A guide to Rainforest World Music Festival

A guide to Rainforest World Music Festival

A guide to Rainforest World Music Festival 


July, 2017

Have you ever heard a music festival concert in the jungle? Well, I am sure you have heard of it and one of it would be in Malaysia itself! It is located in the Land of the Hornbills, Sarawak. The Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) is celebrated each year at the Sarawak Cultural Village in Santubong, which is the 45-minutes drive from Sarawak capital city, Kuching. In addition, RWMF is a 3-days jungle musical fiesta from various ethnic and folk acts from all around the world.

I got the chance to visit the festival for the first time in my life, and I could tell you that you won’t be disappointed to go there. One travel bucket list ✔

* Tips: An early preparation of buying the entrance fee ticket through online is a MUST to avoid from purchasing the ticket at an expensive rate.

This year, RMWF celebrated its 20th anniversary on 14th – 16th July 2017. Performances and workshops by world music celebrities were done in the morning. At night, the rainforest vibrates with folk and tribal music from various talented artists from around the world. This festival has attracted many music lovers from across the globe and enjoy the weekend of ethnic and traditional music surrounded by Borneo jungle.

RWMF is considered unique because it brings people together from all around the globe to perform and celebrate this musical festival. Moreover, it is suitable for singles, couples, tour group, and even families with kids to visit. However, there are some of the lists of things that you can do at the RMWF, and this is base on my recent visit to the music festival last weekend. I hope these list of things will cater to anyone who plans to go celebrate the festival next year.

Participate in the RWMF workshops

A guide to Rainforest World Music Festival
Learning to play the musical instrument.

#Funtimes at the #RWMF2017! Mini sessions were overflowing with people today.

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These RMWF workshops are not to be missed out when you are there in the late morning till afternoon. This is where you can see some unique classes that involves with traditional and cultural. Some of the classes may give you the opportunity to learn traditional music instruments, such as learn how to play the Sape; Sarawak’s traditional music instrument. Apart from that, other classes involve singing, interactive cultural dance, and short performances. The workshops are held in the traditional houses, you can check out the event schedule and time of each of the workshops that you can participate.

Try out the local traditional food

A guide to Rainforest World Music Festival
Traditional Kayan food
A guide to Rainforest World Music Festival
Lunch by the mini waterfall

No festival is complete if you did not get the chance to savor the traditional food. You can try out the food of the people of Sarawak; Bidayuh, Orang Ulu, Chinese community, etc. I got the chance to try out the traditional food from one of the indigenous tribe in Sarawak;- Kayan Tribe. The best part, I get to enjoy the food beside a mini waterfall! How cool is that?

Make a visit to the arts and crafts bazaar

The arts and craft bazaar is considered unique, as it features many traditional and ethnic crafts from Sarawak Borneo. Experience the various design of bead work, weaving skills, woodcraft, and traditional instrument making. You can also purchase some of the local traditional jewelry and souvenirs there. The arts and craft bazaar is held in two places in the Sarawak Cultural Village, one will be at the bottom of Melanau tall house, and the other would be at the Malay house.

A guide to Rainforest World Music Festival
Beautiful handmade Jewelry from beads at the bottom Melanau Tall House.

Check out the tattoo exhibition

A guide to Rainforest World Music Festival
Visit the tattoo exhibition during the 3-days RWMF.
A guide to Rainforest World Music Festival
You can also get yourself a tattoo too!

The tattoo exhibition is held at the Bidayuh Longhouse in the Sarawak Cultural Village. This is where you can see the creative work done by the tattoo artists, as well as requesting the tattoo artists to design a tattoo for you, either traditional hand poked tattoo or the non-traditional way. However, it is a bit expensive if you want to do tattoos there. However, if you want to get the experience of traditional hand-poked tattoos, then this is the chance for you to try.

Stay healthy in the Wellness Program

??? #yogalover #yoga #twins #rwmf2017

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This year, the Wellness Programme is the newest addition to the festival and perfect for those health enthusiasts. The Wellness Programme such as yoga, Zumba, and even body combats were implemented during the festivals. So, don’t forget to bring your sports attire for next year festival!

