family and friends back home the beauty of Sabah Borneo.
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