Best Places to Explore in Malaysian Borneo (Part I)

Best Places to Explore in Malaysian Borneo (Part I)

Best places to explore in

Malaysian Borneo (Part I)


October, 2017
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It’s a big world out there – so big that it can be daunting to decide which destination in Malaysian Borneo to visit for your Borneo holidays. From natural wonders to man-made masterpieces, from Borneo wildlife to cityscapes, the choices are endless. Don’t let indecision get you down, or worse, delay the planning of your next trip. Don’t worry, we’re going to save you from this misery as we provide you the best places to explore in Malaysian Borneo. You are free to pick one, or pick them all, it’s your choice!

1) Mount Kinabalu, Sabah Borneo

Mount Kinabalu

Standing majestically at 4,095 Meters, Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Southeast Asia, which in turn attracts trekkers from around the world to climb the summit. The climb to the summit is not technically difficult but it is long and steep, so you may need to build some post climb recovery time into your trip. Mount Kinabalu is the centerpiece of Kinabalu National Park, which was established in 1964, and was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000. If you are not planning to climb Mount Kinabalu, you can go for easily navigated trails around the Kinabalu National Park, while getting the chance to experience a diverse array of flora and fauna species. Up until today, Mount Kinabalu become one of the many reasons travelers visit Malaysian Borneo.

Want to know more about Mount Kinabalu? Click here to know the Legends of Mount Kinabalu.

2) Sipadan Island, Sabah Borneo

Best places to explore in Malaysian Borneo (Part I)
Swimming with turtle in Sipadan Island

Discover an underwater paradise off of Sipadan Island, the only oceanic island in Malaysia, becoming a legendary destination amongst divers and known for being one of the world’s best diving spots. Sipadan island is located at the heart of the Indo-Pacific basin, the center of one of the richest marine habitat in the world. Hence, Sipadan island fulfills every divers’ imagination and dream, for being rich in various marine life species. Apart from that, Sipadan Island is also well known for Green and Hawksbill sea turtles gather there to mate and nest. There is a total of 12 dive sites in Sipadan, but the most recommended dive sites would be Turtle Cavern, Barracuda Point, South Point, and Hanging Gardens.

3) Mulu National Park, Sarawak Borneo

Mulu Pinnacles

Mulu National Park is in Miri Division of Sarawak Borneo, and it is the largest national park in Sarawak Borneo. Mulu National Park was listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO in November 2000, for its high biodiversity, cave and karst formations. Mulu National Park dominated by Mulu Mountain (second highest mountain in Sarawak Borneo), with its height about a 2,377m-high of sandstone pinnacles. Moreover, Mulu National Park also famous for its largest natural chamber (the Sarawak Chamber) and its four main attractions of show caves (Wind, Clearwater, Deer and Langs Cave). The main attraction will be to witness the bat exodus from the viewing station, going for rainforest canopy skywalk, caving adventures, climbing up the Mulu summit, trekking into the Pinnacles trails and going through the historic Headhunter’s Trail through the Borneo Jungle.

4) Bako National Park, Sarawak Borneo

Bako National Park

Established in 1957, this coastal national park is easily accessible by boat from the capital city of Kuching. Bako National Park is the oldest and smallest in Sarawak Borneo, but home to diverse range of Borneo wildlife, which includes about 150 species of birds and the rare Proboscis Monkey (also known as Long Nose Monkey). This park has about 16 Borneo Jungle trails that offer hikers an interesting walk ranging from a short stroll to full-day hikes. Bako National Park offers a high chance to spot some of the Borneo wildlife, such as the Proboscis Monkey, Long-Tailed Macaque Monkey, Silver-Leaf Monkey, Wild Boar, Squirrel, and Monitor Lizard.

5) Kinabatangan River, Sabah Borneo

Spot Borneo Pygmy Elephants in Kinabatangan river cruise

Kinabatangan River is the longest river in Sabah Borneo and second longest in Malaysia, stretching over 560 km from the Crocker Range, to its mangrove swamp estuary, into the Sulu Sea on the East coast of Sabah. Going through Kinabatangan River by small boat offers a unique and rich experience, as well as the high concentration of spotting Borneo wildlife, is remarkable. You may encounter a lot of Borneo wildlife there, which include Borneo Pygmy Elephant, Orangutan, Proboscis Monkey, Snakes, Crocodiles and many Borneo bird species, such as a variety of Kingfisher and Hornbill.