Have your own village tour

A guide to Rainforest World Music Festival
Bidayuh Tribe House
A guide to Rainforest World Music Festival
Ulu Tribe House

Apart from going to participate the RWMF workshops, you can also explore the cultural villages house. It is known as the ‘living museum’, as it was set up to preserve and showcase Sarawak’s cultural heritage. Take the chance to see the architecture building of the traditional house, and also understand the local lifestyle and cultures in the olden days. So, be prepared with a hat, face towel, sunscreen and comfiest shoes for you to explore the area.

Relax at Damai Beach

A guide to Rainforest World Music Festival
Relax and chill by the beach. Photo by : Izza Fara

Another best thing you can do during the RWMF is to hang out at the Damai Beach, which is one of the most popular beaches in Kuching. The Damai beach stretches for about 1km long. You can just go to the beach for a suntan, play around in the sand or even enjoy the sunset view from the beach.

Don’t forget to join the 1Drum Circle

A guide to Rainforest World Music Festival
Get involved in Drum circle to play the drums, percussions and more

This is considered the most exciting activity in the RWMF and you should participate it. 1Drum circle is led by the 1Drum.org, as they provide an interactive drumming experience to all. Whether you are young or old, are welcome to sit in a circle and join in the joyous musical experience. You won’t need a skill or experience to play with the drums and percussions because there will be a facilitator who will guide the group in rhythms and rhythms-based activities. Feel free to choose whichever musical instruments or you can bring your own too and have fun!

Lastly, enjoy the night festival performance

A guide to Rainforest World Music Festival
RWMF Night Performance

RWMF main purpose is the music festival performance, listening to the traditional music from different countries around the globe would make your mind blown! My favorite would be the performance from 1511 0 Maliao Maliao Dance Troupe from Malaysia, too bad I could not take a video of the performance due to heavy rain that night. Check out the video below on how day tour of RWMF2017 looks like:

Although I spend only a day at the RWMF, it was all worth it! I will make sure I’ll be back there again next year! So, are you ready for next year’s festival? Feel free to read our other blog post entry on “Newbie Guide to Rainforest WOrld Music Festival (RWMF)“, so you can know what to expect for next year festival! 

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June, 2017

Sabah, Borneo’s lush tropical rainforest and rich coral reefs, and colourful culture has made Sabah a great place to travel. Incorporate them with the relatively low prices for travelers has put Sabah as a must go-to place to visit. The only way to really experience the beauty of Sabah is basically to backpack your way from one end to the other. But if you don’t have the time, there are still many things to do on a daily basis.

5. Quad Biking in Kinabalu

Adventurous is your middle name? Then try out quad biking through dirt roads, up and down muddy slopes, across lush greeneries, and feeling the cool breeze on your face, all while having Mount Kinabalu as your backdrop.

4. River Cruise

Nature lover by heart, but not much time to kill? Enjoy a slow river cruise down the Weston Wetland Park and get the chance to see the endemic Proboscis Monkeys in the wild. Not to mention other wildlife as well, such as Flying Foxes, various types of Langurs, Crocodiles, and loads more. In the evening, be awed by a special performance from the Fire Flies with their “flashing lights” in their habitat.

For more information, check out our Proboscis Monkey River Cruise tour, or you can read our blog on Weston River Cruise for you to get the feel before deciding to go for a visit. 

3. Mari Mari Cultural Village

Sabah Borneo’s culture is rich and diverse and oh so interesting! You might not have the chance to stay with a native family for the next few days, but you can head on over to Mari Mari Cultural Village to experience and learn about Sabah’s diverse ethnicity. From their customs and beliefs, the way they do their chores, cook their food (with wood), how they greet, and so much more! You even have the chance to try out some local delicacies. Something not to be missed!

Feel free to read our blog as we share our trip to Mari Mari Cultural Village day trip.

