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Destination scenery in Borneo that make us feel in New Zealand


October, 2017

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Travelling to Borneo is a wonderful destination for travelers around the globe. Being the world’s third largest island (behind Greenland and New Guinea) straddles at the equatorial and dominated by lush rainforest. It is not a surprise that Borneo Island is the haven for outdoor adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. In addition, Borneo Island does not entirely belong to one nation, it is the only island in the world that are divided between three countries, such as Malaysian Borneo (Sabah and Sarawak), Brunei, and Indonesia.

Most of us know that Borneo Island offers breathtaking scenery of nature, as well as a chance to witness rare flora and fauna. However, we never know that there are places in Borneo, especially Malaysian Borneo, that have some amazing destinations scenery that makes us feel like in New Zealand! Don’t believe it? Check out the photos below that I’ve compiled and tell me if looking at those pictures does not trigger the feeling as though you’re in New Zealand (Peter Jackson, Sabah is always free to shoot Lord of The Rings!).

1) Desa Cattle Dairy Farm (Sabah Borneo) &

Mount Taranaki/Egmont ( New Zealand)

Destination scenery in Borneo like New Zealand
Desa Cattle Dairy Farm Vs Mount Taranaki/Egmont

Desa Cattle Dairy Farm is known to every local as the little “New Zealand” of Sabah Borneo. With the picturesque view of Mount Kinabalu and the cows eating the green grass pastures, not forgetting the cooling climate there, it is not a wonder that being in the dairy farm will make you feel like you’re in Mount Taranaki/Egmont.

Did You Know?

Mount Taranaki is also a resemblance to Mount Fuji, therefore making it as one of the film destination for the movie The Last Samurai. Wondering if Sabah Borneo will soon become one of the film destination in the future? Hmm…We sure do hope so!

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2) Kelambu Beach (Sabah Borneo) & Split Apple Rock Beach ( New Zealand)

Destination scenery in Borneo like New Zealand
Kelambu Beach Vs Split Apple Rock Beach

One of the unique features of Kelambu Beach is a tombolo, which means a strip of land connecting the mainland to the island. Kelambu Beach is located in Kudat, the northern part of Sabah Borneo. In addition, searching for Kelambu Beach is like searching for a needle in a haystack! Kelambu Beach is one of the unspoiled beaches in Sabah Borneo and the ultimate place for beach lovers. With the clear blue sea and white sand, the scenery in Kelambu Beach somehow makes one feel like they’re at the Split Rock Apple Beach in New Zealand.

Check out these awe-inspiring photos and also a video below that will make you book a trip to Kudat, Sabah Borneo! 

3) Mulu Pinnacles Of Mount Api (Sarawak Borneo) & Putangirua Pinnacles ( New Zealand)

Destination scenery in Borneo like New Zealand
Mulu Pinnacles Vs Putangirua Pinnacles

In Sarawak Borneo, Mount Api (Api means fire) is one of the attractions in Gunung Mulu National Park due to its striking limestone karst formations or “pinnacles”. In addition, the unique formation somehow resembles those pinnacles at the Putangirua Pinnacles in New Zealand. Apart from that, both offers challenging yet fun trekking in order to reach to the pinnacles. The Putangirua Pinnacles was once a film destination for one of J.R.R. Tolkien’s famous fantasy novel, which is The Lord of The Rings.

4) Melangkap River (Sabah Borneo) & Tongariro River ( New Zealand)

Destination scenery in Borneo like New Zealand
Melangkap River vs Tongarino River

Melangkap River, which is located in Kota Belud, is unknown to many travelers and even to some locals too! It is actually a perfect place to experience recreational and camping outdoors with your family/ friends/ travel buddies. While, Tongariro River is a place for whitewater rafting activities, walking, and bushwalking, famous for trout fishing too! It is impossible to say that these two pictures do not have similarity. This is due to the reason that both show the resemblances of an exquisite clear river and breathtaking scenery, making it hard to spot the differences.

5) Bako National Park (Sarawak Borneo) & Piha Beach ( New Zealand)

Destination scenery in Borneo like New Zealand
Bako National Park ( Photo Source: amrufm) vs Piha Beach

Looking at the unique rock formations in Bako National Park, it really feels like we’re at Piha Beach in New Zealand! Both places offer some good sandy beaches for beach lovers as well as hiking activities in several jungle trails. Apart from that, taking a good stroll along the beach provides a great chance to witness the dramatic sunset view from both places.

6) Batu Luang beach (Sabah Borneo) & Cathedral Cove beach ( New Zealand)

Destination scenery in Borneo like New Zealand
Batu Luang Beach ( Photo Source: Adam Lai) vs Cathedral Cove Beach

Batu means rock in Malay language and it is a bell-shaped rock that is stunning standing high and mighty at the beach. Unknown to many, Batu Luang beach retains its nature’s beauty and a perfect location for many photographers. The first time I saw a few photos of Batu Luang in google images, I can’t believe it was actually located in Kuala Penyu, Sabah Borneo! Then, it strikes me again that the scenery in Batu Luang is also quite familiar to Cathedral Cove in New Zealand, especially the part where they shoot one of the movie scenes in Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

After seeing the similarities to both Borneo and New Zealand, I can say that I’m really proud of being a Sabahan and having such beauty in my backyard! So next time, before thinking about flying out to New Zealand, why not just do a trip to Borneo to go to these photo-worthy places!

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