6) Maliau Basin Conservation Area, Sabah Borneo

Best places to explore in Malaysian Borneo (Part I)
Maliau Basin’s famous 7-tier waterfall

If you are more into nature and off-the-beaten destination, Maliau Basin is the one for you! Get into the “Lost world of Sabah”, which is Borneo’s last untouched wilderness. It is situated in a remote southern area of Sabah Borneo and was recorded the first human entry as recent as the early 1980s. Eventually, Maliau Basin is protected by the government and designated as a Class One Protected Forest Reserve, where there are still many unexplored places in this pristine Borneo Jungle. This is perfect for jungle trekking and birding activities into this pristine Borneo Jungle, especially trekking up to the awe-inspiring 7-tier waterfalls. Bliss!

7) Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, Sabah Borneo

Best places to explore in Malaysian Borneo (Part I)
Orangutan in their natural habitat

Take the opportunity to go to Sandakan, Sabah Borneo, to see the “man of the forest”, which is Orangutan in Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. Set within protected Kabili-Sepilok Forest Reserve that covers an area of 4,294 acres of Borneo Jungle, this centre welcomes orphaned and captive orangutans, provide them medical and nutritional support, as well as teaching them survival skills with the hope to release the Orangutan to the wild. In addition, the center also aims to educate visitors and locals on the importance of rehabilitation as well as protecting the Orangutan species before it becomes extinct. You can witness Orangutan in their natural habitat through the viewing platform during the feeding times. Apart from that, you can also see the playful Orangutan toddlers from the indoor nursery viewing area which has been opened to the public in October 2014.

8) Iban Longhouse, Sarawak Borneo

Inside verandah of the Iban Longhouse

A unique experience for your Borneo holidays, where you can learn the culture of Sarawak Borneo indigenous group (Iban people), and stay with them at the longhouse. A better option is to visit the Iban longhouse farther from the city, to get more authentic experience that you will enjoy. In addition, get the chance to ride on a longboat to reach the longhouse, and you will get a glimpse of luscious landscape of Borneo Jungle. Enjoy a chance to interact with the Iban people on their culture and listen to their story about their ancestor once prided as headhunters. The best part of staying in an Iban Longhouse is you’ll get a chance to sample authentic local food, watch and learn the traditional dance, as well as shooting a blowpipe gun too!

After reading this, are you excited to plan your holiday destination to explore Malaysian Borneo? What are you waiting for? Book your next adventure and plan your visit to see these best places in Malaysian Borneo. Stay tuned for our next blog post on best places for you to explore in Malaysian Borneo (Part II).

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6 Hidden Islands in Sabah Borneo for an Exotic Beach Vacation

6 Hidden Islands in Sabah Borneo for an Exotic Beach Vacation

6 Hidden Islands in Sabah Borneo for an Exotic Beach Vacation  


October, 2017

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Fun Dive Borneo

Travel to Unknown Places and Discover Unknown Passions.
– Anonymous

Borneo has many wonderful idyllic islands and beaches, especially in Sabah Borneo. Pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, beautiful corals, colorful fishes, diving, lush green nature, and relaxation; these are just some of the things that anyone can experience on the islands of Sabah Borneo. So, look no further, as Sabah Borneo might fit the bill for your next Borneo island getaway!

When planning for a beach vacation in Sabah Borneo, one most likely will choose destination that are shown in magazines, online media, or from friends’ recommendations. As time goes by, some might feel that those destination are not as interesting as before.

Looking for novelties? Here are six hidden islands in Sabah Borneo, that will be perfect for an exotic beach excursion.

1) Sibuan Island

Hidden islands in Borneo
Sibuan Island view. Photo by: eTawau

Sibuan Island is located in Semporna, Sabah Borneo. It is part of the eight islands (Sibuan, Bodgaya, Bohey Dulang, Tetagan, Sebangkat, Selakan, Maiga, and Mantabuan Island which is also part of the Tun Sakaran Marine Park). Click here to see Borneo island map which shows the islands in Tun Sakaran Marine Park.