2. City and Nature Tour

Want to know more about the history, architecture, and nature within a day but you just don’t know where to start? Ask the experts and they’ll be glad to show you a few places which fit nicely within a day. Do you know that Borneo was once colonized by the British Colony? They left many of their trails in Sabah and the history behind it is wonderful! Knowing that Sabah is predominantly indigenous people, you’ll be amazed at how mesmerizing the Floating Mosque looks like. Venturing into villages, you’ll see how fast scenery changes from concrete jungles to green landscapes, you’d think you just crossed borders! For booking tour, you can look up our Kota Kinabalu City and Nature Tour

1. Taste of Borneo Cooking Class

Sabah Borneo not only has you loving its’ food, it’ll want you to share it with your loved ones too. What better way then if not to learn it? Within a day, you’ll be able to learn several local dishes, which are pretty simple and taste nothing like the foods you eat in the shop. Authenticity is what it is and you’ll even mingle around with locals in the fresh market and get your hands down and dirty mixing up all the local ingredients to whip yourself a local cuisine in no time. To know more on how to join this authentic Borneo Cooking Class in Sabah, feel free to contact us here. Moreover, you can read our blog as we share our experience on the Unique Taste Of Borneo Cooking Class Tour.


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Essential Tips to Stay Healthy while Traveling in Sabah, Borneo

Essential Tips to Stay Healthy while Traveling in Sabah, Borneo

Essential Tips to Stay Healthy while Traveling in Sabah, Borneo


June, 2017

Travelling can be so amazing, but it can also be disastrous if you do not take care of your health while traveling in Sabah, Borneo. To stay healthy while traveling is totally doable if you strategize on your travel plans. Thus, here are some of the essential tips that you will need to stay healthy while traveling in Sabah, Borneo.

1. Before you go, do some research first…

Essential Tips to Stay Healthy while Traveling in Sabah

Before traveling, you would need to know which destinations you would go and to know what kind of illnesses that you may face there. Consult your local doctor as well as read online on how to avoid those illnesses. You can also research on options of dining places in your travel destination so that you can find options for healthy food to sustain throughout your trip.

You can also download our Travel Health Sheet here for FREE!

Download your Travel Health Sheet

2. Next, immunizations or vaccinations!

This is a choice that you will need to do before visiting Sabah. Several vaccinations are recommended before you travel, which depends on your itinerary. Seek your local doctors for advice and recommendations on travel health. You can also download our free travel health sheet too!

3. Stay hydrated while traveling

Essential Tips to Stay Healthy while Traveling in Sabah

Sabah is incredibly hot and humid with a bit of rain throughout the year. However, it is recommended for you to stay hydrated at all times and drink more water to boost your immunity and metabolism while you travel in Sabah.

4. Boiling water/ mineral water intake

Best not to drink tap water, and this applies to anywhere you travel. So, it is better to drink mineral water or boiling water. You should be carrying water bottle all the time to stay hydrated.

5. Walk every day

If your destination is only a walking distance, it is recommended to explore it on foot, as it is one of the way to do some exercise while travelling. Use a map, get lost or get found, you will eventually realise that there will be more hidden gems that are not in the travel guide. This is a chance for you to enjoy the sight, smell and sound of the new surrounding, as well as to save some budget for your trip.

Essential Tips to Stay Healthy while Traveling in Sabah

6. Pack some healthy snacks

Essential Tips to Stay Healthy while Traveling in Sabah

Bring healthy snacks for you to eat, it will help you to avoid unhealthy food that are readily available. Be careful when eating foods from street vendors, unpasteurized dairy products, and raw or uncooked foods.

7. Don’t forget your sunblock and insect repellent!

Sabah weather can be unpredictably hot. Thus, you will very much likely get sunburnt when going out. Apply your skin with sunscreen to protect from the hazardous impacts of sunlight. Apart from that, don’t forget to use mosquito repellent when you are in Sabah, because it is to prevent you from getting dengue fever, malaria, or life threatening diseases.

8. Bring your Wet Wipes and Hand Sanitizer

We recommended you to bring wet wipes and/or hand sanitizer to maintain good hygiene as some public washrooms can be dirty.

Essential Tips to Stay Healthy while Traveling in Sabah

9. Don’t forget your supplements and basic first aid kit!

Sabah weather can be unpredictably hot. Thus, you will very much likely get sunburnt when going out. Apply your skin with sunscreen to protect from the hazardous impacts of sunlight. Apart from that, don’t forget to use mosquito repellent when you are in Sabah, because it is to prevent you from getting dengue fever, malaria, or life threatening diseases.

