Top 5 Alternatives to Mount Kinabalu

Top 5 Alternatives to Mount Kinabalu

Top 5 Alternatives to Mount

Kinabalu for trekking in Borneo

March, 2017
Mount Kinabalu and other mountain trekking tours are the ones you should not miss during your trip to Borneo Sabah! To summit Mount Kinabalu, you will need to hike for two days and early reservation is required in order to reserve a spot. Since Mount Kinabalu is famous for it being the highest mountain on the island of Borneo, it has become one of the main reason for travelers to visit Sabah. However, if you are planning to hike Mount Kinabalu at the last minute, expect those chances to be slim as climbing spots are very hard to come by. Not only that, you will need to pay the expensive price of a last minute Mount Kinabalu tour. And well, that would be a bummer now wouldn’t it?
Fret not, as Borneo island has so much more to offer for avid mountaineers and adventure seekers who plan to do hiking and jungle trekking. Here we give few suggestions of places that can be an alternative to Mount Kinabalu for your mountain trekking desires.
Top 5 Alternatives to Mount Kinabalu for trekking in Borneo

1. Kawang Forest Reserve Jungle Papar, Sabah

If you are an adventurous nature lover, then Kawang Forest Reserve is a must to try out for trekking expeditions. This is one of the alternative adventure places for you to go, if you missed the chance to experience Mount Kinabalu Jungle trekking adventure. Kawang Forest Reserve is also an excellent spot for camping and other recreational activities. Whilst engaging in the activities, you will get to experience a peaceful, natural and beautiful Borneo rainforest adventure just outside of Kota Kinabalu city. Moreover, you will get the chance to acquire survival skills and some introduction to the Borneo wildlife in the Kawang Forest.

Top Peak Travel provides several tour options to Kawang Forest Reserve in order to quench your thirst for adventures! We offer two types of tour for your convenience, you can choose either Kawang Borneo Trekking Day trip or 3 days 2 nights Kawang Rainforest Adventure.  Click here to learn more about Kawang.

Top 5 Alternatives to Mount Kinabalu for trekking in Borneo

2. Salt Trail Crocker Range, Sabah

On the island of Borneo, it’s obvious attraction is the dense rainforest jungle and nothing can compete with the experience of spending a few days in the jungle. Salt trail Crocker Range can be an alternative for you to go for an adventure as well as to hike across the Crocker Mountains. The Salt trails also have a more historical significance on the island of Borneo, due to its function as a trade route for remote villagers to barter their local-made products to the outside world for items that they require.

The salt trail requires about 4 days to complete. During which, you will get the chance to get close to nature, going through trees and grass covered high-lying peaks, low-lying areas with muddy paths, dense jungle, several river crossings and some local hospitality. Here you can really get a taste of the authentic feel of nature in Borneo. Rumor has it, if you are lucky, you might even encounter wildlife there too!

If you or your group are interested click the Salt Trail Crocker Range expedition or contact us.

Top 5 Alternatives to Mount Kinabalu for trekking in Borneo

3. Long Pasia Sipitang, Sabah

Another alternative to Mount Kinabalu for trekking in Borneo, would be Long Pasia in Sabah. Long Pasia is located in the south-western part of Sabah, adjacent to the border of Sarawak and Kalimantan. With an altitude of 1,000m above sea level, unknown to many, Long Pasia is teeming with hidden gems of the natural and historical heritage of the heart of Borneo. Moreover, Long Pasia is where you can also experience an exciting adventure whilst immersing yourself in the age old culture of the Lundayeh people.

Going through the Long Pasia Trekking expedition in Sabah, there would be no resorts or hotels. Instead what you will get is an authentic home stay experience where you will live with a family or a host. Undoubtedly it will be a tough journey to reach the isolated villages but what you get is a rewarding experience with the rich abundance of nature – the untouched mountains, rivers, jungles, waterfalls, caves to explore and a great wildlife viewing. You will be in good hands as there will be a guide with you throughout your journey ensuring that you experience nature at its best and purest.

You should definitely put Long Pasia on you must visit list when you are in Borneo . We offer Long Pasia tours if you are interested to experience the adventure trip of your lifetime. Click here for more information on the tour.

4. Headhunter’s Trail Mulu, Sarawak

Headhunter’s trail is a great way of entering or leaving Gunung Mulu National Park, and it is considered one of the most worthwhile trips in Mulu area, as you will gain the ultimate adventure at this UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Headhunter’s trail tour will combine a visit to the main caves, jungle walks, climb the limestone Pinnacles, staying in a longhouse and hopping on the beautiful longboat journey to leave from Gunung Mulu National Park. Thus, you will get the chance to experience caving in the largest cave chamber and most extensive cave systems in the world – which is the Deer Cave and Clearwater Cave. Along the Headhunter’s trail, you will see the fascinating array of flora and fauna, with excellent introduction provided by the guide.

If you are interested to be amazed on this adventurous trip as an alternative to Mount Kinabalu for trekking in Borneo, contact us for details.

Top 5 Alternatives to Mount Kinabalu for trekking in Borneo

5. Walk with Penan Tribe, Sarawak

Apart from immersing yourself in the nature and wildlife of Borneo Island, spending time with the people is also a great way for you to gain the experience of your lifetime. Penan tribe is a small ethnic group of Borneo, which are still living their traditional nomadic hunter – gatherer existence in Sarawak. Thus, living with the Penans is such an amazing experience as they are in tune with their natural habitat, being the last of the true hunter-gatherers and are noted for their practice of ‘molong’, which means never take more than necessary.

You will have the chance to spend time with the Penan people, live their daily lives and have meals together with them, as well as exploring the rainforest, all with Top Peak’s Borneo holiday tour packages. One important thing for travelers to know is jungle trekking with the Penans is so incredible as they really know the jungle inside out, they can navigate the rainforest with their eyes closed, find the ripest fruit in the jungle and slice it open for you, bringing you to the most beautiful places. Thus, this tour would have no set routes to trek, unlike in the National Parks, so the guides will just cut a way through the jungle for you to discover the rainforest of Borneo in its purest form.

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