Sibuan Island is bestowed with abundant marine life, home to plenty of pygmy seahorses and the beautiful mandarin fish. Sibuan Island is truly a number one sighting for many divers. Unfortunately, there are no resorts and public facilities on the island, the nearest one will be on Pom Pom Island and Mataking Island. For budget travelers, they will prefer to stay in some of the budget accommodation in Semporna town and book a day tour to Sibuan Island.

Activities that can be done in Sibuan Island are swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and sun-bathing. In addition, Sibuan Island is also known for being one of the best muck diving spots in Malaysia.

2) Lankayan Island

Hidden islands in Borneo
Lankayan Island view

Lankayan Island is a small tropical coral island, which is nearby to Beluran, Sabah Borneo. There is only one resort on the island, Lankayan Island Dive Resort, which was built in 1997. Lankayan island has a myriad of marine life, coral, and sunken weeds; which makes Lankayan Island one of the must-dive spots in Sabah Borneo. One of the highlighted activities in Lankayan Island is from March to May each year, diver enthusiasts should go for the not-to-be-missed chance to dive with the majestic whale sharks.

Apart from that, Lankayan Island is also a part of the conservation island project, which is similar to Turtle Islands National Park of Sabah Borneo. Due to being a nesting ground for Green and Hawksbill Sea Turtles, offers a chance for travelers to witness sea turtles laying eggs and hatchlings being released to the sea. Lankayan Island is truly the best place to spend a quiet beach vacation with family and friends filled with relaxation and unspoiled nature.

3) Pom Pom Island

Hidden islands in Borneo
Water villas in Pom Pom Island Resort view

Pom Pom Island is a small coral reef island in the Celebes Sea in Semporna, Sabah Borneo. Pom Pom Island is relatively untouched by humans (there are no villages here), surrounded by white sand coral beaches, which makes it one of the famous spots for Green and Hawksbill turtles to lay their eggs.

In addition, Pom Pom Island is also macro divers paradise with so many small marine creatures near the Pom Pom Island resort area. Travelers can also enjoy the beach activities (i.e. kayaking, beach volleyball, etc.) or just simply laze around at the resort area.

4) Dinawan Island

Hidden islands in Borneo
Morning view of Dinawan Island. Photo by: Lai JiunLoong

Dinawan Island is a privately owned island which is located in the southwest of Kota Kinabalu city, nearby to Kinarut town. There is a resort built on the island which is surrounded by lush tropical rainforests and crystal clear water.

Travelers can experience a relaxing and undisturbed atmosphere on this island. Get ready to be blown away by the breathtaking view of the scenery from the island and the squawking sound of Hornbills from the distance.

There are several activities that can be done at the Dinawan Island, such as snorkeling, sea walking, scuba diving and other water sports activities. For travelers who are into fishing, Dinawan Island also offers activities of day and night fishing trip.

5) Sepanggar Island

Hidden islands in Borneo
Sepanggar Island. Photo by: Mari Mari Sepanggar

Sepanggar Island is located off Sepanggar Bay in Sabah Borneo, which is only about 10 minutes boat ride from the Jesselton Point terminal ferry in Kota Kinabalu city. Sepanggar Island is twice the size of Manukan Island, click here to see the Borneo map of islands in Borneo.

Instead of going to the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park for an island getaway destination, travelers should head out to Sepanggar Island. There is only one accommodation available on the island, which is Mari Mari Sepanggar Lodge. It is one of the off-the-track islands in Sabah Borneo, which offers travelers a quiet and chillaxed feeling by the sea.

Apart from relaxing by the beach, travelers can also go for scuba diving, kayaking, fishing, and jungle trekking on the island.

6) Maliangin Island

Hidden islands in Borneo
Maliangin Island. Photo by: Justinlingg

Maliangin Island is part of Kudat division in Sabah Borneo, which is about 30 minutes boat ride to reach the island. Moreover, Maliangin Island is also part of the gazetted area of Tun Mustapha Marine Park.

Maliangin Island is not much of a development but it is a great place for travelers to feel the authenticity of the beach paradise. There is only one accommodation available on the island, which is the Maliangin resort. However, travelers can stay in Sri Maliangin homestay which is located on Banggi Island, where travelers can actually live like the locals!