10. Travel insurance is always a good idea

Travel insurance companies will make it easier for you by providing a cheaper rate for travelers to be prepared for any unexpected accidents (God forbid!), without having the need to pay extra charges. Just make sure to keep your travel insurance details with you at all times, as it will help to speed up the process and making sure your insurer is informed.

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Unique Taste of Borneo Cooking Class Tour

Unique Taste of Borneo Cooking Class Tour

Unique Taste of Borneo Cooking

Class Tour


June, 2017

“Don’t just eat like a local. Learn to cook like one, too!” – John Lee, The Globe and Mail

Sabah is filled with various types of delicious foods like Western food, Chinese food, Indian food, and so on. But the most interesting type of food to checkout when you are visiting Sabah is the Local Kadazandusun food as you can only try this when you are in Sabah and it is a must-not-to-be-missed-thing to do. The experience is unbelievable! I had the chance to be a “tourist” in my hometown one day, to join the Taste of Borneo Cooking Class Tour with our guests. We were brought to the Local Market also known as “TAMU” in the local dialect, to see a big variety of vegetables, fishes, and also some of our Endemic Fruits such as the “TARAP” fruit, “BAMBANGAN” fruit and much more. Also get the chance to mingle around with the locals at the market and see how do they do their business there.


We were guided by two elderly couples throughout the market up to their house not far from Donggongon Town. When we reach to their house, they served us a few traditional Borneo Dessert with local black coffee before starting the cooking lesson. It started with a soup called Pinasakan. 

It is a popular dish among the Kadazandusun people in Sabah, this is the recipe that is used by the local people back in the olden days to keep it from going bad because, in the olden days, they usually traveled very far from home to get to the seaside to trade and get supplies. There was no refrigerator back then, so what they did is, they extract the moisture out from the fish so that it would withstand the long journey back home. The taste is sour, sweet and of course, delicious. Read our blog on “Pinasakan” being the popular dish for Kadazandusun.


Preparation of the soup. Also introductions to some of the ingredients used in the soup.   

The second dish is the Labu Putih Soup or Winter Melon soup with some chicken. This is a soup that is well known by both the Kadazandusun people and also the Chinese people in Sabah. It’s a simple dish to prepare but the taste is extraordinary. You’ll get that soft and tender chicken meat that is cooked together with the winter melon and also the aromatic soup that is super appetizing.


Winter Melon Soup With Chicken.   


Guest prepare the vegetables for the next dish.   

Tasting the soup 

Explaination on the food preparing

When the soup is boiling, we were introduced to some local vegetables such as the Wild Fern, Water Spinach, and also Tuhau. The couples taught us how to prepare them before cooking it. The most interesting vegetable for me is the Tuhau. It has a very strange smell to it and some people even describe the smell is like a beetle bug that the locals call the Posisang (a small beetle bug with a deadly smell).

Amazingly, they don’t taste as bad as how they would smell and it is super delicious. Once everything is cooked, rice is served together, and we all sat with the couple to chit chat and enjoy the foods. Honestly, the food was amazing! Get ready to skip your diet because the dishes was super appetizing and it is hard to resist from getting a second round.

After having our amazing lunch, we sat down to have some rest and the couple took us for a short tour around their garden to is filled with lots of beautiful colorful flowers. We took a few pictures with the couple for our good experience with them and to our surprise, they gave us a small token for our memories. It is a small recipe book for us bring back and remember the recipe.

After saying our goodbyes the driver then took us back to the hotel. It was an amazing experience that anyone should try as the couple will not only fill your mind with some super delicious recipe but also fill your stomach with their superb dishes.  

Momma’s sharing story to the guest

Momma is explaining some local herbs fresh from home.

Bon Apetite!

Photo Session with the guest

Interested in joining our Taste of Borneo Cooking Class? Bring your family or your friends to get the first experience of hands-on cooking the local Kadazandusun dishes, and don’t worry there will be a local family will help and teach you! 🙂 Feel free to check our tour here. 


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Bizarre fruits in Sabah that you might never hear before!

Bizarre fruits in Sabah that you might never hear before!

Bizarre fruits in Sabah that you might never hear before!


June, 2017

When you visit Sabah, be sure to try out some of the bizarre fruits in Sabah. Refrain yourself from buying fruits in the supermarket because it is too common for you, instead, go to the local market which offers a wide variety of delicious and rare fruits that Mother Nature has in store for you. Get ready to open your eyes to a ‘new world’ when you taste the bizarre fruits in Sabah!

Here are some of the bizarre fruits in Sabah that you never heard before: 

1. Tarap Fruit or Marang

Bizarre fruits in Sabah
  • This is one of the native fruit that I am sure most Sabahan love to eat. However, for the first-timer or visitors, they may hate the fruit, and some eventually get used to the smell and they like it! Some say it’s due to its smell that makes them not too likable to the fruit, but I personally don’t feel the smell is as strong as the durian smell.
  • The skin of the Tarap is covered with soft and blunt spines, which doesn’t prick at all. When it is ripe, it is easy to tear open because of its rind that turned soft. The flesh of the Tarap is so appetizing, sweet soft, and creamy white. The seed of tarap can also be eaten by frying it with a little bit of oil. Somehow, looking at the picture makes me crave for Tarap fruit now!

2. Bambangan or Wild Mango Fruit

Bizarre fruits in Sabah
  • It is a seasonal fruit which Sabahans love to eat. However, this fruit will not be eaten raw (usually), but will be pickled, or use for cooking with fish, such as Pinasakan ( steamed fish).
  • The bambangan is spherically-shaped, brown skin and yellowish in color. It taste a bit like mango fruit, as it can be sweet or sour, due to it being a seasonal fruit. It is known to contain health-giving additives and can reduce cardiovascular diseases.

3. Breadfruit or Buah Sukun

Bizarre fruits in Sabah
  • This is one of the fruits that can keep you full for the next few hours. I have tasted this fruit in the form of fried fritters at the tamu (local market), and it tastes so delicious and filling. The breadfruit is a versatile type of crop, which you can either eat it raw or cooked, even when it is not ripe.
  • The breadfruit is usually round, oblong, or oval in shape, with a rough surface and can weigh up to 6kg. When the breadfruit is unripe, the flesh is in white color, starchy, and fibrous. If it is ripe, the flesh is in yellow color and creamier. Breadfruit is high source of gluten-free carbohydrate, calcium, iron, and minerals, as well as being a low fat, and cholesterol fruits. Breadfruit can help people in maintaining a good diet and healthy lifestyle, for those who consume it.

4. Pulasan

Bizarre fruits in Sabah
  • Some people might confuse with this fruit, as it is closely similar with rambutan due to its shape and outer look. However, pulasan is extremely sweet and juicier than rambutan, the rind is thick and dark red in color, which is covered with blunt spines.
  • Pulasan name is originating from a Malay word ‘pulas’, means to twist as we need to twist the fruit in order to open it.
  • One of the good thing about pulasan fruit is its high content of Vitamin C and can help for those who are trying to lose weight, or maintain a healthy body. Traditionally, the leaves and roots of Pulasan tree can be used for healing of the wounds.

5. Jackfruit

Bizarre fruits in Sabah
  • Jackfruit is almost exactly the same as Cempedak, but it is slightly larger than the latter. Good thing about this fruit, it is available all year round! It has a distinctive sweet and fruity aroma, and its flesh is starchy and fibrous. Jackfruit is considered as a source of dietary fiber.
  • Jackfruit can be eaten raw, cooked as a dish, or can be as a snack food in form of fritters. Some say the taste of Jackfruit flesh when it is ripe is similar to a pulled pork or chicken, which is why jackfruit has become a meat substitution for those who wanted to cut meat in their diet.
  • Jackfruit can be used in making anything from curries, noodles, deep fried snack to ice-cream! Its golden yellow flesh is not sweet and is rich in potassium, plus the seeds are edible as well and a good source of protein.