Maliangin Island is known for its wide range of corals and marine life. This island is also one of the snorkeling and diving haven for divers and non-divers. Here’s an additional article for you that will make you book a trip to Kudat

After reading through these 6 Hidden Islands in Sabah Borneo for your exotic beach vacation, don’t forget to put these islands into your list of Islands to visit. Apart from that, check out our other blog post on our pick for the best beaches in Sabah Borneo.

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Quirky Things You Can Do in Malaysian Borneo!

Quirky Things You Can Do in Malaysian Borneo!

Quirky Things You Can Do in Borneo Malaysia


September, 2017

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Borneo Wildlife Tour

Borneo Wildlife Adventure Tour

Weston River Cruise


Borneo Island, is the ideal destination for tourists and travelers. From the pristine Borneo Rainforest, to an amazing encounter with Borneo wildlife, delicious food, unique culture, and not forgetting, colorful festivals celebrated. There seem to be so many attractions in Malaysian Borneo that you will find yourself extending your Borneo Holiday trip!

However, Malaysian Borneo do surprise tourists & travelers with some of the attractions that may look unusual to them but is actually quite an interesting thing to do!

Wanna know what it is? Check out the list below for the quirky things you can do in Borneo Malaysia.

Indulge on Sago Worms (Butod)

Things to do in Borneo
Live Sago Worm or Butod. Photo by: NicoleKis

Yes, worm! Or specifically the larvae of the sago worms. It can be eaten either raw ( which some say taste like chicken!), roasted or stir fried. This is not something that you can see in your everyday food intake, but this is considered a delicacy eaten by some of the indigenous groups in Malaysian Borneo. However, you can’t see this delicacy served in any normal restaurant in Malaysian Borneo, but you can find it being sold in the local market or “Tamu”. There is one eaterie in Kota Kinabalu city that you can actually have your first experience of eating the Sago Worm, which is D’Place Kinabalu. So, do you dare to eat?

Check out our other blog post entry as we share our experience of having our Traditional Dinner in D’Place Kinabalu.

Feast on Durians

Things to do in Borneo
Feast on Durian. Photo by: Rawsomehealthy

Durian is widely known as the King of Fruit in Southeast Asia and the distinctive odor make some locals, or tourists, turn their nose around. However, some find the smell so tempting and sweet like an almond, but to others, they will say it smells rotten and bad ( some even passed out after smelling it! Yikes!). Although the durian odor can be disagreeable to some, the taste of the flesh is oh-so-yummy! Almost all Malaysian Borneo locals love to eat durians, so get ready when the time you are traveling in Malaysian Borneo and it is durian season, you may see a lot of stalls selling durians. Some places in Malaysian Borneo also offers “all-you-can-eat” durian buffet, which features different types of durians for you to try out!

Want to know other bizarre fruits in Sabah Borneo? Click here to read.

Visit the Cat Museum 

Things to do in Borneo
Collections of miniature cats’ toys

In any museums of different countries that you’ve gone, you will never expect that there is a museum dedicated to Cats! It is none other than the Cat Museum in Kuching, Sarawak. The Cat Museum features the feline collections such as paintings, photo, the mummified Egyptian cat, cat souvenirs and more; which has over 4,000 collections of the feline. Unusual as it may be, it is quite interesting to visit to the Cat Museum when you are visiting Kuching, Sarawak Borneo. Good news is, it is FREE to visit but a nominal fee provided if you want to bring along your camera or video camera inside the museum.

Are you planning to visit Kuching city? Click here to read travel guides to Kuching city.

Adopt an Orangutan 

Things to do in Borneo
Orangutan looking afar

As much as you enjoy your first encounter of the cute Orangutans in the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Sandakan Sabah Borneo, you can actually adopt the Orangutans (but not the kind of adoption you can bring home though!). It is actually to support the center’s purpose of rehabilitating the orphaned orangutans, so the orphaned orangutans can be properly taken care and being observed on their daily routines in the natural habitat, as well as to prevent it from extinction.

Party in the Borneo Jungle 

Concert party in the Borneo Jungle

Yes, you read it right! We do have a party in Borneo jungle, and you are invited ( but don’t forget to buy the entrance fee tickets!). This party is held yearly in Sarawak Cultural Village and it is none other than the Rainforest World Music Festival. This party brings music artists and lovers from around the world together in this world-renowned indigenous festival unlike any other. What makes the party more fun is it lasts for three days! (Awesome!) You can hear the exotic sound of the traditional music everywhere, join the dance and craft workshops provided or even check out the live music performance at night. Just imagine yourself there with music blasting, a decent amount of alcohol and dancing there, and it is all set in the heart of the Borneo jungle. There is no party that is so much cooler and exotic than that!