6. Eggfruit Canistel or Buah Lemak

Bizarre fruits in Sabah
  • This is one of the exotic fruit that I have never tried (yet). I have seen this kind of fruit at the roadside local market in Kundasang, Ranau. Never crossed my mind that this is a fruit and is edible too!
  • The eggfruit is a similar shape like a small mango or apricot because of its skin in yellow color. However, its size can differ, it can be nearly round shape, somewhat oval, spindle-shaped or sometimes heart-shaped. Interesting isn’t it?
  • The eggfruit flesh when ripe, is sweet and musky, and taste like an egg yolk or mashed sweet potato. Apart from that, it is rich in nutrients because it contains beta-carotene ( an essential nutrient for the eyes), iron (good for anemic), and antioxidants (aid to fight diseases).

7. Tamarillo fruit

Bizarre fruits in Sabah
  • Tamarillo or known as Tree Tomato plant, because of its look resembling a tomato. In Sabah, Tamarillo can be found in the cool climate and highland area at Kundasang. It has a unique and exotic taste. Tamarillo flesh is mildly sweet and tangy, it can taste very similar to jams, jelly, and passion fruit.
  • Tamarillo fruits are in oval and egg shape with smooth skin. The fruit itself is rich with vitamin A, vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants, can be consumed for healthy well-being and meeting our nutrient requirements.
  • Tamarillo fruits can be eaten raw as fruit, can be used in making juices, and very filling. In Sabah, some local use Tamarillo fruit to cook with fish as a dish or make a pickle.
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Sabah Travel Guide – Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Sabah

Sabah Travel Guide – Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Sabah

Top 10 reasons to travel to Sabah

February, 2017

Many of you have heard about Sabah, the second largest state in Malaysia –  also known as the Land Below the Wind. With the population over 3.1 millions of people, blessed with unique cultures, beautiful beaches and diving spots, nature, and wildlife diversity, This is a place that you should never miss on your travel bucket list.

Sabah will always have something unique to offer to you. So, if you have not yet made any vacations plan, be sure to mark Sabah as one of your lists. Here,we will provide you the top 10 reasons why you should travel Sabah.

Top 10 reasons to travel in Sabah

Kota Kinabalu City view from Signal Hill Observatory Tower. Photo: Rosmadi Shakri

1. Kota Kinabalu –  Nature Resort City

The capital city of Sabah, formerly known as Jesselton during the British colonial era days. You will never missed a chance to visit Kota Kinabalu (KK) city as it is the main gateway to other destinations in Sabah.

You can head to the Signal Hill Observatory Platform to enjoy the KK city view and islands. Take a walk along the KK city Waterfront to experience the food and nightlife entertainments, or you can go further south to the Filipino handicraft market to purchase inexpensive textiles, pearls and other souvenirs to bring back home. Shop till you drop in KK’s shopping malls or you can go for a Sunday Market at Gaya Street area. One of the best thing in KK is you will be fascinated with the variety of cuisine offered not only in hotels, restaurants but also by hawker’s stall.

You can read our blog post on Kota Kinabalu previously known as Api Api.

2. Islands in Sabah

Sabah also was known as the “Maldives of South East Asia”, as it has dozens of islands that are open for tourist. Who can resist with the clear water and white sandy beaches of this beautiful tropical island? Sabah offers a various experience on where you can go for a diving and other activities.

You can go for Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (TARP) island hopping – consist of Manukan, Mamutik, Sapi and Sulug island, in a day. Apart from diving, you can also go for a birdwatching in Mantanani Island. Get close to the marine life to dive in Mabul Island, Kapalai Island and the most famous diving spots – Sipadan Island.

You can read our blog post on Top 5 Islands in Sabah.

3. Habitat for Wildlife

Half of Sabah is covered with forest, most of it as forest reserves and it is a home for the most unique and rarest wildlife. This gave many reasons to not only travelers but also wildlife experts,filmmakers, conservationists to travel all the way to discover wildlife in Sabah.

You can either meet Orang Utans at Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre, or you can go for a river cruise at Kinabatangan river to discover Proboscis Monkey and majestic birds. Pygmy elephants and Clouded Leopard spotting in Danum Valley Conservation Centre or in Deramakot Forest Reserve. Spotting the Bornean rhinoceros and tembadau in night safari at Tabin Wildlife Reserve. Moreover, you can choose to swim with turtles in coral reef around Turtle Island Marine Park.

You can read our blog posts on the Mammals Of Borneo : Kinabalu National Park6 Borneo Tours of Wildlife Will Leave a Permanent Exotic Experience in Your Life, Borneo Reptilians and Borneo Amphibians.

4. Nature

Sabah is a perfect place for nature lover where it is rich with natural resources and tropical rainforest. You will get the chance to experience the real beauty of nature and getting to know some rare and exotic flora in Sabah.

Take a nature walk around the Kundasang Kinabalu park, where you can get a majestic view of the Mount Kinabalu. Exploring the natural bird-nesting caves in Sabah – Gomantong Caves, Madai Caves, and Batu Punggul Caves. Jungle trekking in the Kawang Forest Reserve; the unique Lupa Masa Jungle Camp;  or to Maliau Basin, where you can experience a peaceful, natural and beautiful environment

Top 10 reasons to travel in Sabah
Top 10 reasons to travel in Sabah

Sabah diverse cultures. Photo: EstherK Borneo

5. Sabah Culture

There are more than 30 different ethnics group, with each different language, culture and heritage, living together in Sabah. You are welcome to experience the uniqueness of the various culture in Sabah.

Get to know various traditional homes of Sabahan ethnic in Mari-Mari Cultural Village in Kota Kinabalu, or stopping by to the living museum-Monsopiad Cultural Village to understand the unique ingenious architecture, simulated lives and ritual ceremonies. There are other places you can visit as well, such as Kadazan Dusun Culture Association Cultural Village, Meranjak homestay, Linangkit Cultural Village, Chanteek Borneo Indigenous Costume Museum.

6. Historical Places

Another reason to visit Sabah is due to the state’s rich with history. There are few historical landmarks you can go for a visit. Get to know the history during the World War II, by visiting the Kundasang War Memorial park and Sandakan Memorial Park. You can also visit the Mat Salleh Memorial Tambunan, Petagas Memorial Garden, Atkinson Clock Tower, North Borneo Railway and much more.

You can read our blog post on The Atkinson Clock Tower of Jesselton, British North Borneon

10 reasons to travel in Sabah
Top 10 reasons to travel in Sabah

7. Tip of Borneo

Going to the northern point of Borneo, where the South China Sea meets the Sulu sea. Tip of Borneo is located in Kudat, a limited development but possess a fascinate view of the scenery. Tip of Borneo also known as Tanjung Simpang Mengayau meaning the junction to the battle at the tip and it used to be a watch-point for pirate invasion hundred of years ago.

Best thing is, it is open to all and the entry is free! You can experience not only the scenic view, but also can do activities such as fishing, surfing, camping, and much more.

8. Best place to Stargaze

Not most of people know that Sabah’s offer the places for you to enjoy stargazing. It is recently becoming popular in the tourism industry.  With its low levels of light pollution and less cloudy skies, you won’t missed the chance to capture the beautiful night sky and horizon. There are few best places to stargaze in Sabah, but one of the best locations for stargazing would be in Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, Kudat.

You can read our blog post on Top 5 Places in Sabah To See Stars .

Sabah star

Pantai Indarason Laut, Kudat. Photo: Christianto Soning

Top 10 reasons to travel in Sabah

9. Sunsets View

You will never get bored of looking the sunsets while in Sabah. It is not a once in a lifetime events, but a daily occurrence. The air in Sabah is clean and giving clear view of sunsets, added with the dense cloud of the tropical climate created a more colourful and magnificent sky for sunset. Thus, most people refer to Sabah sunsets as “the most beautiful sunset in the world”.

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10. Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu is the tallest mountain in Malaysia with 4095 meters high above sea level. If you are up to the challenge, you can get 2 days 1-night package to climb up to the Low’s Peak Summit. Currently, there are two summit trails – Ranau trail and Kota Belud Trail (New!). Ranau trail is used by the climbers daily and Kota Belud trail is considered to be more challenging. Unfortunately, Mesilau Trail will be closed due to the inaccessible path from the recent earthquake. Thus, all climbers will ascent and descent via Timpohon trail from now. It is advisable for you to book early to avoid disappointment as Mount Kinabalu only limit 135 climb permits per day which issued by Sabah Parks.

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