Never been to Rainforest World Music Festival in Sarawak Borneo? Click here to read the newbie guide to Rainforest World Music Festival.

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A Weekend Escape At The Sapi Island!

A Weekend Escape At The Sapi Island!

A Weekend Escape At The Sapi Island!


July, 2017

If you ask me about the Island nearby, i would definitely suggest you going to Sapi Island just about 15 Minutes from the Kota Kinabalu City Centre. Sapi Island is one of the islands of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park and it is well protected and preserved. One does not just visit the Island to have a look around. There are tons of things to do when you are in the Island. Go for a dive, snorkeling, picnic, swim, and many more.

Be welcome by the clear blue crystal clear ocean water of the island

Just look at that water, doesn’t it make you wanna jump in and just cool down. One of the must-not-miss activity to do when you’re in Sapi Island is of course the water sports activities. Go for the snorkeling and I bet that you won’t regret a thing as you can see a lot of beautiful coral reefs and fishes of all kinds. The amazing display of coral reefs will satisfy your eyes.

Put on your snorkeling mask and jump in! Don’t be shy to the fishes!
Mask Up and it’s Time To Dive!

Other than snorkeling, you can also go for the dive. Pulau Sapi has one of the best diving spots nearby Kota Kinabalu City. You will see many sea life and also corals. The Dive Masters will guide you to some of the best eye satisfying corals that you will ever see and I bet it’ll be a memorable one for the rest of your life. 

For the food, you can always head to the next island to grab a little or maybe a big lunch. The Padang Point beach that is only at the opposite of the Sapi Island and you can grab a quick lunch there. There is a few restaurants that operate on the island and they serve a variety of food like fried noodles, rice, and many more.

A Weekend Escape At The Sapi Island!
Here are some of the happy guest of Pulau Sapi enjoying their local lunch

Another thing that you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Sapi Island is the Zipline. It is definitely something very different from any other zipline that you will ever experience. Glide across from one island to the other island and pass through the clear blue crystal clear water and corals below.

A Weekend Escape At The Sapi Island!
The Breathtaking Views, The Adrenaline Rush and Just Pure Joy!
A Weekend Escape At The Sapi Island!
It’s the Amazing Coral Flyers!

The Coral Flyer Zipline was recently launched to offer a buzz of adrenaline rush for thrill seekers out there! From Gaya Island, you get on the zipline crossing to Sapi Island and it is super fun as you can see the excitement just by looking at the pictures. It made me super stoked seeing the pictures and it made me want to experience it myself and get that good dose of adrenaline rush.

A Weekend Escape At The Sapi Island!
Strap your camera with you and don’t forget to capture that unforgettable moment zipping across from Gaya Island to Sapi Island.

The experience I had in Sapi Island is superb and I would really recommend anyone to visit the island if they’re looking for a place to chill and just de-stress from the concrete jungles of the Kota Kinabalu City. Just take a 15 minutes boat ride from Jesselton Point to reach the Paradise Island and don’t forget to leave your problems behind okay.

A Weekend Escape At The Sapi Island!
Just enjoy the sun and just enjoy the relaxing ocean breeze as it blows all your troubles away! ^^

Apart from going to Sapi Island for day trip, there are also few places that you can spend for a day trip in your Borneo Holiday. Do check out our blog on Top 5-day trips to do in Sabah

Bring me to explore Kota Kinabalu City!

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June, 2017

Sabah, Borneo’s lush tropical rainforest and rich coral reefs, and colourful culture has made Sabah a great place to travel. Incorporate them with the relatively low prices for travelers has put Sabah as a must go-to place to visit. The only way to really experience the beauty of Sabah is basically to backpack your way from one end to the other. But if you don’t have the time, there are still many things to do on a daily basis.

5. Quad Biking in Kinabalu

Adventurous is your middle name? Then try out quad biking through dirt roads, up and down muddy slopes, across lush greeneries, and feeling the cool breeze on your face, all while having Mount Kinabalu as your backdrop.

4. River Cruise

Nature lover by heart, but not much time to kill? Enjoy a slow river cruise down the Weston Wetland Park and get the chance to see the endemic Proboscis Monkeys in the wild. Not to mention other wildlife as well, such as Flying Foxes, various types of Langurs, Crocodiles, and loads more. In the evening, be awed by a special performance from the Fire Flies with their “flashing lights” in their habitat.

For more information, check out our Proboscis Monkey River Cruise tour, or you can read our blog on Weston River Cruise for you to get the feel before deciding to go for a visit. 

3. Mari Mari Cultural Village

Sabah Borneo’s culture is rich and diverse and oh so interesting! You might not have the chance to stay with a native family for the next few days, but you can head on over to Mari Mari Cultural Village to experience and learn about Sabah’s diverse ethnicity. From their customs and beliefs, the way they do their chores, cook their food (with wood), how they greet, and so much more! You even have the chance to try out some local delicacies. Something not to be missed!

Feel free to read our blog as we share our trip to Mari Mari Cultural Village day trip.

2. City and Nature Tour

Want to know more about the history, architecture, and nature within a day but you just don’t know where to start? Ask the experts and they’ll be glad to show you a few places which fit nicely within a day. Do you know that Borneo was once colonized by the British Colony? They left many of their trails in Sabah and the history behind it is wonderful! Knowing that Sabah is predominantly indigenous people, you’ll be amazed at how mesmerizing the Floating Mosque looks like. Venturing into villages, you’ll see how fast scenery changes from concrete jungles to green landscapes, you’d think you just crossed borders! For booking tour, you can look up our Kota Kinabalu City and Nature Tour

1. Taste of Borneo Cooking Class

Sabah Borneo not only has you loving its’ food, it’ll want you to share it with your loved ones too. What better way then if not to learn it? Within a day, you’ll be able to learn several local dishes, which are pretty simple and taste nothing like the foods you eat in the shop. Authenticity is what it is and you’ll even mingle around with locals in the fresh market and get your hands down and dirty mixing up all the local ingredients to whip yourself a local cuisine in no time. To know more on how to join this authentic Borneo Cooking Class in Sabah, feel free to contact us here. Moreover, you can read our blog as we share our experience on the Unique Taste Of Borneo Cooking Class Tour.


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8 Quick Tips About Borneo

8 Quick Tips About Borneo

8 Quick Tips About Borneo

May, 2017

What Makes Borneo Special?

Here are 8 Quick Tips About Borneo that makes it a special place to visit:

1. This island comes in a great size.

Borneo is the third largest island in the world, behind New Guinea and Greenland. The island has an area of 748, 168 km² which is double the size of Germany! 

8 quick tips about borneo

2. And it is tall too!

Borneo is home to Malaysia’s first UNESCO world heritage site Mount Kinabalu Park. Inside the park boast the tallest mountain (Mount Kinabalu) between the Himalayas and New Guinea at 4,095 m above sea level.


8 quick tips about borneo

3. Do you like history? We have history…

The rainforest in Borneo rainforest has an estimated age of 130 million years, making it one of the oldest rainforest in the world. WOW….. 

8 quick tips about borneo

4. Wanna find something different?

Borneo is home to 44 endemic species mammals (meaning they are not found anywhere else in the world), 37 endemic species birds, 6,000 endemic species of plants, and 19 endemic species of amphibians and fish. Not to mention the rafflesia which is the world’s largest species of flower.  

8 quick tips about borneo

Plan for a Borneo Trip? Get your Ultimate Travel Packing List now!  

Claim your Travel Packing List!

5. Meet cool people

The island has more than 40 ethnic groups on Borneo, speaking 65 languages or dialects which make it one of the most diversely populated areas in the world!  

8 quick tips about borneo

6. Discover something new

During the last 10 years, 360 new species have been found in Borneo. Sir Alfred Russel Wallace who was the co-discoverer of the theory of evolution spent 1854 – 1855 here while developing the theory.  

8 quick tips about borneo

7. What is Borneo?

Borneo isn’t a country, in fact it’s the only island in the world divided between 3 different countries ;– Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia.  

8 quick tips about borneo

8. Lots of space to explore.

Borneo has a population of 18.59 million which makes it relatively unpopulated compared to most of other parts of asia. 

8 quick tips about borneo

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